In this section of our website we’ve included case studies that demonstrate the results other businesses have seen through using our services.

With the majority of bookings coming through the internet (both directly and indirectly), Brian and Deb Van Allen were looking to get more out of their Balingup Heights Hilltop Forest Cottages website – a Balingup Accommodation provider.

Balingup Accommodation

Brian had attended one of our Achieve More Online workshops and liked our approach. We were initially commissioned to simply convert their existing static HTML website into a CMS powered website however due to difficulties with the age of the existing website the project ended up as a redesign.

Some of the specific services we provided as part of this project include:

  • Wordpress Web Development
  • SEO (Balingup Heights is now on the first page of Google for “balingup accommodation”)
  • Google Adwords Management (the business had previously tested Adwords with little success. Using our help the business now spends less than $150 per month on Adwords and sees a positive ROI on this spend).