Google Places Optimisation

For any business with a retail store, office or physical location a well optimised Google Places listing is critical to being found online. Google Places is the business directory that drives the business listings on Google Maps.

A well optimised listing ensures your business is showing higher in the search results for search terms that include geographic locations which means you’ll get more website visitors that are in the same area as the business.

An optimised Places listing also ensures your business is showing on mobile devices such as iPhones & GPS devices which ensures you’re business listing is in front of people when they’re actually on the road and looking for you. Google Places is also the data source for hundreds of iPhone apps and other location based services so a well put together listing could have your business appearing in hundreds of places and thousands of eyeballs.

Google Places SEO, Optimisation & Management Services

We can take care of the setup and verification of a Google Places listing for you or if you already have a Google Places listing, we can remove any duplicates, optimise the listing and manage and monitor it on an ongoing basis. We can also provide you with the Analytics tools you need to measure exactly how well your Places listing is performing.

Recent Google Places Optimisation Examples:

Here’s some examples of our recent Google Places Optimisation work, click the link to open a screenshot of the Google search result or alternatively do the search in Google yourself.

These are just a small sample of the results our clients have seen by working with us.

Google Places Services for Bigger Businesses

For larger businesses with multiple physical locations like franchises, Google Places can be a nightmare to manage. We can take care of the ongoing management and maintenance of your Google Places listings, can create individual listings for each territory or location under one account, monitor for duplicates on an ongoing basis and provide monthly ranking and SEO management reports about your Google Places listings. Services are available on a monthly retainer basis and on a hybrid retainer/pay for performance arrangement.

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With the decline of traditional marketing mediums like Yellow Pages, an effective Google Places strategy is becoming more important on an almost daily basis.

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What Is Google Places?

Google Places listing or Google Maps listing is one of the quickest and easiest ways to drive local search engine traffic to your website. This is the search result in Google which combines your company information alongside a map overlay. Typically Google returns up to 7 Places Results in a search and has recently implemented changes to the format of the results pages to make a good Google Places listing even more important. In addition to showing in the search results, Google Places data feeds many other sites and applications including many iPhone & Mobile applications which can also help drive traffic to the site. Google Places is essentially the online equivalent of the Yellow Pages and simply having a Google Places listing can mean the difference between a page 1 listing in Google or not being found at all.