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If you haven’t heard the news yet, Google Shopping is now in Australia and if you run an online store, its something you should absolutely be taking advantage of.

What is Google Shopping?

This is how Google explains Google Shopping:
“Google Shopping is a product search engine that helps people discover product information online, compare prices and find a retailer from whom they can make a purchase.


Let’s say I was looking to buy a digital camera for my upcoming trip to Tasmania. I enter my search into, as usual, and click the ‘Shopping’ tab on the left hand side, so I get a full page of product results relevant to my query.”

The screenshot below shows you an example of a Google Shopping search result. Do a test yourself by searching “buy canon digital camera”. You’ll see that Google Shopping results are now returned in combination with the regular search results (not just when you click the shopping tab)

Google Shopping means more visitors to your site and its FREE!

Google Shopping essentially means more visitors to your site. It makes it easier for people who are looking to buy online to find your products and your online store. It’s also FREE – our favourite price.

Google Shopping can make your Adwords more effective.

The same information that Google Shopping displays to visitors can also be integrated with Google Adwords which can help increase the number of clicks your Adwords ads get from qualified visitors. The image below shows you an example Adwords ad that is integrated with Google Shopping. You can see the products take up much more real estate on the page which will attract many more clicks and at the same time reduce the number of competitors showing up in the same search result.

Google Shopping Adwords Product Extensions

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