Australian Based

Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Australian Based Servers

    Our hosting is based in Australia and powered by top tier providers MaxCDN, WPEngine & Cloudflare ensuring maximum reliability

  • High Speed & High Performance

    A fast loading website is critical! You know yourself if a website loads really slowly you’re much more likely to click away

  • Search Engine Friendly

    Our hosting is configured in a search engine friendly way and includes premium SEO plugins helping you rank higher in Google

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Built With Business In Mind

  • Based in Australia

    Our hosting physically located in Australia which means your Australian visitors get the fastest possible load times.

  • Managed Daily Website Backups

    Your website is a valuable business asset. Daily backups ensure your investment in this asset is fully protected – in fact we run two separate independent backup systems to ensure complete data protection.

  • Business Grade Firewall Protection

    You might be surprised to learn that most hosting doesn’t actually include a firewall. We host your website behind a business grade firewall which protects you from hackers, viruses & other common threats.

  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)

    A CDN means your website is delivered by hundreds of servers . This means your site is capable of handling 100s and 1000s of website visitors at once.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

    We don’t artificially cap your website speed because you’ve had too many visitors in a day and we don’t hit you with unpredictable extra traffic and bandwidth charges.

  • Search Engine Friendly

    Our platform is built from the ground up to be search engine friendly and we include premium SEO plugins in all hosting packages.

  • Regular Maintenance

    We apply WordPress Core patches & security updates regularly to make sure your website is protected from the latest threats AND can optionally install WordPress plugin updates too.

  • Fast & High Performance

    You know it yourself, if a website is slow to load then there’s a high probability you’ll click away and go elsewhere. Our platform is lightning fast AND can handle 1000s of visitors at a time.

  • Unlimited Storage

    There’s no storage limits on any of our plans so no need to worry about your website suddenly appearing offline because you’ve hit an artificial limit.

  • Free SSL Certificates

    All plans come with unlimited free SSL certificates powered by AND we’ll convert your site across to HTTPS for FREE!

  • Woocommerce Friendly

    We’re Woocommerce friendly and happy to host your online store. Our team have deep experience with tuning and tweaking Woocommerce for maximum speed, performance and stability.

  • Business Focussed

    We’re business focussed and understand that your website is a key part of the sales and marketing systems in your business. Our platform is built specifically for hosting business websites with a strong focus on speed, SEO and stability.

I was looking at my page with a developer today, and he was like "Wow this loads so fast!" 🙂

Elisa Doucette,

Australian Based Servers for Lightning FAST Load Times

Our data centre is based in Australia, at Rackspace in Sydney to be exact.

Through our in-person workshops and training, our services and one on one consulting we've worked with over 2000 Australian businesses in the last five years and right now actively manage the online assets of several hundred Australian businesses.

Your hosting is the foundation of everything you do online. Poor quality hosting means poor Google rankings, less calls and fewer new customer enquiries and that's definitely something you don't want right?

We couldn't find a good enough WordPress hosting platform in Australia so in 2011 we decided build our solution.

Australian Wordpress Hosting
High Performance Wordpress Hosting

FAST, High Performance, Rugged, Robust & Reliable

There is absolutely no question about it, a slow loading website hurts your business. I'm sure you already know it yourself, when a website is slow to load or unreliable, there's a good chance you'll click away and go elsewhere before it finishes loading up.

We've combined multiple technologies from cutting edge vendors such as Cloudflare, MaxCDN and WPEngine to ensure your website loads lightning fast, not just in Australia, but worldwide. Websites hosted on our platform can handle 1000s of visitors at once AND have rock solid reliability.

A Truly SEO & Search Engine Friendly Platform

Unlike many providers, our hosting is configured in a search engine friendly way. This gives you a solid foundation to build your search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts on top of and give you that important edge over your competition when it comes to your Google rankings.

We also include premium Video and Local SEO plugins from the number #1 WordPress SEO plugin provider Yoast - that's $138 USD of extra value per year at no extra cost.

There's no question that good Google rankings are good for your business and what's good for your business is ultimately good for ours too!

SEO Friendly Hosting
Unlimited Wordpress Hosting

No-Nonsense, No Gimmicks, No Surprise Fees or Charges

We're no-nonsense and we don't like tacky gimmicks and sleazy sales tactics. We do what we stay we're going to do and won't slug you with sneaky surprise charges and fees.

We're business people and built this solution for business people just like you. When you host your website on our platform we effectively partner with you. We're in this for the long haul so it's important to us that our business relationship is WIN WIN.

Regular WordPress Maintenance Included

WordPress is a piece of software that's not much different to the software running your Microsoft Windows PC, your Macbook and your iPhone or Android Phone. You probably apply regular patches and software updates to your phone right? Your WordPress website needs patches too!

Our business plan includes regular WordPress Core CMS Updates and on our higher level plans we include plugin updates too. This means we keep your site running as fast as possible, that it's secure and that it's kept up to date with the latest search engine and Google updates.

Wordpress Maintenance Included
Free SSL Certificates from Lets Encrypt

Secure with Free SSL Certificates

You’ll probably be surprised to hear that most WordPress hosting is not protected by a firewall at all. We protect your site behind a business grade firewall and include daily security scans to detect threats and problems.

Every plan also includes free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates and free conversion to SSL/HTTPS to ensure your site is secure and encrypted, protecting your valuable data and your customer’s data.

Who Are We?

Brendan Tully Principal Consultant at The Search Engine ShopHi, I'm Brendan, Principal Consultant here at The Search Engine Shop.

We started this company in late 2008 as an SEO only company. Very quickly customers started asking for more and more and the business evolved to offer a suite of services for small businesses to help them rank higher and get more traffic from Google, get more new customers and grow their business using the power of the web.

Through our in-person workshops, our services and one on one consulting we've worked with over 2000 businesses since we started in 2008. Today we actively manage the online assets for several hundred businesses. Our clients range from solopreneur businesses doing $100k-$500k a year in revenue, right up to businesses doing several hundred million dollars a year.

About 80% of our clients are Australian businesses based all across the country and we have team members in Australia, Asia (Bangkok office coming soon) and North America.

Talking business at one of our business workshops, this one was held at Murdoch University in Perth

Talking business at one of our business workshops, this one was held at Murdoch University in Perth

How our hosting product came about...

At some point in 2011 I started getting really frustrated. Our clients were seeing awesome results from our SEO and Adwords campaigns, but then suddenly their website would be offline and down for several hours and often entire days at a time.

Usually they either got too much traffic and went over their bandwidth quota or their web hosting company decided to do maintenance and screwed something up. In other cases their website was sloooooowwwwww......if you're anything like me, when you come across a slow website you lose patience very quickly and click away elsewhere.

Downtime = death for Google rankings...

Google hates slow and unreliable websites (just like your customers do) and a website on bad hosting will never rank number 1 in Google.

You're probably already well aware that today, for almost all businesses, regardless of whether they're selling online or not, Google and their website is a key part in almost all their sales. Whether that's people who are not yet a customer and searching for a product, service or solution provider, or existing customers or people who already want to buy from you looking for you on Google Maps or looking for your website to get your number to call you.

This problem with slow and unreliable hosting was starting to have a significant negative impact across a large number of our clients (both on us and the client) and was creating continual fires that we needed to put out (metaphorically, not literally!) and usually on the weekends too.

To solve this problem we spent nearly a year testing a number of Australian hosting companies but just couldn't find any that were fast, reliable and within a price range that was commercially viable for most of our customers.

After literally spending hundreds of hours on this problem it was clear the there was an opportunity in the marketplace for exactly the type of hosting we were looking for, so we built it!

Australian Based, High Performance, High Uptime, Search Engine Friendly, Managed WordPress Hosting

We built this solution specifically to solve the problems we were facing. Our hosting product is:

1. Australian based because the closer your web hosting server is to the visitor the faster the website will load ->> that said, we using cutting edge services from MaxCDN and Cloudflare so that sites on our platform load lightning fast worldwide.

2. High performance to ensure no more problems with slow websites AND to ensure the website could handle 1000s of visitors at a time without any speed degradation.

3. Search engine friendly which was a critical requirement because some hosting is poorly configured from a tech perspective and can seriously hurt your Google rankings.

4. Managed, which really means that everything that should be taken of is actually taken care surprises, no hidden charges and no quota limits that take your site offline by surprise. If something isn't right we'll fix it or reach out and discuss it with you and solve the problem together.

Four Different Hosting Plans To Suit Your Budget & Individual Business Requirements...

We have four different hosting plans depending on your requirements, if you scroll down you'll see what's included in each one along with the price at each tier. You can pay either monthly or yearly and if you pay yearly you get a 20% discount.

There's also a bunch of the most commonly asked questions too but if there's a question that isn't answered on this page please feel free to drop me a line on my direct email at [email protected] and I'll be able to answer for you. If we need to, I'm happy to tee up a time and schedule a call so we can discuss in more detail.

Look forward to working with you.

-Brendan Tully
Principal Consultant - The Search Engine Shop

How To Get Started

  • 1

    Reach out and let us answer any questions you have

    If you're visiting our site for the first time you're probably going to have some questions. Please email [email protected]
    If you're visiting during business hours, try the Live Chat on the bottom right hand corner of this page.

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    Decide which plan suits your business best

    We offer 4 different plans depending on your specific business needs. If you're unsure you can always start on our entry level plan and then upgrade later if need be.
    If you scroll down the page a little further you'll see a comparison of our plans and the pricing options. You can pay monthly or yearly. Most of our customers choose the yearly option as it gives you a 20% discount!

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    Complete the checkout process

    Once you've decided which plan you want, click the Sign Up button and complete the checkout process.
    Once you've completed the checkout we'll send you instructions on what we need from you in terms of logons and explain the next steps.

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    We schedule your migration and get you live!

    Once we have the information we need from you we schedule a migration time that works for you and your business. We migrate your site for free and 99 out of 100 migrations happen without a downtime window. If there needs to be a downtime window we can schedule this for after-hours. Once you're migrated across we'll help you decommission any old hosting services you no longer require.

"The website loads so fast!"

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