6 Best Free VPNs for 2024

Best free VPNs

A WordPress website and a WiFi connection – that’s all it takes to put your website/online business, but also your customers and their private data at risk from potential privacy breaches, cyber-attacks and the like. 

Protecting your website is especially important if it’s your primary source for generating revenue. If this is the case, then surely the last thing you want to happen to it is to be hacked because of a lack of proper security. Having all this in mind, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, right? And this is precisely where VPN comes in the picture to save the day. 

This is an article we’ve made where we cover the best free VPNs currently on the internet. We’ve also included information about what exactly a VPN is, how important it is for WordPress and also how you can get a free VPN for all of your devices that are connected to the internet. 

So, first thing’s first – let’s start with a bit of 101 info on what a VPN actually is. 

What Is a VPN and Why You Should Use it for WordPress?

The connection between the visitors of your WordPress website and your server is being secured by several tools. One of them is the SSL certificate, whose function is to encrypt browser sessions on the level of the server. A CDN plugin can be used if you want to add an extra encrypted server layer between the visitors of your site and the site itself. 

With all these tools that provide a secure browsing experience for your site’s visitors, it’s also important to not forget the devices that you use and how they should be protected as well, both for you and for your customers. 

VPNs help you to do precisely this. 

What is a VPN?

VPN is an abbreviation for “Virtual Private Network”. It works in the same way as does the CDN or SSL certificate, which means it adds a layer of encryption between two sides or entities. 

A common example of this is when VPN-induced encryption occurs between a private network (which serves to manage your online session) and the devices you’re using to work on the internet (this can be a computer, smartphone, a tablet and the like). When you enable a VPN session and then head out to visit a website (like, say, the WordPress login), what the VPN server does is it encrypts the information that is passed between the device that you use and the site that you visit. 

To some people, this might seem like a bit too much, but it’s actually pretty important and shouldn’t be neglected, especially not from people that don’t work from an office of an employer. This is because a lot of employers take extra precautionary measures to make sure the data that is shared through their company (circulating between employees, clients, management, business partners, prospective hires, and a lot more) is going to be properly protected. And they manage to do this by using a very strict security protocol. Sometimes employees, which are allowed to do business off the company’s site, can receive access to the VPN of the company they work for and therefore keep all of their sessions safe. 

But, if you work from home, or you use remote locations like, for example, coffee shops or coworking spaces, libraries or some vacation apartment, you rely on public WiFi which allows you to connect to the internet and also to WordPress. And even if you’ve thought a little bit about security and have bought a more professional WiFi package for home use, there’s still no guarantee that it’s going to be completely safe from attacks or security breaches, without the extra protection the VPN offers. 

If you connect to and work on WordPress using public WiFi, it means that you work by using an internet connection that’s not secured. It also means that getting a VPN is more than a good idea – it’s a necessity. If you’re having concerns over the cost of including an additional tool to all the other stuff you’re already using for your business, you needn’t worry. This article is about the best free VPNs, especially for people that use WordPress and want to protect their devices. 

Before we begin with the actual list for the best free VPNs you can currently find on the market, let’s talk a little bit more why it’s important to use VPN when you’re using WordPress. 

Why You Should Use a VPN for WordPress?

The key benefits of using a VPN for WordPress ultimately come down to two words: security and privacy


Having a VPN by your side can make all the difference when it comes to properly securing your website. By using a VPN you’ll be able to protect your site from anything prying or malicious on the internet that has been trying to wiggle its way in through the devices that you use. 

The VPN also helps in protecting everything you do in WordPress – it does this via its encrypted layer, which manages to keep hidden away all the info you put into WordPress: login credentials, uploaded documents, credit card information, etc. And even if your devices do somehow suffer an attack from hackers, malware, bots or the like, it will have an additional defense layer which will ensure that they’re being kept away from WordPress and all the important content you have on it. 


Privacy is equally important as security (in fact, they have to be considered together, alongside one another). VPNs also help to protect the identity of the user of WordPress.

How do they do this? VPNs use a tool for geolocation that manages to hide your IP address. What you basically do is choose to connect to one of the servers the VPN service offers (and there’s plenty of them to go around with!), which are dispersed around the world. This is the way the VPN hides your IP address and location, thus making it very, very, very difficult for potential hackers attempting to intrude into your device and also your WordPress working space. 

So, by combining the SSL certificate, CDN, anti-malware software and security plugin of your WordPress site with a solid VPN service, you will ultimately have a very sound and downright unbreakable web security strategy and structure on your hands. 

What Are the Free VPN Features You Should Be Looking For?

As with many other online tools, whether they be for managing security or enhancing/simplifying site functionality, you’re presented with a choice between a premium version and a free one. Of course, most of the time the premium versions offer precisely what their name says they do: superb security and privacy features and options, 24/7 customer support, and many other things. 

But, if you happen to find the right free VPN, it can get very, very close to a premium one in terms of features and security and privacy performance. You have to have in mind, though, that there will be some sort of a tradeoff between you and the free VPN company, since you’re asking them for access to their network which is secure so you can protect your own work. 

And so, before we begin with the actual list of the best free VPNs for users of WordPress, we wanted to quickly go over the features you should be looking for in free VPNs. Have in mind that some of the best free VPNs out there might be missing parts of these features, or fail to deliver them as completely or as good as their premium versions or counterparts, while others might operate by selling your data. This is why it’s important to set aside some time and think about the most important features for you when it comes to choosing a VPN provider. 

Free VPN Features You Should Be Aware Of

  • Connection protocols like OpenVPN and SSTP that provide fast and secure browser sessions.
  • Bandwidth or data caps which are common if you’re using free VPNs.
  • Quantity of devices you’re allowed to connect the VPN to.
  • Guarantee that all browsing session logs will be destroyed and not saved anywhere, which means that their records couldn’t be hacked and used as a tool to enter your site.
  • Inclusion of ads which is the way the VPN service makes money (this is a common thing for VPNs providers that don’t offer premium plans).
  • Complex data encryption that provides the right level of security for your needs.
  • Internet kill switch which gives you the ability to disconnect a session to a website immediately and permanently.
  • Support for the kinds of devices on which you plan to use the VPN.
  • Installation and session configuration should be easy to handle.
  • A wide variety of server locations, giving you greater choice options from which you can hide your IP address.
  • Quantity of server locations that provide redundancy if one server happens to get overloaded with traffic and becomes too slow to use.

A reminder from before: a free VPN will most likely include some sort of a tradeoff deal for at least one of the features mentioned above. This means that if: 

  • You prefer not to be shown advertisements as you work through the VPN;
  • Or you’re anxious about connections which are too slow and hinder you from doing your WordPress-based tasks done properly; 
  • And you’re not willing to compromise certain aspects of your work that are in conflict with the restrictions of free VPNs 

then perhaps a free VPN might not be the best choice for you. 

Put in another way, if you’re in need of an advanced functionality when it comes to security, privacy, and speed, and you also prefer to have as much control over it as possible, then you should definitely consider purchasing the premium versions of VPN providers. 

Of course, there are some good quality, well-known VPN providers that have worked great for many people on the internet and might as well work perfectly for you too. Next, we’re going to cover these best free VPNs and offer you the choice to find the best and most suitable one among them.

Best Free VPNs for WordPress Users

A small footnote before we begin with the list of the best free VPNs: it’s evident that you can find lots of well-written reviews and decent ratings covering VPNs for devices that work on Mac, Windows, iOS, as well as Android. However, you’ll have to be careful when it comes to the details in each of these reviews and ratings.

Let’s take an example: when you search for a VPN, a lot of the times the results you’ll find in Android and iOS stores have to do with VPN proxies. And sure, a proxy will manage to hide your IP address, but it doesn’t fare as well as a real VPN when it comes to the security part. Also, be careful with the “free VPN” label, since some of them market themselves as free but offer this for a very limited amount of time, which means you’ll only get free access for a couple of days, and then you’ll get charged for using them. 

So, we’re not going to waste your time any further, next we’re going to focus on the 6 best free VPNs for WordPress users. We’ve selected these free VPNs having in mind the features and criteria we mentioned above.What we tried to do is include as many free VPNs that contain as many of the desirable features listed above as possible. 

Best Free VPNs for 2024

Hotspot Shield

Whether you are a professional user of WordPress or just a regular person using the internet that simply wants to be secure at all times, the free version of the Hotspot Shield VPN service provider might just be the thing for you. 

Hotspot Shield uses 128-bit and 256-bit AES, so-called military-grade encryption throughout its server network. Their service also includes a killswitch that gives users the choice to terminate browser sessions with WordPress in a simple and more secure way.

The free plan of Hotspot Shield VPN does come with a bandwidth cap, but unfortunately, the limits of it are not specified on their website.

Hotspot Shield says that it’s not storing your IP session data (aka the browsing session logs), but it is true that it makes use of it – this, however, is done anonymously and is used only for internal research purposes.

The free VPN version of this provider is available for the platforms of Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android, and it only allows the use of one device at a time.

If you’re interested in server locations, you won’t get much with the free version of the Hotspot Shield. By getting the free plan, if you’re in the US, you’ll simply get a different IP address from your own, which is also located in the US. If you want a choice of servers that spans more than 20 countries you’ll have to upgrade to the premium versions. 

This VPN provider does include ads in its service. 

Even though it has its flaws, as we saw from the features list above, Hotspot Shield is still one of the best free VPN providers you can get on the internet right now. And although it does include premium plans, if you’re currently trying to save up and cut corners a little bit, their free VPN is going to do a good job in encrypting and protecting your internet activity.


TunnelBear is another good quality VPN provider that offers a free plan as well. The company that has created TunnelBear is, in fact, the software security giant McAfee which means you’re in for a very solid VPN service whose creators really know what they were doing in terms of security and privacy. 

One of the best things about it is that it’s constantly improving its service when it comes to the security of user sessions. It actually requires very little personal data when it comes to the sign-up process, which means it’s become more secure than ever, and that is very telling for a free VPN provider. 

Also takin into consideration its superb technology for adblocking for Chrome, you could very well say it’s one of the best free VPNs for Mac and Windows users. 

TunnelBear provides you with AES 256-bit encryption, making sure your session data is safe and protected. Its servers are marked as lightning-fast, although there is a download limit to the service. 

You will get a free 500MB of data with the installation, and you can get 1GB if you’re willing to tweet about it. 

TunnelBear doesn’t keep your logging sessions, which is another great thing about it. The platforms this provider is available for are Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. The free version can be used on a limited amount of devices. 

Users of TunnelBear can choose locations of servers in over 22 countries. 

TunnelBear also does a great job when it comes to blocking ads. TunnelBear’s adblocker works magic by attempting to block all ads from ever reaching your browser.

Simply put, this a great free VPN that does a very fine job when it comes to security – it’s very adamant in not keeping your user logs, which is a great, great plus! Of course, the settings options can be better, which is always a flaw in free VPNs, and the download limit and number of connected devices all have limitations unless you opt to get one of their premium versions of their VPN service. 


If you want your free VPN service to come with extra strong security, lots and lots of data, as well as unlimited bandwidth, then look no further, because Windscribe might just be the perfect provider to give you this. 

Windscribe VPN uses an AES-256 cipher, SHA512 auth, and 4096-bit RSA key encryption, meaning you’re very much on the safe side when it comes to this VPN provider. 

Users of Windscribe that use their free plan will be able to get up to 10GB of data a month. Windscribe’s Cruise Control service has an automatic configuration able to connect you to the available server closest to you so you can get the best speeds possible (the free version gives you 8 server locations). 

Windscribe doesn’t track your session logs and it requires only a username and password for signing up, giving you full-on discretion. With the free service, you also get a built-in ad blocker and firewall protection. 

Winsdcribe is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android, and it offers both a desktop VPN as well as a browser extension. We recommend that you get both of them and thus have the security for your platform while also blocking the ads in your browser. 

Winsdcribe has rightly earned its place on our list. They have great support and guides for getting started, making encryption of your internet activity a breeze. Of course, since it’s a free VPN service, there are restrictions on server locations as well as connection control. And, if you happen to be located outside of Europe, North America or Hong Kong, unfortunately, you won’t be able to use the Windscribe’s free plan.


Hide.me VPN gives you all the basic stuff you need when you sign up for a free VPN service. If, as a WordPress user, you don’t require a lot more than Gigabit speed and encryption of browsing sessions, Hide.me will provide you with everything you need. 

Hide.me VPN is using AES-256 encryption, which manages to protect both your individual devices and also your home router. It offers all major protocols with the inclusion of IPsec, OpenVPN, and SSTP.

A very neat thing about the free version of this VPN provider is that it doesn’t have any bandwidth caps, although there are some limits when it comes to data transfer (you will get 2GB of data transfer). 

This provider gives you 99.9% uptime, which means there won’t be any concern over frequent dropping out of sessions or instances when the VPN becomes extremely slow in times of peak activity.

Hide.me is very proud to state that it absolutely doesn’t store or sell any session data, which means it has a top-notch security protocol. It’s available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android platforms. The free plan allows you to choose only one simultaneous connection at a time. 

By using the free plan, you can choose between 5 server locations worldwide. The Hide.me VPN doesn’t include any ads, which is another plus on its side. 


Sometimes, the name of the VPN provider is very telling of its abilities – Speedify, in this instance, is no exception! This is a VPN service that will give you great performances when it comes to speed and connection since it has more than 1,000 servers spanning over 50 countries. And it’s also not stingy when it comes to security. You’ll be able to enjoy a security system offering you full encryption. 

Speedify allows you to use multiple connections so you can enhance speed – like, let’s say,  for both Wi-Fi and 4G data connections when you’re using a mobile device – which means you can expect excellent speeds. The only problem is that by using mobile-data, you risk your carrier’s allocation being eaten up if it’s capped on a monthly basis.

By getting the free plan from Speedify, you’ll be able to receive 5GB of free data every month, refreshing itself every 30 days. A slight downside to this VPN provider is that it’s based in the US, which means it’s automatically a subject to federal search warrants, so have that in mind as well.


SurfEasy is a VPN service that was initially created only for Mac users, but has now spread on all major platforms (Windows, iOS, and Android). Having this in mind, you can imagine that SurfEasy might just be the best free VPN provider for the Mac platform. 

This is a VPN service that doesn’t fall short on security (SurfEasy’s servers are using bank-grade encryption) and which comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This means that you can rest assured it work productively from wherever you want. Whether you’re doing it more on-the-go, or from home, it won’t make much of a difference.

If you’re worried about any ads, don’t be! SurfEasy uses superb adblocker technology, so you needn’t worry about any third-party presences chasing you and following you around the web during your browsing and working sessions.

SurfEasy doesn’t limit you in terms of your bandwidth use, although there is a data limitation of 500 MB when you’re using the free plan.

You also won’t need to worry about any session logs – logs are never stored with this VPN because of their no-logs policy. 

With this VPN provider, you’ll be able to switch your location and mask your IP with just one click – you’ll be able to choose from servers located throughout 28 places around the world. 

Some Final Notes

So, what can we say is the bottom line for the best free VPN services? Surely, they all come with their pros and cons, and their unique sets of features. What does this mean? 

It means that what might seem like the fastest or most secure free VPN provider might not be in fact one and the same for all users. A lot of it comes down to your own particular location, as well as the availability of VPN servers. So, next time you go over these 6 best free VPNs listed above, make sure to start with the location first, since it will help you filter down your choices more effectively. 

The security of your WordPress site should be a number one priority, especially if the website is your primary source of money-making. The internet is a vulnerable place and subject to many prying eyes and malicious attacks, making your WordPress site and server vulnerable as well, which is why it’s so important to secure your browser and the devices that you use – and as soon as possible. 

From our list of best free VPNs you can see that this is, in fact, not that hard to do – on the contrary, it’s quite easy to set up a free VPN, quickly and simply, without having to pay for anything. 

If you’re looking for more thorough protection and security and have a larger business that involves more clients and employees, than it would also be a good idea to think about a premium version of a VPN service. If you’re based in Australia, check out our list of best VPNs for Australia here. But whatever you set out to do, don’t forget to get yourself a VPN. 

Indeed, one question remains in the end: why cut back on security and privacy when you can easily get a VPN service for free?

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