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You know being found online is absolutely critical in today's world, right?

Without a proactive search engine strategy you’re simply not going to rank well in Google, or rank at all!

Here's why you aren't ranking as high in Google as you should be...


1) Your website loads slowly or is unreliable.

You know it yourself, if a website takes too long to load you're probably going to click away onto a another website. Google hates slow websites. Slow and unreliable websites simply don't rank well.

2) Your website is actually broken.

Web designers are designers, not technical people and certainly not marketers. Often your website will look great but the underlying code that drives it is broken and you don't even know it (even though it looks OK to you)....Google hates bad code and you won't rank because of it.

3) You don't have a page for every product or service you want to sell...or pages that match what your customers are searching for.

Basic common-sense but you'd be surprised at how many businesses simply don't have this box checked and even if they do have a page, it's put together poorly so Google doesn't like it anyway.

If you’re a dentist and want to rank for say “teeth whitening” when people search in your town or city, it makes sense that you have a page on your site about your teeth whitening service right? You’d be surprised how often this is overlooked.

4) You're breaking Google's rules or your website simply isn't optimised for search engines.

Google uses around 200 factors when determining who to rank in the search results for a specific search term.

There are a number of hidden code fields on your website that Google will take into account when determining what keywords to rank your site for.

If haven't configured these fields correctly then you have very little chance of ranking properly. In some cases where your designer has put data in these fields or someone has done a "DIY SEO" job you could be breaking Google's rules and in severe cases, they'll be actively ranking you lower as a result.

5) Your site isn't mobile ready.

In April 2015 Google made a change to the search algorithm which means if your site isn't mobile friendly, Google doesn't like you. This means that even though you may have ranked high before this change, if you're not mobile friendly today, you're not ranking as high as you could be.

6) Your site isn't "popular" enough.

Google is effectively an online popularity contest. The more sites that link to your site the more popular you are in the eyes of Google therefore the higher you rank.

7) Your competitors have a proactive search engine strategy and you don't.

There 10-15 spots on the Google homepage. Do you honestly expect to beat your competitors if they have an aggressive search engine strategy and you don't?

Long gone are the days of Yellowpages where simply having a website was enough to beat your competition. In today's world, businesses with a proactive search engine strategy win the search engine game, it's as simple as that.

Our SEO Power Pack takes care of all these problems.

We fix your website making sure it's not breaking the rules, is Google friendly, ranks well and most importantly, that customers can find you.

Lorelei Campbell

Brendan and his team are the go to guys for all your SEO, PPC and online marketing needs. Their unique approach to online marketing means that you get qualified traffic – making your online marketing appropriately targeted in a way that means more customers and more sales. My company uses Brendan and his team on a regular basis not only for our own work but also for our clients. Would not hesitate in recommending them!

Lorelei Campbell Hola PR

Here's what's included in this pack:

What kind of results can I expect?

For some clients this service is all they need to put them at the top of the search results for their target keywords. For others, they see a strong increase in organic search traffic coming from long-tail keywords.

To date we haven’t had a client who hasn’t seen their organic traffic jump significantly with this service.

This service typically provides the best results for customers who work in a tight niche and provide specialty services, operate in a specific geographic area or an area with low competition, and businesses that have older or more mature websites.

How long does it take to see results?

SEO is not a quick-fix and often takes time to see the result. It generally takes anywhere from 1-6 weeks for the search engines to detect SEO changes and rerank your website. If you need a quick burst of traffic, Google Adwords is a more appropriate tool to use.

In fact, if your SEO strategy is yielding results it makes sense to augment that with a paid search strategy too.

Our Onpage SEO & Best Practices Plans

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Here's what you get when you order:

  • Onpage SEO
  • Google Maps Optimisation
  • Bing and Apple Maps Optimisation
  • Monthly Website Performance Reports
  • 129 Point Website Audit, Repair & Tuneup

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