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Google Adwords is probably the most powerful form of advertising & marketing that a small business can access today and if you’re not leveraging it, you’re leaving money & customers on the table.

Compared with other advertising mediums such as print media & the Yellowpages, Google Adwords is dirt cheap, has a large ROI (return on investment) and its performance can be measured very accurately.

Nowhere else on the planet can you get access to hundreds or potentially thousands of prospects who are already looking to purchase the products and services your business sells.

Unfortunately, many small business owners are either:

  • not taking advantage of Adwords yet
  • are taking the DIY approach and spending far too much on Adwords and getting a very poor return
  • or have tried it in the past without the help and advice of a professional and have decided it doesn’t work for them

Why Google Adwords is important to your business…

The biggest benefit of Adwords, and the reason why its been so successful for Google, is that it enables you to tap into existing demand for products and services you sell very cheaply and very quickly.

Traditional forms of display advertising like newspaper and magazine advertising have to first create demand before the customer will pick up the phone and call. Then you have to sell them on the idea they actually need your product or service and then you finally need to sell them the product or service itself.

Contrary to the traditional advertising model, if the customer is already searching in Google then they already want your product or service and are usually already set to decide upon a provider – the selling process is already half complete by the time they call you.

For Businesses new to Adwords

If you haven’t tried Adwords yet then we recommend at the very least giving Adwords a 3-month trial. We’ve outlined the sequential steps to implementing Adwords successfully below:

  1. Market & Keyword Research
    Keyword research is the process of determining what level of demand exists in Google, exactly what search terms are being used in relation to your products & services on Google and which search terms to display your ads for.
  2. Landing Page creation
    Its important that for every product or service you wish to promote there’s a page on your website dedicated to that particular product or service. Without performing this step your website visitors will not convert into enquiring visitors.
  3. Analytics configuration
    One of the main advantages of the web is that your marketing can be measured with a very high degree of accuracy. Configuring your analytics tools correctly ensures visitor behaviour can be very closely managed, you know exactly how well your ads are performing and changes are made based on solid information instead of guesswork.
  4. Adwords account creation & Campaign setup
    This is the process of actually creating your Adwords account and appropriate campaigns. Interestingly most business owners and managers implementing a DIY Adwords campaign start at this step, skipping the other pre-requisite steps and this is usually why their DIY Adwords campaigns perform poorly.
  5. Campaign Monitoring, Management & Optimisations
    Adwords is not a set and forget medium – campaigns need to be checked at least monthly with several elements of the campaigns reviewed and tweaked to maximise the return on your spend. Generally a well managed Adwords campaign will become more effective over time.

Depending on how complex your product and service offering is and how many products and services you actually have, this process can be quite quick or take some time to implement – in most cases your Adwords campaign can be up and running within a few days and immediately start delivering high quality website visitors to your website.

For more information on getting started with Adwords, call us during business hours or email us using the form at the bottom of this page. We also offer free Google Adwords credit for business new to Adwords courtesy of Google!

For Businesses already using Adwords

If you’re already using Adwords and have nobody managing your account or have setup your Adwords account yourself, its likely:

  • that you’re spending too much on each click – your cost per click is too high which means you’re wasting money
  • your return on investment is fairly poor, in other words you’re not getting a reasonable number of enquiries from Adwords
  • motivated buyers are visiting your website and leaving before getting in touch because they can’t find what they want
  • you aren’t taking advantage of advanced Adwords features that lead to more visitors seeing and clicking on your ads

In almost every instance, clients we’ve helped improve their Adwords campaigns have recouped many times their investment in our services in under 3 months, are seeing a better long term return on their Adwords campaigns and are making more money from Adwords and doing even less themselves to manage the campaign. There’s no secret to how we achieve this, we simply follow the five steps we’ve outlined above under the “Businesses new to Adwords” section and have a great deal of experience with Adwords.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you make more money with Adwords while spending less, call us or email using the form below.

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