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Who are we?

Brendan Tully The Search Engine Shop

Hi, I'm Brendan, Principal Consultant here at The Search Engine Shop.

We started this company in late 2008 as an SEO only company. Very quickly customers started asking for more and more and the business evolved to offer a suite of services for small businesses to help them rank higher and get more traffic from Google, get more new customers and grow their business using the power of the web.

Through our in-person workshops, our services and one on one consulting we've worked with over 5000 businesses since we started in 2008. Today we actively manage the online assets for several hundred businesses. Our clients range from solopreneur businesses doing $100k-$500k a year in revenue, right up to businesses doing several hundred million dollars a year.

About 80% of our clients are Australian businesses based all across the country and we have team members in Australia, Europe, Asia and North America.

Where to start?

When we started doing in-person workshops in 2009/2010 we were spending a whole bunch of time explaining to businesses that they even needed a website! In 2024 we’re well past that point.

I probably don’t need to tell you that having a strong online presence and a proactive online marketing strategy is one of the key components of a successful business (online or offline) and for most small businesses, it’ll make or break the business.

Online marketing can be confusing at first and yes, some of the fine detail tech stuff can be quite complicated..BUT, when you break things down into their individual building blocks it’s actually quite simple - you need a fast loading website, that looks good, that explains what you do and what you sell in enough detail so that someone can buy or get in touch if you’re a good fit, along with a strategy that gets you and your website in front of a prospective customer wherever they are online, whether that’s Google, Facebook or somewhere else.

Download our 2024 Online Marketing Strategy & Blueprint

No matter where you are with your business and online marketing strategy, I encourage you to download our small business online marketing blueprint. It’s completely free and a strategy we’ve refined over 10 years and the exact same process we use with the 100s of websites we manage on behalf of customers today.

Just click the “Get Started” button at the top or bottom of this page, enter your details and you’ll get an email from me a few minutes later.

There’s several components to the blueprint and I’m conscious not to overwhelm you…so, in the first email I’ll show you 3 DIY, totally free action steps you can take right now and action in less than 15 minutes, that for some businesses can actually move them forward with their online marketing in a substantial way.

If at any time you have a question about the blueprint, need some help or want to get more proactive about your online marketing strategy, you can reply to any of the emails in the blueprint series and I’ll come right back to you.

There’s also a bunch of links on this page to our current product and service offerings. Many of those pages have real life examples of our online marketing strategy and products and services at work in the real world so it might be worth you having a look around while you're here.

Look forward to working with you.

-Brendan Tully
Principal Consultant - The Search Engine Shop

Our Services

In the past 10 years, through our consulting, services and in-person workshops we’ve worked with over 5000 businesses, here’s how we can help you:

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"What we found with Brendan and his team, and I'm yet to find elsewhere, is his strong understanding of business.

He knows the key areas needed that are essential to build a stronger, more profitable business.

Rather than focussing on hits and fancy stats that don't add dollars to the bank account, his strategies are geared towards extra sales and extra net profit.

Working with Brendan and his team is rewarding and easy. They tell me what to do, I do it, the results show. Love it!

- Matt Reed, Photography Project

Get Free Access To Our 2024 Online Marketing Blueprint

Online marketing isn’t a mysterious black box, it’s simple once explained properly and broken down into it's individual components.

Our Online Marketing Blueprint is the same process we’ve taught to 1000s business owners and the same process we use with the 100s of small business websites we actively manage today.

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Get Free Access To Our 2024 Online Marketing Blueprint

Our Online Marketing Blueprint is the same process we’ve taught to 1000s business owners.

It’s exactly the same process we use with the 100s of small business websites we actively manage today – ranking them higher in Google, increasing their traffic and turning more of those visitors and traffic in customers.

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