9 Best WordPress Mobile Themes (2024)

As people of the 21st century, we can confidently say we live in a hypermobile and hyperconnected age. Mobile devices have become ubiquitous and downright indispensable for a functional daily existence.

Mobile phones and other such tools have become the new pocket computers – they’re becoming more and more powerful, with ever more programs, gadgets, options and performance strength built into them. Our mobile phones nowadays are playing the role of what was once the mp3 player, the portable camera and video, the video game platforms and a bunch of other separate tools and devices. Your mobile phone allows you to order food, get entertained any minute of the day, as well as to get all the world’s information and current news in a manner of seconds.  

And because we’re getting more and more dependent and hooked on our mobile phones, the demand for better and better operativity and performance is becoming more and more adamant and necessary. Mobile devices carry an ever bigger potential than previously thought. This also means that when it comes to the WordPress platform, website owners mustn’t forget about these types of devices as well. WordPress is a very versatile and ever-changing platform that constantly does something new and mobile themes aren’t an exception here. There is a bunch of great mobile-responsive themes made by WordPress developers that you simply must check out if you’re even a tiny bit serious about your WordPress website.

So, stick around and make sure you go through all of the best WordPress mobile themes for 2024 we’ve specially selected for you!


Uncode is beyond a doubt one of the best WordPress mobile themes you can currently find on the theme market. It’s a superbly modern, built to be extremely lightweight and extremely fast.

Unicode is built with a top-notch HTML5 and CSS3 code that also, in turn, powers a bunch of custom-developed shortcodes based on Bootstrap.

You can be rest assured that this theme is going to be continually updated (it has an impeccable record so far!), which allows it to always be on a top performance level, with the best technological tools built into it and articulated through it. Unicode is a great theme if you want to use it for social media as well, since it’s extremely dynamic and powerful in itself, as well as totally flexible and interactive for all those intricacies of chat messengers, social media feed information and so on. Its smooth and superbly elegant design makes it one of the best mobile-responsive and mobile-friendly themes for WordPress. Unicode is a multipurpose website theme, which means you can use it for numerous website purposes, and since it’s so flexible and interactive, it will fit perfectly into whatever kind of work you’re doing.

One of the great assets of Unicode is that it has a Visual Composer that’s enhanced with Unicode’s exclusively made add-ons. It also has full compatibility with WPML (the WordPress MultiLingual plugin) even just out of the box, as well as complete WooCommerce integration.

Uncode also features some pretty neat premium sliders which you can see and try out throughout its numerous specially designed demo websites, but also its page templates and layouts designed in the most professional way. All of this makes Unicode arguably the most responsive mobile theme out there, ready to tackle any mobile visual environment that comes its way.

If you want only the best for the mobile version of your WordPress site, then Unicode is definitely the ideal theme for sites and applications that strive to be mobile-friendly as well. Unicode will manage to satisfy all the needs of your mobile-friendly site, giving you all the necessary features for a superb functionality such as extreme touch and swipe friendly elements, as well as off-canvas mobile menus. So, the next time you think about building the perfect mobile-friendly site, with all the elegance, functionality and cutting edge features you can ever find, be sure that Uncode will more than certainly give you all of that and more!


Kalium is a very impressionable WordPress theme that is bound to make its users fall in love with its looks (but also its smarts!) instantaneously!

Like the Uncode, this is also a very modern and very versatile, multi-functional WordPress theme that works superbly and effortlessly on mobile devices as well. Once you purchase this very fine theme, you’ll see updates are being kept in check regularly and with diligence of the most professional kind. All of this will simply make sure that your site is always equipped and ready for the newest technological occurrences on the modern internet – both for WordPress and mobile devices in general.

Some of the newest features that were implemented in recent times are applications like SoundCloud, but also VK Icons, New Default Fonts, Content Dividers, Widgets for Blog Posts and Pricing tables – all of which will make your site perform impeccably in front of even the most demanding of users.

With the Kalium theme, you can sleep easily knowing that the whole of your WordPress website will be mobile responsive. Seen through the numerously scaled screens on the various brands of tablets and mobile phones, your site will not lose a touch of its originality, usability or functionality. All of this is super important both for new, but also already well-developed businesses since a superbly functional site practically does the job by itself in keeping established customers engaged, as well as drawing in potential new ones. With a theme like Kalium, your view count and your bottom line will never have to suffer again! A functional and easy to use website is important for all demographics out there.

The Kalium theme also incorporates the .po and .mo files which allow for all of your site’s valuable content to be effortlessly displayed in whatever language you want. What’s more, every one of your site’s features will have their own shortcode.

If you want a more direct experience of the theme you can check out their live preview. The Layer Slider Plugin is one of the most innovative features of this theme that will serve as another argument on why you should definitely consider the Kalium theme as something more than just your regular well responsive WordPress mobile theme. The Layer Slider Plugin gives all the creative freedom to users so they can make great designs of content sliders and galleries. Try it out for yourself and see all the super creative, extremely pretty effects that will come out of it!


Divi – a big name among the WordPress themes, is without a doubt one of the biggest allies of website owners and developers. You simply can’t go wrong with this theme because time and again it has proven itself to be the backbone of lots of amazing sites present on the internet for quite some time now.

Divi is also one of those themes that gets constantly updated and is keeping up with all the technological developments and trends on the vast theme market. Some of its greatest assets are its elegance and simplicity of design. The individual blocks design allows all of the elements present on your screen to be organized into these individual separate blocks. With these small chunks of content, people will find it super easy to follow the organization of your page and all the amazing stuff you have to offer.

The streamlining of visual customization makes it all the easier to organize content since it requires only changing the order of some of the blocks that display it.

Divi is also one of those themes that are very friendly for less technically versed people, meaning you don’t have to be a full-on developer in order to have more control in the arrangement and creativity of the organization of your page. Divi does away with the need for knowledge required for programming, making it possible for everyone to design a beautiful, highly functional and super successful website.

Divi doesn’t have a focus on a specific professional niche, making it a very adaptable and versatile responsive theme. Divi allows your content to be accessed as easily and as fully from any device you could think of: whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, a PC or any other type of device that is able to show you content and connect to the internet – it’s going to look perfect at any time!

The premade demo themes will show you some of the possibilities the Divi theme offers, and from then on you’re free to create your own unique site that will suit all of your business’ needs!


Gillion is the WordPress mobile theme for online magazines, blogs, but also online stores.

A simple and easy to use theme, Gillon gives you fifteen demos and lots of page layouts you’ll be able to choose from once you purchase it.

Gillon also has the WPBakery page builder which is a very versatile builder, offering you tons of creative opportunities for customization. With it you’ll be able to tweak your site whichever way you want to, but also create unique, custom-made layouts without using any type of code whatsoever!

Other neat assets this theme offers are stuff like multiple header layouts, social media integration, twelve custom widgets, reviews, and also sticky navigation. Also, Gillion is a theme that’s made to be optimized for fast loading speeds, and for search engines as well.

The video tutorials included once you purchase this theme will be of great use once you start tinkering with this new theme and start to customize and organize your site the way you want it and the way it suits the ideas and products on it! Gillion allows you to do all of this and more!


A modularly designed theme, with highly efficient code and very adaptable, the Soledad theme can thus fit into any type of website you intend to launch or effectively reorganize or redo an existing one. It’s especially suitable, though, for people who want to focus more on online magazines as well as blog types of WordPress pages.

Soledad offers you more than 250 built-in Live Customizer options, initially also includes more than 250 different Home Demo websites, and gives you more than 100 slider and blog combinations.

A truly compact theme, with an intuitive interface made for the ultimate user experience, you’ll be able to tinker with this theme without any greater effort and tailor it according to your own tastes and needs.

Developed on a Bootstrap network, Soledad’s modular design makes it highly responsive for all types of devices. You can use any type of browser you want, or any type of platform, look at it through a bunch of different screen resolutions and sizes, and you can rest assured that your content will not flinch! Every bit of text-picture combination will stay in place, making it the perfect theme that’s mobile-friendly for online magazines and blogs! The touch and swipe features will make the user experience even easier and even more alluring than you could ever think. Their demos will also help you in setting your own future page.


Jevelin is another premium WordPress theme that is multi-purpose and fitting for every type of website, so regardless of whether you’re into e-commerce or blogging, it’s still going to be highly functional and super responsive on all devices. This theme is modern and visually appealing and, once you purchase it, it includes lots of plugin compatibility within it.

The Jevelin theme contains the MegaMeny – more advanced panel customization, which gives you the chance to use moveable headers and footers, as well as blog and portfolio layouts.

It has more than 40 shortcodes and layouts which are designed to be highly flexible. Its powerful page builder along with its adaptability for different image sizes on different screens makes Jevelin one very, very responsive theme.

Jevelin includes the Parallax effect for backgrounds and videos, and also includes RTL support and WPML – the texts can be translated with internal files. The buttons and widgets offer you a pristine opportunity to connect with different types of social media.

The integration of Contact Form 7 enables the Jevelin theme to make highly intuitive and quick forms. With the Slider Revolution you can make superb photo galleries that even some specially designed photo gallery themes can envy!

What’s more, the Jevelin theme contains WooCommerce plugin support, which is going to help you up with any kind of online business enterprise you set your mind to do!

X Theme

Another highly successful WordPress mobile responsive theme, the X Theme has made sure to be the immaculate companion to sites that count on being visited particularly on mobile devices. Whatever kind of website you have, you can be sure that it will look spotless on any screen size, operating system or web browser, for that matter. The X Theme will also allow you to seamlessly organize and update your content, even if you’re constantly on the move.

You won’t have to worry about missing a wider audience since the X Theme also has integrated social buttons within its design, so your visitors, clients or followers can easily distribute, share and communicate your WordPress content on social media.

One of the biggest assets of the X Theme is its wonderful icon font selection (two sets and a total of 400 icons). You can see the full mobile responsiveness of this theme in the way these icon fonts (much like the rest of the layout) seamlessly adapt to all screen sizes.

And with the premium WooCommerce plugin, you won’t need to fear of missing out any potential customers that prefer to spend money through their mobile devices. The X theme makes online selling on people’s smartphones the easiest feats of all. Don’t miss out on this plugin!


Avada is another big name on our list, like Divi or Uncode, and it holds a striking number of copies sold from its theme – more than 150.000 if you cared to know! This is, of course, more than justified, having in mind the sheer versatility of the theme, along with its high functionality and responsiveness, making the Avada theme one of the most adaptable and efficient ones on the market.

Regardless of your niche, this theme can be used on any type of website. The Avada theme allows you the pleasure to personalize and customize your own site easily, without a fuss and with great results and responsiveness. It is carefully designed as to not require any knowledge of coding or web development out of the site’s owner when setting out to tinker with this theme and use it however you want.

Avada is fully functional with all major web browsers and it works seamlessly when it comes to compatibility and resizing of images and content on different devices.

The One Click Demo Importer is one of the best characteristics of this theme – it makes the setting up of a page the quickest and most fun task of all! Demos like these serve as the perfect basis from which you can launch your site, without having to think about every little detail concerning it. And that, in fact, is one of those features that makes all the difference between a high-quality responsive theme and an average or less than average one.


The Salient theme is one of those themes that manage to get under your skin in no time without you even noticing, and that definitely says something about how user-friendly this theme is!

Don’t be fooled by its seemingly simple design – this theme has a lot to offer! Its Visual Composer tool will give you all the creative freedom you need, but also the control in navigating through the chaos of your own content. The Drag and Drop options allow you to easily and neatly organize whatever you want to put on your site by dragging different elements across the screen, without worrying that you’ll make too much of a mess of it. The Options Panel offers a superb user-friendly interface. You won’t need any tech-savviness for this theme and no programming knowledge whatsoever, because Salient takes all the burden upon its shoulders. All you get to do is to use your creative spirits and focus on making your site all the more alluring and unique!

The Salient theme includes a variety of amazing fonts, more than 600 of them! It also has all the color customization options you could ever imagine, and more! If this doesn’t float your boat, then maybe the fact that this theme is also Retina-ready will change your mind!

The Salient theme has proved itself to be highly responsive for WordPress mobile sites – by using this theme, you won’t have to worry ever again that whatever you’re displaying is going to get somehow twisted or ruined on differently sized screen resolutions, devices, and web browsers. The ThemeNectar slider will provide perfect support for video backgrounds. With this theme, you also get impeccable swipe screen functionality, limitless Instances loop, and full-screen options.

Some Final Words

Thanks for sticking around folks! We sincerely hope we greatly eased your quest in finding the best WordPress mobile theme for your site and your enterprise! We’ll make sure to keep you updated with all the new ones that will show up – in the meantime we highly recommend the ones on this list and we’re more than certain that you won’t go wrong with either of them! 

Sites that are highly responsive for mobile devices can make a huge impact on the number of visitors and followers, as well as the growth of the number of your customers! Don’t underestimate the power of mobile themes!

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