The Fastest (and BEST) Woocommerce Web Hosting

Updated for 2024

I probably don’t need to tell you, when a website is slow to load you quickly lose patience and click away. Your own site is no different.

Woocommerce is much heavier than a standard Wordpress website so a high quality, high performance host is even MORE important!

We've tried 100s of different hosting providers over the years. In this post I’ll share the best (AND fastest) Woocommerce hosts we’ve found and why we use them.

Since 2008 have worked with over 2000 businesses and used a huge number of different hosting companies over the years. These are the few we use ourselves, trust and recommend to clients on a daily basis to our ecommerce SEO agency clients.

The Best & Fastest Woocommerce Web Hosting Providers

Most people choose a hosting provider based on price but when you care about performance that’s a bad idea - it's an even worse idea if you're running Woocommerce because your website effectively is the business.

If you’re on this page you’re probably not looking for the cheapest you’re looking for the best right? Unfortunately most articles you'll find around the web recommend garbage web hosts like Bluehost and Hostgator who are notorious for poor performance, downtime and outages as well as hacked sites. All totally unacceptable when you're entire business runs on that hosting.

Through our agency we've worked with 100s of ecommerce sites and online stores so have a great deal of experience in which hosting providers are good and which are horrible. The hosts we use and recommend most often are in the list below along with other hosts we recommend in the comparison table below.

  1. Cloudways - Cloudways is by far the fastest for Woocommerce (unless you build your own custom stack) because their speed optimized server stack is designed for the high demand Woocommerce puts on the server database.If you want the fastest choose this one.**They have a 3 day free trial BUT if you use the coupon code FASTHOSTING they'll give you $25 credit so nearly 3 months free on the base plan** 
  2. Siteground - Siteground is the fastest Cpanel host (only marginally more expensive that the rubbish $3-5/month hosts!). Siteground beats other cheap shared hosts because they have a more advanced caching system which again helps with the high demands Woocommerce puts on the WordPress database. Best if have a tight budget and also need email hosting.
  3. Woocart- Woocart is a hosting provider specializing in Woocommerce. They're built on Google Cloud and have speed optimizations specific to Woocommerce.
  4. WPX Hosting - WPX is amazingly priced Managed Wordpress Host BUT doesn't include advanced memory caching so this one is not suited to large Woocommerce sites. They provide a great balance of price and performance with excellent support, email hosting too! Their WPX cloud CDN makes up for what you'll lose without the memory caching BUT we wouldn't recommend this for large Woo sites.
  5. WPEngine - WPEngine is one of the leading Managed Wordpress Woocommerce hosts. Go with WPE if you a complex site that needs high quality backups and a staging environment and you're not super tech savvy. Not the cheapest BUT you’ll save money on web developers and support.
  6. Kinsta - Kinsta and WPEngine offer similar levels of performance but somewhat different feature sets and locations. Some businesses will be best suited to one, some the other. Review the feature sets of both to see which suits you.
Web Hosting CompanyCoupon CodePrice Per MonthWhy Recommended?Website Link
Cloudways HostingFASTHOSTING ($25 OFF Month 1)From $10/monthCheapest, Fastest & Best Performance, A Little More Complex Than A Standard Host, HUGE Number Of LocationsVisit Site
siteground2Get $10 Off Month 1 using our linkFrom $14.95/monthBest All Rounder & Fastest Cpanel Host, Not Recommended For High Traffic SitesVisit Site
From $49/monthSpecialist Woocommerce host running on Google Cloud with advanced caching & Woo specific speed optimizationsVisit Site
WPSPEEDFIX(50% OFF Month 1)From $24.99/monthBest Value Managed WP Host, Good For Small to Mid Size SitesVisit Site
WPE20OFF(20% OFF Month 1)From $35/monthBest & World's Leading Fully Managed WP Host ,Fantastic For Complex Sites & Woocommerce Although A Little More ExpensiveVisit Site
From $35/monthHighly Scalable, Managed WP Host, Great For Mid Size SitesVisit Site
From $25/monthManaged WP Hosting, Great For Small SitesVisit Site
From $19/monthGreat For Small SitesVisit Site

Cloudways is a relatively new hosting provider and a bit different to most other providers in the market. In a nutshell you get dedicated server hosting without the complexity associated with running your own VPS or dedicated server.

They offer over 60 different locations with 5 different providers - Linode, Vultr, Digitalocean, Amazon and Google. (most providers only use one provider, eg Wpengine & Kinsta both use Google as their core provider).

Because it's highly configurable, scalable AND you get dedicated server resources, Cloudways is the fastest WP hosting provider on the web right now.

  • Coupon Code: FASTHOSTING - gets you $25 credit (roughly 3 months free on the base plan!)
  • Priced from: $10 USD per month
  • Disk Space Starts at: 25 GB
  • Backup System: From 1 hour to every 7 days + manual backup
  • Traffic Quota Starts at: 1 TB (1000 GB)
  • Admin Console: Custom
  • Data Centers: 60+ Locations! Including US, UK, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, France & many more!

Why they might be the best WordPress hosting choice for you:


  • High performance, dedicated server power without the complexity
  • MASSIVE number of locations across several different core providers
  • High configurable
  • FANTASTIC price
  • Supports more than just WordPress
  • VERY flexible in configuration capability


  • Slight learning curve if you're used to cPanel (they use their own panel)
  • Fast growing company so support quality can vary at times
  • Signup process on the website can be a bit clunky

More details at

See Cloudways Plans & Pricing >>

Best All Rounder & Fastest Cpanel Host, Not Recommended For High Traffic Sites

  • Coupon Code: Get $10 Off Month 1 using our link
  • Priced from: 3.95 €/mo (special price); 9.95 €/mo (regular price)
  • Disk Space Starts at: 10GB
  • Backup System: Daily backup
  • Traffic Quota Starts at: Unmetered Traffic
  • Admin Console: cPanel
  • Data Center: 4 Data Centers: UK, Singapore, US (Chicago), Europe (Amsterdam in the Netherlands)


  • One of the FASTEST cPanel hosts on the web
  • 4 well placed locations to choose from
  • Supports more than just WordPress
  • Dirt cheap!


  • Great for low to mid traffic sites, not great for large sites
  • It's a shared host so you don't necessarily have a lot of CPU juice

More details at

See Siteground Plans & Pricing >>

  • Coupon Code: WPSPEEDFIX(50% OFF Month 1)
  • Priced from:$24.99/mo (if paid monthly); $20.83/mo (if paid yearly)
  • Disk Space Starts at: 10GB
  • Backup System: Manual Backups and Nightly automated backups
  • Traffic Quota Starts at: 100GB
  • Admin Console: WHMCS
  • Data Centers: USA + UK Hosting locations

Best Value Managed WP Host, Good For Small to Mid Size Sites


  • Dirt cheap for managed WordPress hosting
  • One of the fastest managed WP hosts
  • High quality support
  • Good for upto mid range sites


  • No Asia or Australia coverage

More details at

See WPX Hosting Plans & Pricing >>

Best & World's Leading Fully Managed WP Host ,Fantastic For Complex Sites & Woocommerce Although A Little More Expensive

  • Coupon Code: WPE20OFF(20% OFF Month 1)
  • Priced from: $35/mo
  • Disk Space Starts at: 10GB
  • Backup System: Manual Backups and Nightly automated backups
  • Traffic Quota Starts at: 50GB
  • Admin Console: Custom
  • Data Centers: US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Taiwan, Tokyo


  • Fully managed WordPress hosting
  • Simple to use backend
  • Large number of locations
  • Good for higher traffic sites


  • Higher priced
  • Not super flexible

More details at

See WP Engine Hosting Plans & Pricing >>

5. Kinsta

Highly Scalable, Managed WP Host, Great For Mid Size Sites

  • Priced from: $35/mo
  • Disk Space Starts at: 5GB
  • Backup System: Automatic daily backups and Manual backup points
  • Traffic Quota Starts at: 20000 visits per month
  • Admin Console: Custom
  • Data Centers: US, UK, Australia, Belgium, Tiawan, Brazil, Singapore, Tokyo, India, Canada, Netherlands, Finland, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Osaka


  • Large number of locations including locations other providers don't cover
  • Fully managed WP host
  • Good for higher traffic sites


  • Higher priced
  • Not super flexible

More details at

See Kinsta Hosting Plans & Pricing >>

6. Pressable

Managed WP Hosting, Great For Small Sites

  • Priced from: $45.00/mo (2 months free if paid yearly)
  • Disk Space Starts at: Unlimited Storage
  • Backup System:Daily, 30-day backups
  • Traffic Quota Starts at: 200000 visits per month
  • Admin Console: Custom
  • Data Center: US


  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Higher end host
  • Great for Woocommerce
  • Fully managed WP hosting


  • Higher priced
  • Not super flexible

More details at

See Pressable Hosting Plans & Pricing >>

Choosing a Woocommerce Host

Unfortunately most people choose a Woo hosting provider based on price which is not really the best way to do it.

With hosting you get what you pay for and while the price is definitely on of the things to consider when choosing a provider it shouldn't be the sole criteria you judge a company on.

Below we've included some thinking points and important features to consider when choosing a provider.

What Features Should I Be Looking For In Woocommerce Hosting?

Hosting location, HTTP2 protocol support, HTTPS support and free SSL certificate support, a backup system, storage capability, support provided by the host and PHP version support are some of the important factors when deciding which web hosting to choose.

We elaborate more on the page below.


Woocommerce Hosting and Backups

Lets talk about backups. This is important for any website but with a Woocommerce site it's even more important as the business effectively is the website.

Your website is a piece of "digital capital", it's a business asset and as your business grows and your Woocommerce site contains more and more customer data it becomes increasingly valuable and a solid backup strategy is CRITICAL!

What is your backup strategy? Most businesses we work with don't ever think about their backups. There's an assumption that it's in the cloud so it must be backed up - unfortunately that's more often than not an incorrect assumption and not really something you want to take a risk with.

For our agency clients we ALWAYS we use two backups as in almost every case a backup system will have quirks, weird exclusions or some reason why it's not backup up all data.

Generally we'll use the backup the web host provides and Blogvault - we love Blogvault ( for Woocommerce sites because it has a realtime backup feature which means it backs up on every single change to the site as it happens, e.g. new orders, whereas most other backup systems and hosts backup daily.

Cloudways has an option to backup hourly which is one of the reasons why we're huge fans.

Speed & Reliability, Especially Under Load

You know it yourself, if a website is too slow to load you quickly lose patience and click away. Your website visitors and customers are exactly the same.

Website speed is a critical component of a successful Woocommerce site and online store.

Your hosting needs to be well suited to the number visitors you're getting on a daily basis, the number of simultaneous visitors on the site and the number of orders per day - the higher these three numbers the bigger your hosting plan will need to be.

For a fast loading Woocommerce site the host really needs to have advanced caching and many cheap hosts don't - all the hosts we've recommended on this page are up to the task of hosting a Woocommerce site.

Important note - website uptime is at least as important as website speed. We use to monitor site uptime. There's a free plan available that can check your site every 5 minutes and the paid plan can check it every 60 seconds.

Is Server Location Important?

YES! The physical location of where you are hosting your site is REALLY important.

Generally the site will be 0.5-1 second slower for any traffic that has to go over an ocean. You want to host the site in the country you’re targeting or if you’re targeting a worldwide audience, the country where the bulk of your visitors are. '

We're based in Australia and talk with Woocommerce business owners every day of the week and at least half of them have their hosting located overseas when it should actually be in Australia as they’re targeting an Australian audience.

Support Expectation?

What do you need in terms of support?

At some point you’re going to need support. If you’re a larger site doing millions in $$$ you'll ideally need your own developer(s) who manage the site on top of what your hosting provider does and offers in terms of support.

How Do I Test My Website Speed?

There's lots of different ways to test site speed and lots of tools on the market - try - it'll give you detailed recommendations on where your site speed is right now and how to improve it.

We also strongly recommend you use uptime monitoring on your site so you’re alerted to any issues with your website. Especially in ecommerce, every minute of downtime will cost you money so really important you’re notified when something goes wrong with the site so you can take action.

We recommend, they have a free plan that monitors every 5 minutes alongside a paid plan that monitors on 1 minute intervals.

Why Shouldn’t I Choose The Cheapest Hosting?

Price is only one factor of many and shouldn't never be the sole consideration when looking a hosting. Arguably hosting location is probably the most important as you want your site hosted closest to where most of your visitors are located.

For Woocommerce hosting, the raw processing power available as well as host optimized the server stack is are really important for both backend and frontend speed.

Website Patches & Security

Your Woocommerce software is no different to the software on your smartphone or laptop. It needs regular patches and updates to ensure bugs are taken care of and security holes are patched.

Some hosting providers offer basic patching as part of their service, others expect you to take care of it. Bottom line, patching needs to be done by someone!

Woocommerce patching can be quite technical as typically you'll have anywhere from 10-40 additional plugins to expand the Woocommerce feature set.

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