This week we pushed a new website live for WA-based Pilbara Clean Machines who specialise in high temperature, high pressure mining and earthmoving equipment cleaning.

The work is part of a broader online marketing project with the goal of the redesign being to increase the conversion rate of the site and generate more leads and enquiries. The new site is built on Wordpress with a simple grid design and heavily leverages commercial photography (something we do a lot) with strong reliance of before and after shots.

The previous site was also built on Wordpress but the style of the site didn’t strongly convey what the business does with a style more suited to a car wash than a company providing services to the mining and resources sector. We’ve included before and after shots below which really demonstrate how powerful good quality commercial photography can be on a website.

Check it out for yourself at

Services provided on this project:

  • WordPress Website Development
  • Website Design with partner 485Design
  • Copywriting by our partner Soapbox PR
  • SEO & Website Best Practices Implementation
  • Website Hosting


The screenshot below is the site before the redesign. The style of the site is better suited to a car wash versus a mining and resources company and without a strong site structure and with too many different font styles the site feels cluttered and clumsy.

Mining Website - before redesign


The redesign focussed more heavily on the before and after shots and with a wider site, more modern design style and better grid layout the site feels cleaner, is no longer cluttered and what the business does is immediately clear. Overall the new site works better from the perspective of generating new leads and enquiries.

Mining Website Redesign - After the Redesign