Workshops & Training

Through our Achieve More Online program we’ve taught well over 1000 business owners, managers and marketers how to leverage their website and create a web presence that is truly effective.

In conjunction with the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce and the Australian Government’s Digital Enterprise program, we’re running a series of technology, business and online marketing workshops from September to the end of this year.

Visit our Workshops page for more information on workshop dates and times and how to book your spot.


SEO, Adwords & Online Marketing

If you’ve watched the video on our “About Us” page you’ll know that The Search Engine Shop started out as an SEO company and over time we came to realise that for a website to be truly successful traffic needs to come from a variety of sources.

Almost every business can benefit from SEO, Adwords and a well managed online marketing plan. We offer both fixed-fee project based services and ongoing management, maintenance and optimisation services.

We have three standard online marketing offerings but can also tailor-make a plan specific to your business. Click here for more specific detail on our SEO, Adwords & Online Marketing services


Web Design & Development

Wordpress Web Design & Development

We specialise in Wordpress Web Design & Development and can help you and your business get online or refresh your existing web presence.

View some of our recent web design and development work on our portfolio page.


IT & Web Services

Business Email Hosting

Are you still using your personal email address for your business? Not only does this tie you to your ISP for the life of your business, it also detracts from the overall professional look and feel of your business causing some potential customers to think you’re an amateur.

We can get you setup with a Google Apps business grade email hosting solution for a lot less than you think. For small businesses you also get inbuilt antivirus and antispam AND there’s no ongoing costs for businesses with less than 10 users.

Read more about our Google Apps Email Hosting

Convert to a CMS Website

There’s absolutely no doubt that a website is a critical component of any small business. Without the ability to update your website yourself, the content is going to become out of date really quickly.

A CMS or Content Management System allows you to manage your website directly, without the help of a web designer. No more hourly fees for changes or tweaks, with a CMS you can do it all yourself.

Read more about our CMS Website Services