Best Website Reporting Tools for SEO, Performance & KPIs

Although there are plenty of them out there, really good SEO tools are hard to find nowadays. SEO reporting tools are indispensable for a successful digital marketing campaign – both on the web and on social networks.

Essentially, SEO reports are used to inform clients, colleagues, or stakeholders on how a website is performing in search engine results. But SEO reports are also your main opportunity to show the value of your work, strengthen your work relationships, and keep clients paying for your services.

Having a cutting-edge set of analytical and SEO tools is a key feature of any successful search marketing campaign.

And although there are countless SEO tools to choose from, users get a certain advantage by knowing which will work best for specific needs. The following 15 analytics and SEO reporting tools are among the best free and paid tools available to get any SEO campaign on the right track. Whether you’re doing SEO on your own, or your want to work with an SEO agency like us, its important to use some of these tools to track the success of the campaign.

Best Website Reporting Tools in Detail:

Here are the best website reporting tools for a great digital marketing campaign you can find in 2024. 

1. Raven Tools 


Raven Tools is another popular SEO reporting tool on the market. It’s a cloud-based SEO platform designed for a variety of users – freelancers, agencies dealing with digital marketing, as well as small and large scale businesses. With it, you can track keywords, do backlink research and competitors research, manage link building, and more. 

SEO Keyword and Rank Tracking Capability

Raven Tools will provide you with daily, weekly and monthly rank tracking for individual SERPs like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, and Yandex.  

You can base the rank tracking on the type of device used, language, zip code; you can also upload lists of keywords – like, for example, you can do a copy-paste of hundreds of keywords in rows, or type in one keyword and start with the keyword rankings tracking. 

With this tool, you’ll also have access to past ranking data so you can compare it with current rank progress. Raven Tools allows you to easily visualize the marketing reports, and easily follow the comparison metrics with your competitors. 

Whitelabel PDF reporting 

Through the WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) Reports option, a reporting tool you have all the freedom to customize, you’ll be able to create PDF and HTML reports. You can use all the data integrated into the Raven Tools platform into your reports, and of course, here you have the option to whitelabel it. 

Google Adwords, Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics PPC Integration

Raven Tools gives you the chance to access data from more than 30 platforms, among them Google Adwords, Google Search Console, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Twitter and of course, Facebook Ads. 

By using the intuitive reporting dashboard, you’ll be able to choose the metrics you want to see shown, and make custom reports with super-accurate analytics. 

Raven Tools have consolidated the variety of tools they have on disposal into one so you don’t have to be bothered to go across platforms all the time. 

The PPC marketing reports offer insight into the number of clicks as well as the cost per click and the overall performance of yours or your clients’ ads. 

Report Scheduling Capability

In Raven Tools, you can do the report scheduling again through the WYSIWYG Reports tool. You can do this by first building the report, then setting the report frequency and choosing the date range. So, every day, week, month or quarter of a year, this tool will automatically make a new report, based on your set preferences. It will also be available for automatic email sending, HTML or PDF format to anyone who needs to see it. 


The costs for purchasing Raven Tools start from $109 per month paid monthly or $79 per month paid yearly – this is the very basic plan with 20 domains/campaigns, 4 users, and 15,000 position checks. 

The other plans continue over with $199 ($139), $299 ($249), and $479 ($399) per month.

You can try all four plans for free with the 7-day free trial. 

2. Supermetrics

Supermetrics is a platform that offers a variety of professional tools for automatic PPC and SEO reporting, as well as web and social networks analytics. Used by more than 400 000 marketers throughout the world, it’s definitely a tool to consider having as your assistant in digital marketing campaigns. 

It’s a good choice for startups, digital marketing agencies, eCommerce businesses and other types of companies that want to do their own digital marketing analytics. 

SEO Keyword and Rank Tracking Capability

Supermetrics will give you rank tracking data from Google Search Console. You can use Google Sheets to build queries that are actually going to use Google Search Console data. 

This way you can record accurate keyword rankings, for your campaign’s landing pages and raise your site’s organic traffic. 

Whitelabel Dashboard and PDF Reporting 

You will be able to whitelabel your reports through Google Sheets by replacing the Supermetrics logo standing initially on them. 

You can export your PDF reports by using Windows Excel 2007 or a newer version. 

Google Adwords PPC Integration 

Supermetrics has made pulling Google Ads data easy and simple. With the use of segments, sorting, filters, as well as date ranges, you can make detailed and informative reports and get data from hundreds and thousands of Google Ads in one take. 

You can use the two Google Ads reporting templates: 

  • The In-Depth PPC Report for Google Ads;
  • The Paid Mixed Channel Report. 

Google Analytics Integration and Facebook Analytics and PPC Integration

Supermetrics also integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics and Facebook Ads. You can use sorting and date ranges along with filters and segmenting for accurate reports and analysis. Like with Google Adwords, here you can also pull data from thousands of Google Analytics accounts in one take. You can also easily link your data with other sources such as Twitter, Facebook, Bing, and LinkedIn. 

There are two Facebook Ads reporting templates you can use: 

  • Facebook Ads Overview Template;
  • Facebook vs. Google Ads Reporting Template.

Report Scheduling Capability

Supermetrics offers the scheduling of reports options at specific intervals. You can easily do this by using the “Schedule refresh & emailing” feature in Google Sheets, and set up your own schedule for automatic queries and their regular updates. 


Supermetrics has different prices for different products. Supermetrics for Google Sheets starts from $99 per month. 

  • Supermetrics for Data Studio starts from $39 per month. 
  • Supermetrics for Excel starts from $99 per month. 
  • Supermetrics for BigQuery starts from $190 per month. 

3. Semrush

Semrush is a powerful SEO toolkit that has more than 20 tools up its sleeve. It will give you access to a huge keyword database (just remember 8.3 billion keywords in 118 countries around the globe) to SEO optimize your site and get organic traffic. 

Semrush is a great toolkit for PR professionals, as well as SEO and PPC professionals and social media managers because it offers a variety of management tools for backlinking, on-page SEO analysis, rank tracking, as well as an SEO audit tool. 

SEO Keyword and Rank Tracking Capability

This reporting tool allows you to monitor local, regional, and national positions of search engines for any keyword you can think of. You can do keyword research, track positions for keywords and discover local competitors, group desired keywords with the help of tags, as well as tag different kinds of devices. 

Whitelabel Dashboard and PDF reporting 

Semrush also allows you to white label the SEO reporting and analysis. With Semrush’s PPC data, you’ll be able to provide valuable analytical information to your clients without the need to go over your budget. This, in turn, will also help you maintain a high ROI. 

Google Adwords, Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics PPC Integration

Like any high quality SEO reporting tool, Semrush gives you all the tools you need to properly improve and optimize your Google Ads strategy. You can export your custom-made campaigns from the Google Ads and AdWords Editor and upload them directly into Semrush. 

Semrush’s user interface allows you to analyze all the data from your website in one location. You can easily connect Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts to Semrush and have everything in one place. 

With the Social Media Tracker you can keep an eye on social media metrics necessary for a successful social media campaign on Facebook. 

Report Scheduling Capability

Semrush also allows you to receive automated PDF reports straight in your email inbox daily, weekly, and monthly, any day you want! 


Semrush has three pricing plans: 

  • Pro – 99.95$ per month
  • Guru – 199.95$ per month
  • Business – 399.95$ per month

4. Agency Analytics

Website: – use the coupon code AA_PARTNER_93798 to get 50% off on signup.

Agency Analytics is one of the best SEO reporting tools on the internet. Built specifically for agencies in mind, it integrates with more than 40 platforms so you can have the complete marketing dashboard and produce thorough and accurate analytics for your clients.

Let’s peek into the key features of Agency Analytics: 

SEO Keyword and Rank Tracking Capability

This tool provides accurate daily monitoring of rankings on Google (along with Google Local and Google Mobile) and Bing, as well as global and local tracking of keywords for any language. 

You’ll be able to concentrate on the searches that bring traffic to your client’s site, as well as monitor daily and monthly changes for each keyword used in your clients’ marketing campaigns (or your own). This way you’ll know which keywords work and which need to be improved. 

Multiple locations are supported – you can track keywords in as many locations as you want and need in your campaign. You just need to put in the country, state, city or ZIP code, and you will have info in no time. 

What’s more, there’s also an easy way to manage all the keyword rankings by using custom tags. You can make keyword lists and organize them into categories. 

With the Track Position History you’ll have an overview of the ranking performance of your past SEO campaigns, which is a great feature for comparing and gaining insight into the ranking fluctuations over a course of time. 

Whitelabel Dashboard and PDF reporting 

With the Avanser dashboard you can add your own logo (branding and colors included) to the reports and whitelabel customized PDF reports to your clients. 

Google Adwords PPC Integration

Agency Analytics also features whitelabel Google Ads reporting, including PPC metrics (clicks, impressions, conversion rate, cost, CPC), keyword reporting for every term that induced impressions or clicks, campaign analysis, and conversion tracking of key performance data for click-through and view-through conversions. 

With the automated reporting system, you can build client PPC reports in a couple of minutes, without any spreadsheets, allowing you to put them on autopilot. 

You can also come up with a PPC margin, aka configure a single markup for all accounts or a custom one for particular clients. 

Facebook Analytics and PPC Integration

Along with the other whitelabel options noted above, you’ll also be able to do whitelabeling for Facebook Ads reporting, aka Facebook analytics. You can monitor the Facebook performance by tracking conversion metrics based on your client’s campaign, advertisement, and ad set. 

With the detailed PPC metrics, you’ll be able to analyze impressions, cost, click-through rates, and many other parameters. 

You can do a breakdown of your client’s audience dividing them by gender, age, and location. 

The intuitive dashboard will give easy access to clients to the cost per conversion (ROI) rates. 

Google Analytics Integration

With the Google Analytics dashboard, you’ll be able to generate streamlined reports for all types of clients. You can make clear visualization through a variety of graphic options and formats, as well as divide data by channel so you can determine the most significant traffic sources for your clients. 

You’ll be able to group visitors by demographics: age, gender, location, as well as the device they’re using and uncover any hidden traffic. 

With customized report layouts, you can highlight parameters that are super-important for your clients, like conversions, goals, and revenue. 

Report Scheduling Capability

Agency Analytics also includes a report scheduling capability. Through the report design wizard, you’ll be able to create a scheduled (automated) report. You can do this in the campaign where you want to do the report. 


Costs for Agency Analytics are starting from $49, which is the lowest plan (Freelancer), paid monthly. If paid annually it costs $39. With it, you get 5 campaigns,  500 keyword rankings, and 10,000 site audit pages. 

The other two plans are the Agency plan, $149 paid monthly ($119 yearly), with 15 campaigns,  1,500 keyword rankings, and 30,000 site audit pages, and the Enterprise plan that costs $399 per month ($319 per year), and it includes more than 50 campaigns, more than 4,000 keyword rankings, and more than 100,000 site audit pages. 

Wrapping up

Finding the most effective and relevant SEO tools to perform analytical tasks and reporting can be intimidating, but it is always worth the effort when the right tools are available. Everything from keyword searches to social media optimization for campaigns requires specific tools geared toward accomplishing tasks effectively. Thanks to a wide range of analytical and reporting tools like the ones given here, SEO and analytics can be less time-consuming and more rewarding.

And that concludes our list of the best SEO reporting tools currently on the market. We made sure to carefully select the tools we’re really content with, ones that contain all the necessary features for a well-made digital marketing campaign. Cheers to your next successful online venture! 

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