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Above: Event Website Example –

We recently completed website design and development of  an event website for the 2013 Sulphuric Acid Technical Summit which is being held in the middle of the year.

The brief we had was to build a strong, powerful website that was at the same time simple to navigate and where all information was clearly accessible. It was also important that the website be easy to update so as to minimise costs associated with marketing events in future years. As well as the website design, we were tasked with designing the print collateral too who our design partner 485 Design took care of.

The end result looks great and with a site built on WordPress CMS the customer is able to edit the content themselves and tweak as necessary for future events. Because its built on WordPress its also very search engine friendly straight out of the box. Visit the website yourself at

You can see in the examples above and below how a professionally designed website built alongside the print collateral keeps the branding strong and consistent across all mediums.

Services Provided on this Project:

  • Web Design in conjunction with 485 Design
  • Print Design through our partner 485 Design
  • WordPress Website Development
  • Website Project Management
  • WordPress Website Hosting
  • Event photography through our partner Photography Project (*photos to be taken when the event is held)

Project Cost
In terms of cost for a site like this its hard to give an exact figure because there are a lot of moving parts and variables largely around the creative elements, design and photography. Generally speaking expect to pay in the range of $5,000-15,000 for a build like this that includes photography, web and print design work.

Marketing Your Event
No online marketing campaigns were required in this particular example as the client is marketing the event to their existing database only (its an invitation only event) however if you are planning an event and looking to market it online here’s what we typically suggest:

  • Google Display Ads
    If you visit this blog post on Google Display ads you’ll see an example of how we use the display network to market an event for a train museum
  • Facebook Ads – a great way to promote your event if you have a well defined target market or customer demographic
  • Google Adwords for Search  – can be quite powerful if there is active demand in the search results for the type of event you’re hosting
  •  Email Marketing – if you have an existing database or have hosted similar events in the past this should be your number one marketing tool

If you’re looking for more information or help with building your event website or marketing your event online, head over to the contact us page and drop us a line.

Professionally designed corporate event invitation

Above: Professionally designed event invitation for the 2013 Sulphuric Acid Conference

Professionally designed event prospectus

Above: Professionally designed event programme and guide

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