Two important search engine updates you should be aware of…

There’s been 2 new search engine layout updates in the last month that you should be aware of so you  can take full advantage of them, check it out:

Bing search now showing a “one-box”

Bing have recently started showing a “one-box” in the search results very similar to Google – you know, that box on the right hand side of the search results?

Here’s a screen shot for the search “balingup accommodation” to highlight what I mean:

Microsoft Bing search now has a "one-box"

Microsoft Bing search now has a “one-box”


As a business owner this means that you’re likely to start getting slightly more traffic from Bing so if you haven’t done is already, go and claim your Bing Maps listing at

Google Places and Plus reviews now showing in Adwords

We’ve talked before about how getting 5 or more reviews in the search results will give you a slight rankings and traffic boost. Now Google is showing the reviews and star rating in the Adwords results too so this is even more important than ever. In short, if you get the 5 reviews your Adwords will likely perform better without you having to spend more money.

Here’s a screenshot:

Google Plus Reviews now show in the Adwords search results

Google Plus Reviews now show in the Adwords search results


In a previous post we talked about a simple process for getting more Google Places reviews, here’s the link again:








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