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About Our Marketing Blueprints

The approach we use with clients is quite different to most marketing and web agencies.

Our marketing blueprints breakdown the strategy and tactics we’re using with our clients to rank them higher in Google, get more traffic and turn more of those visitors into paying customers, ultimately what everyone wants right?

In the audio we share the online marketing strategy, tactics and quick wins we’re using with clients right now that will serve you well in 2018.

Key Points:

  • Know what you’re selling – be clear, spend 30 minutes listing out all the products and services you sell, prioritise the list and make sure you have a page of content to match each one.
  • Take the first step of the sales process online, whether that’s an online booking widget, a tool like Calendly to book meetings or simply having the phone number in the header of your site.
  • Track conversions AND traffic
  • Reviews matter, you need to manage your online reputation and you need a review funnel.
  • Make sure you have fast hosting – you know if yourself when a website is slow to load you quickly lose interest and click away. Our Managed WordPress Hosting product is a great place to start with your online marketing strategy to ensure you’re building on a solid foundation.
  • You need to rank number 1 for your business name, Google Maps is the easiest to do to that, claim your listings
  • You need a proactive strategy if you expect to be ranking higher and generating calls, enquiries and new customers from the web. 

Want help with your website and online strategy?

We’re worked with well over 2000 businesses now helping them with their Google rankings, online advertising and marketing and no doubt we can help you too.

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