Online Marketing Strategy for Medical and Dental Practices

Medical & Dental Practices Online Marketing Blueprint

About our marketing blueprints:

The approach we use with clients is quite different to most marketing and web agencies.

Our marketing blueprints breakdown the strategy and tactics we’re using with our clients to rank them higher in Google, get more traffic and turn more of those visitors into paying customers, ultimately what everyone wants right?

We work with quite a number of medical and dental practices and so many of them are making super simple online marketing mistakes that are hurting from them from a business and commercial perspective.

The process of getting more new patients and growing a practice using the power of the web is actually fairly simple once you break things down to the individual building blocks. 

Unfortunately a large chunk of the web industry have built businesses on top of making things confusing and overly complex.

We recently recorded a podcast episode breaking down the strategy we roll out for our medical and dental practice clients to help them rank higher in Google, get more visitors to their website and convert more of those visitors into patients.

We cover both quick and easy wins as well as the broader online marketing strategy so the episode is well worth a listen.

If you’re looking for some quick action steps to get you started, run through the action steps below and you’ll probably find a few easy action items that will move the needle in some way/


Click play on the link below to listen or Right Click Here & Save As to download in MP3 format:


Don’t Actively Want More New Patients? The Web Is Still Important….

While you may not be actively chasing new patients you really still need to be online even if it’s just a single page website with your contact details.

With a large proportion of people walking around with smartphones and internet in their pocket today the easiest way for them to find your phone number and your contact details is to Google you and get it from your website.

Having an email address and contact form on the site that’s answered daily will also reduce the amount of inbound calls your practice gets and ultimately the workload of front office staff too.

Can people book an appointment with you online?

True online booking capability ideally linked directly to your practice management software is absolutely critical.

Today’s business world operates 24/7 and customers expect to be able to book an appointment online 24/7 and have a real confirmed appointment the same as if they’d called you during business hours.

By “true online booking” we mean someone can visit your website, make an appointment online and have a fully confirmed appointment the same as if they had called and made it over the phone.

If you don’t have a live online booking widget that reflects realtime availability of appointments you’re no doubt losing potential new patients.

Even if you’re not actively chasing new patients, existing patients benefit because they may be looking to book an appointment after hours, and as a practice you benefit through increased bookings and less workload.

Everyone wins in this scenario – existing and new patients can book an appointment 247, by using technology you reduce the amount of work staff have to do and you’ll likely see an increase in appointments so the business itself makes more money.

Typically the first place you should start with online booking capability is to talk to your practice management software provider. Usually they’ll have an online booking widget or addon that integrates directly into the software with relative ease.

Are you easily found online?

Are you on Google, Bing and Apple Maps? Have you claimed listings on all 3 platforms and are they up to date and showing the correct address and location?

Roughly half the businesses we work with have the wrong information on Google Maps or simply don’t show up at all!

This one is super simple, totally DIY and FREE. Here’s the links to claim and manage your listing – it’s free to do and takes about 15 minutes for each one:


Want help with your website and online strategy?

We’re worked with well over 2000 businesses now helping them with their Google rankings, online advertising and marketing and no doubt we can help you too.

If you’re looking to take your website and online marketing to the next level, fill out the form below to arrange a free, no obligation consult with one of our team. Complete the form, hit the submit button and one of the team will review your site and be in touch to schedule a time to discuss in more detail.

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