The FASTEST Shopify Themes in 2020

Time and money usually go together – it’s a rule in business, as it is a rule in life. And it’s a rule in eCommerce as well. 

Wonder how much revenue you lose for every additional loading second of your site? You lose 7% with each second that your site takes to load! So if a site loads in 7 or 8 seconds, it means that it can potentially lose around 50% of its revenue! 

What this means is that site speed is an essential component of a successful and quality online business. 

There are several ways you can speed up your site: 

  • Lighter themes and plugins; 
  • Compress and optimize images, use NextGen images;
  • Use Lazy loading. 

NOTE: If you want to make a speed testing of your site, you can use our own speed tasting tool and see how your site performs as well as the improvements you need to make in order to make it even faster! 

As you can see, one of the most important and best ways to speed optimize your Shopify site is to use a fast theme. 

What Affects the Speed of the Theme?

There are two important ways in which the speed of the theme can be affected: 

  1. The first has to do with the number of files that are required to drive the theme, as well as to download the JavaScript and CSS files responsible for the architecture of the theme. The equation is simple here: as long as there are more files in the theme, it’s going to be slower. Also, how clean the CSS files are and how much JavaScript is used also affects the speed of the theme. 
  2. The use of jQuery. jQuery is a JavaScript library that is used by themes to build parts of the website (particularly the visual ones). The problem with jQuery is that it’s kinda heavy, so themes that don’t use it will run faster. 

These are important criteria to know when looking for a fast Shopify theme. Out of the Sandbox does a great job when it comes to this – their themes are one of the fastest themes you can currently find online. Light, fast and highly functional we greatly encourage you to take a look at them on their website (while we’re also going to tackle two of them here). 

The Fastest Shopify Themes in Detail

That being said, let’s finally have a look at the fastest Shopify themes for your eCommerce site! 


A game-changer, as they call it, the Flex theme is one of the newest Shopify themes (released in August 2019) from Out of the Sandbox team of developers who have a terrific streak of creating fast and gorgeous-looking themes for Shopify. 

The Flex theme was built on the ideas of the highly successful Turbo theme. The team behind it did a very good job asking users what they want to see improved and then implemented all of that into the Flex! 

This theme is designed to give you more control over your online store and offers you a wealth of options to choose from and customize your site at will. 

The multiple layout and section options, additional granular settings control and easy implementation of custom CSS are all included in this mighty package of one of the best and fastest Shopify themes out there. With Flex as your wingman, you’ll be able to configure your Shopify site in numerous ways! 

Flex gives you the option to choose between 12 styles. You can get a taste of them through the demo shop and see which one you like best! This is truly the theme for any type of eCommerce site. Whether it’s clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, arts and crafts, items for interior design, or tech gear, it will all be perfectly rendered with this theme! 

Key Features

The fellows over at Out of the Sandbox have come up with the Demo Shop Import Feature, which allows you to get started on a theme much faster than usual! This feature allows you to fast track a shop setup based on a demo shop of your theme. This will apply all of the settings, layouts, sections, and content of the theme (used in the demo shop) to your own theme. 

  • Four header styles;
  • Four footer styles;
  • Three product page layouts;
  • Mega Menus and dropdowns;
  • Control over margins;
  • Width settings;
  • Background gradients;
  • Unique button styles;
  • Product sale stickers;
  • Testimonials;
  • Text columns with icons;
  • Sticky bottom bar.

Easy customization with multiple layout options

The almost unlimited number of customization options will allow you to be as creative as you want with your Shopify site. 

You can start from the beginning or use the already pre-built six demo shop layouts for building your homepage – either way, it’s all been designed to be as easy and versatile as possible! 

Advanced CSS

The advanced CSS options of Flex allow you to add customized CSS elements to different sections directly through the theme editor. 

This means that you won’t have to leave the page when creating new CSS classes or target other elements within the section you’re in. 

Icons & elements

You can add visual elements to your site by using Flex’s versatile icon library. You can use them for different sections and parts of your site like, for example, for the Announcement Bar, the new Icon Bar, as well as the Featured Promotions, and Text Columns with Icons.


The Flex theme costs $450 which implies a one time purchase and 1 year of free updates through Out of the Box’s free Theme Updater App (Basic Plan). 

You also get a 14-day refund period if you don’t like the theme. 

Final Verdict 

Speaking as a whole, this is one of the best and fastest Shopify themes you can find on the market! If you want to have a top-notch eCommerce site that you’ll be able to customize at will, as well as always have your back covered with a high-quality developer’s team and customer support, then you should definitely not miss out on the Flex theme!  

More details at


Okay, so next on our list is the Turbo theme. You can’t mention Flex without mentioning Turbo, right? 

The Turbo theme is another popular choice among users from the team behind Out of the Sandbox

You might’ve guessed already, at least judging by the name, but this is THE theme for the optimal speed performance of your Shopify site. The extraordinary loading speed of the browser and the functionality of the caching will make your eCommerce site super-fast, resulting in satisfied visitors and even more satisfied potential customers! 

This is a theme that gives you plenty of features that others simply don’t have. Among them are functional sidebar filters, product sorting, and also color swatches below the product thumbnails. Turbo also provides you with full-width banners on your collection pages.

Key Features 

  • Six different styles;
  • Dynamically minified HTML; 
  • Lazy loading, optimized images responsive to all screen sizes; 
  • Instantaneous page transitions for ultra-fast navigation; 
  • Accelerated Quick View functionality; 
  • Predictive (live) search; 
  • Mobile responsive – enhanced mobile browsing performance; 
  • Highly configurable full-width slideshow and banner image sections with multiple action buttons, text, and color settings; 
  • High-impact promotional sections with a wide variety of display options; 
  • Versatile navigation configuration, including multiple menus and options for logo alignment;
  • Extendable mega menu with multi-column submenus; 
  • Dismissable promotional banner; 
  • Interactive and animated mini cart; 
  • Multiple, configurable page templates for more advanced layouts; 
  • Expanded styling options for newsletter signup; 
  • Video banner section that supports YouTube, Vimeo, as well as native MP4 videos.

Sport and Ludicrous Speed modes 

As we mentioned earlier, the team behind the Turbo theme designed it with the goal of it being a fast theme. This is arguably the best theme optimized for speed that you can find out there! 

That being said, this theme includes two options from the performance setting (located in the theme editor) that you can choose from Sport and Ludicrous. 

The Sport option will give you all the performance-enhancing features you’ll need for your site, such as smart image loading, infinite scroll and ‘load more’, refined quick shop, ‘minified’ CSS and HTML. There’s only one exception to this and it’s the page preloading option. 

But, this is where Ludicrous comes up! The Ludicrous option gives you the full package including the option for preloading pages. 

So if your site experiences technical difficulties with the Ludicrous mode, stemming from certain third-party apps or custom-made code, then you can always turn to the Sport mode. 


The Turbo theme costs $350, and it’s the same pricing principle as it was for the Flex theme – one-time purchase and 1 year of free updates through Out of the Box’s free Theme Updater App (Basic Plan). 

Plus, you get a 14-day trial and refund period in which you can try it out and see whether you really like it. 

Final Verdict 

Turbo is a fully-loaded theme designed for shops with high volume and large catalogs (with the inclusion of Shopify Plus merchants). 

However, it can also be used for any kind of shop size that wants great loading speed, high functionality, superb user experience, and a cutting edge visual design. 

More details at


Shella is a multipurpose Shopify theme that’s super-fast and highly responsive, sporting some premium features for a really solid price. 

This theme is marketed as a theme that’s predominantly oriented towards fashion sites, mostly meaning apparel, shoes, and accessories, but it’s definitely more than capable of operating other types of eCommerce stores. The newest update of the theme includes 4 new skins who are just perfect for furniture, electronics, cosmetics, and cookware online stores! 

Regardless of the type of online business you have, Shella is the flexible theme every eCommerce entrepreneur will love. A lot of it has to do with its pre-built content, in fact. Shella comes with more than 80 pre-designed pages and 15 different homepage variants! 

With an elegant and minimalist design that can easily fit your particular business, this is a theme that’s regularly updated so it’s always up to date with the newest stylistic and developers’ trends. 

Key Features

  • 10 different skins for different types of online stores: furniture, cosmetics, computers, kitchen, Christmas, boutique, jewelry, books, one product, gadgets;
  • 13 different collection pages including Catalogue Mode, Left and Right Sidebar, 2, 3 and 4 items per row, etc; 
  • 6 different product pages; 
  • 7 different page types for your eCommerce blog; 
  • 4 types of galleries (2 types of Masonry and 2 types of Grid); 
  • Ready-made pages for sections like: About, Contact Us, Customer Service, FAQs, Page 404, Size Guide, Coming Soon; 
  • Builder;
  • True collection filter;
  • Fashion icons;
  • Multiple-currencies option at checkout page; 
  • Vertical mega menu; 
  • Content builder for banner and slideshow; 
  • Price and stock countdown;
  • Collection swatches; 
  • Sticky add to cart at product page; 
  • Quick view;
  • Visitor’s count;
  • Dropshipping ready;
  • Slide builder;
  • Unlimited colors option – you get hundreds of color options, as well as to control the color of every element of your theme.

RTL Support

Expand your business worldwide and speak your customers’ language! Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and Urdu are the most widespread RTL writing systems right now and Shella supports all of them!  

Layouts and product display 

The Shella theme also gives you the option for layouts with full-screen sliders, as well as video players on which you can show your products. 

With this theme you definitely won’t be short of options for displaying your products. The variety of eCommerce templates will allow you to customize both the individual product pages, but also the product category pages. 

Customize your own pages 

Don’t want to use the pre-built content? Then feel free to use the builder tool and make custom designs at will. You can also design unique banners, custom slideshows, your own color schemes and make your store stand out in the vast sea of online businesses. 


You can purchase the Shella theme from the Envato market for $54 (regular license), while the extended license costs $4444.  With that, you get future updates and 6 months’ support from MPIthemes, the team behind the Shella theme. You can also extend your support to 12 months which will cost you an additional $14,63. 

Shella is also available as a WooCommerce theme. 

Final Verdict

Shella is an SEO optimized theme that’s one of the fastest on the market. Speed will help you improve your rankings in Google’s search engine and will definitely make up for more satisfied customers, which is why Shella is a great choice for a theme.! 


Well, we just had to include Shopify’s best seller for 2019! Yes, Fastor is the one. It’s a great, cutting edge Shopify theme that’s super fast and offers plenty of features that’ll make your head spin! 

Fastor is another theme that can be used on different types of eCommerce sites. It has whooping 87 pre-made demos ready to be used at any moment! You can use them for online stores selling sports equipment, electronics/computer, lingerie, jewelry, other types of fashion apparel and accessories, toys, games, cleaning equipment, fine living, architectural services, baked goods, even martial arts, you name it! 

This easily customizable theme will give you all the freedom you need to design your own site style, but also to tinker with the pre-built demos if you’re not really in the mood for building styles from scratch. 

Key Features

  • LTR & RTL language support;
  • Bootstrap-based theme – Fastor was built based on Bootstrap 3;
  • Compressed code – the content of CSS and js files are placed in a single file, with deleted spaces, all of which makes your site load much faster;
  • Video tutorials from the theme’s developers which will tell you everything you need to know about the installation and configuration process of this theme;  
  • SEO optimized theme – the structure of the theme is made in SEO standards; 
  • Cart reminder; 
  • Countdown timer; 
  • Age verification; 
  • Facebook chat; 
  • Revolution Slider; 
  • Dynamic checkout; 
  • 360-degree product view; 
  • Unlimited variety of colors – you can change the color of whatever element you want in your store, as well as set an image of choice as your own background;
  • More than 600 Google fonts;
  • More than 57 pre-made skins;
  • 10 custom hover effects for your banners, and a live preview in the admin panel;
  • Ability to upload your own cart and hover icon.

Have Your Visitors Search Your Store the Easy Way

The live search option also has an auto-complete feature which really helps visitors out in entering the right info so they can find particular products on your site. 

Another option gives you the ability to customize the settings for product filters and make it even easier for shoppers when they’re searching for a specific item. 

Clean, Speed Optimized Code 

Fastor is a theme that’ll provide your visitors and your customers with a super-fast site loading experience. It contains a clean, compressed code that’s specifically designed to make your site load as fast as possible. CSS and js files are put in one file and don’t contain any spaces, making your site load super-fast. 

Built-in Popups Tool 

Use the notification option to engage users and improve your customer conversion rates. With the popups tool you’ll be able to show visitors new products and bring them to their attention. You’ll also be able to encourage them to share the products you’re offering on various social media platforms. 


Fastor is sold on the Envato market and the regular license costs $56, including future updates

and 6 months support from roartheme, the team behind the plugin. If you want additional support up to 12 months you’ll have to pay another $15.38. 

The extended license costs $2800. 

Final Verdict 

Fastor is a versatile Shopify theme that provides for a premium speed optimized user experience. As a site owner, it gives you plenty of room for choice and options for customizations so you can create a unique and recognizable style for your eCommerce venture. 

Fastor has lots of impressive features that we didn’t have space to cover here. As we mentioned above, it’s a multi-concept theme, meaning it can be used for a variety of specific businesses. And it can also be used for a more general-type of store with more general-looking layouts that can fit all kinds of businesses if that’s closer to your own online venture. 

Whatever it is, Fastor has you covered with speed, functionality and style! 

More details at


So, folks, this is where we end this article on the fastest Shopify themes. We know the list is small, but we made sure to include the best of the best on the online themes market. 

In any event, we have to say a few more words about Out of the Sandbox themes before we finish. We encourage you to check out not only the themes we mentioned in this article but also the other themes on their site. There’s a wide variety of them and believe us, you won’t go wrong with any of them! 

Having an eCommerce store is not an easy feat and you need the best of tools and themes by your side in order to create a fast, modern and highly-functional site. Top that with a top-notch marketing strategy and you’ll have yourself a successful business in no time! 

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