For most clients, we actually provide a blended online marketing service that encompasses a range of different elements and we work with businesses across a diverse range of industries. Ultimately, our goal is to help our client’s businesses perform better and become more profitable by properly implementing and fully leveraging the internet and web technology in the business. If you scroll down you’ll see our standard service offerings which usually fit most businesses. We can also customise a plan to suit your needs if you have specific requirements that fall outside our standard offering.

Our Typical Online Marketing Client

About 50% of our clients are located in either Perth or Sydney with the rest scattered throughout other capital cities and regional Australia; we also work with a handful of overseas clients too. Our typical client is an established business that generally has been running for at least a few years. For us to be able to help a business effectively, its important that the internal processes, culture and company structure are all working effectively already. That said, almost every website can benefit from our SEO Best Practices implementation which ensures the technical elements of your website are setup in the correct manner and that you actually show up when people search for you on Google Maps or search your business name.

Business success online is so much more than a number 1 ranking in Google or a good looking website so its important that your internal company processes are already working well as without these internal elements in place your online marketing strategy will not be as effective as it could be.

Before embarking on any new online marketing campaign its important that your business has the capacity to take on new business too!

The types of businesses we typically work with:

Dental and Medical practices
Almost 50% of our client base is comprised of dental and medical specialists like Perth Podiatrist, Feet First Podiatry.In almost all cases these our dental and medical clients were looking to divert their Yellowpages spend online and have seen significantly higher returns as a result.

B2C businesses

B2C stands for business to consumer meaning a business that sells to individuals (vs a B2B business which sells to other businesses). Kununurra Kamper Hire is an example of a B2C business that provides camping equipment and camper trailer hire in the Kimberley region of WA. Araluen Botanic Park in Perth is another example of a B2C business.

Businesses working in the oil, gas and industry sector
Typically these businesses will be specialists in a particular niche, for example who do very specialised forms of industrial fabrication such as pressure vessel fabrication and pressure vessel inspection.

Professional services businesses who provide a specialist service
For example our commercial photography partner Photography Project or family portrait photography studio Freedom Photography

Established ecommerce businesses
For example, an online didgeridoo store that ships didgeridoos and related products worldwide or their training portal,, a site that teaches people how to play the didgeridoo online.

Web Design Firms, Marketing & PR Agencies, Business Consultants and Business Improvement Professionals
We work in conjunction with a number of complimentary businesses such as traditional marketing agencies, web design firms that don’t have in-house online marketing resources and business improvement professionals that don’t have in-house online marketing resources but still need ongoing support in this area for their client base.

Our SEO & Internet Marketing Plans

Our Best Practices Plan is suited to smaller businesses, solo entrepreneurs and businesses that are switching from a old website to a new website. This plan ensures that you’ll be found at least for your business name and found on Google Maps (a more common problem than you think). While we can’t guarantee a specific ranking with this service we do guarantee your website’s organic traffic will increase.

Our Web-Pro Plan best suited to established businesses or businesses looking to direct their Yellowpages spend online. With this plan we manage your traffic strategy on an ongoing basis and work to steadily increase the ranking of your website over time.

Our Web-Dominate Plan is usually purchased by marketing departments or bigger businesses and online stores with significant turnover who need ongoing help with their online marketing but don’t have an internal skill-set or its not cost effective to have someone internally dedicated to online efforts.

While these plans fit 80-90% of the businesses who contact us we do also offer services customised to suit specific needs.

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**if you have very specific requirements we can also tailor a plan to suit your needs

Reporting and Accountability

With all services we provide we include detailed reporting on your the performance of your website and associated online presence(s). Here’s a sample website KPI report that includes some of the elements we track.

Taking the Next Step

To take the next step or get more information contact us via phone or email. Usually we can do a quick analysis over the phone of your existing web presence to make sure you’ll actually benefit from our services. Once we have an understanding of your broad goals or objectives we will be able to provide you with a rough indication of the result you can expect and the timeframe. From there we’ll issue our commencement invoice and once that’s paid we can get started!