About The Search Engine Shop

Above: We meet or speak to new clients at least 20-30 times a month and talk through our background so we put together this quick video to give you some background on who we are, what we do and what’s different about us versus other providers in the market

Our company was founded in 2008 to solve a distinct problem that still is very prevalent in the Australian marketplace today. Here’s the problem in a nutshell:

While almost all web design firms are creative focussed and are very good at web design and can deliver something that looks great, they usually aren’t focussed on what the business owner or manager really wants.

99% of business owners and managers don’t just want a pretty website
They want a tool that is going to make the phone ring, deliver more new customer enquiries and more new sales with as much consistency as possible – effectively, most business owners and managers want to improve the performance of their business by better leveraging the internet and web technology.

Secondary to this goal, most business owners want, as much as possible, more mobility, flexibility and freedom to work when and where they want while reducing unnecessary cost and expense as much as possible.

It’s never been Cheaper or Easier…

Imagine you had a web presence that consistently delivered a stream of new customer enquiries every month with almost no work on your behalf. You can very accurately predict how many new phone calls or email enquiries it generates every month without fail – it also does this without the massive price tag that goes along with traditional print marketing, Yellowpages, newspaper or TV advertising. Pretty good isn’t it?

On top of that you can now work remotely from your laptop from anywhere in the world with an internet connection with almost the same level of efficiency you can while sitting in the office.

Never before has it been as easy to achieve to two goals as it is today – that’s what we can help you do.

We help Australian businesses get online, get found, get more hits and more new customer enquiries by properly leveraging the internet. We also help businesses reduce cost and increase flexibility by more effective use of IT and web technology in their business.

How we do it – Our Unique Approach

We don’t achieve this outcome by magic – our unique approach to doing business online focuses on five key ingredients all of which are required for a successful online presence; the diagram above illustrates how the five areas fit together which as summarised these below.

1. Strong Business Foundation and Clear Website Purpose – a clear website purpose is required before an effective online strategy can be created. A clearly defined purpose will drive the rest of your online strategy; in most cases the primary purpose of your website is to attract more new customers or make more sales. In some cases where word of mouth of referral is the biggest source of new business, your website purpose will be to showcase your business, products and services, provide customer testimonials and to provide your contact details to prospective customers.

Also important that your business has a strong foundation. For example, if the purpose of your website is the grow your business then the business itself needs to have spare capacity to handle that growth. Other business fundamentals such as a clearly defined USP and well defined ideal customer or target market are also key components of an effective online strategy.

2. Technology– Appropriate and effective use of technology can deliver more value to customers, faster, at less cost with better visibility and control, less risk and without a negative impact on the customer relationship.

One area when we leverage technology heavily is in reporting and analytics. We live by the mantra “What gets measured gets managed”, nowhere is this more true than with the web and online marketing. Analytics simply means statistics and one of the key benefits of online marketing versus traditional marketing is the ability to measure, with great accuracy how well your marketing is performing. With any work we do we include regular reports around website performance including the number of visitors reaching your site, how long they’re staying on the site, what they’ve looked at and how they reached your website.

3. Traffic – getting more visitors to your site and better quality visitors (i.e. visitors interested in your products and services or your business)

4. Conversion – getting more visitors to take the action you want. For most businesses is a phone call, email enquiry, retail foot traffic or in the case of online retail, a sale

5. Trust & Relationship – people buy from people and trust and relationship play an important part in being successful online. This can be something as simple as good quality and professional web design that resonates well with your target market or customer testimonials that help build credibility or leveraging new forms of online marketing such as social media that can open up a ongoing dialog with your customer base. Trust & relationship is sometimes also referred to as your “brand”.

Why approach is important
Too often we see clients who have engaged a web design agency, SEO or Adwords consultant or have gone the DIY route and don’t have a strategic approach to doing business online. The result is usually a focus on only one element or a focus completely on the design of a site with equally important areas like copywriting, imagery and photography and traffic generation neglected.

Through our workshops, services and one on one consulting we’ve worked with over 2000 businesses in the past 5 years.

Where we are and who we work with

Because the majority of our work is online and technology focussed, we have the ability to work with clients anywhere in Australia (actually anywhere in the world but we prefer to work with Australian based businesses as that’s our speciality). We currently have clients located in remote areas like Kununurra in the Kimberly region of Western Australia, clients in every capital city in Australia and a handful of international clients. We usually work from locations in Perth and Sydney but regularly visit Melbourne, Canberra and other capital cities delivering training and workshops and meeting face to face with clients.

We work with a diverse range of clients, some of our speciality areas are:

  • medical and dental practices
  • bricks and mortar retailers
  • B2C businesses (businesses that sell to individuals vs businesses)
  • established online retailers and ecommerce stores
  • professional service providers
  • accommodation, travel and leisure
  • other complimentary service providers such a marketing & PR firms and web design agencies that don’t have their own in-house online marketing resources

Our Team & Partners

The Search Engine Shop is led by Principal Consultant Brendan Tully. Having owned, managed and run several different ecommerce and IT businesses, Brendan brings a unique mix of business, sales, online marketing and IT experience to the table.

Our diverse team includes several specialists who can provide services in a number of specific areas including:

  • Commercial Photography and Video
  • Web, Graphic & Print Design
  • Web Development
  • Copywriting & PR
  • Internet Marketing including SEO, Adwords, Social Media & Email Marketing
  • IT & Technology Consulting
  • Business Consulting & Coaching
  • Small Business Training & Business Workshops

We’d love to hear from you…

A lot of the business owners we speak to are sitting a pile of quick and easy wins that can be implemented relatively cheaply, very quickly and with a large ROI. Others are driving themselves crazy going round in circles trying to make the internet and their website work for them without much success.

We’d like to offer you a free review of your business website and would love to chat with you and see what we can do to help you and your business. Call during business hours in Sydney on 02-8006-4511, in Perth on 08-9467-7373. Alternatively email me on [email protected]

We look forward to speaking with you.