Best Elementor Themes

The best themes for Elementor
The best themes for Elementor

Elementor is one of the more popular page builders out there, which is why it has quite a lot of third-party add-ons and integrations available, as well as a number of themes that are specifically designed to work well in tandem with its functionalities. And when it comes to choosing the best themes for Elementor, the only problem seems to be the large number of possible options you’re faced with.

There is a bounty of riches to choose from, and there are quite a lot of great options to consider, but there are also some themes that really aren’t compatible with this specific page builder and might cause you a lot of problems if you try to combine the two.

To avoid such problems, we recommend using one of the two best themes for Elementor, which are Astra and GeneratePress. These two are the gold standard for WordPress and WooCommerce themes, and they provide an assortment of features that work well in tandem with Elementor.

If you’re looking for some other alternatives as well, we’ve created a list of the 5 best themes for Elementor, so you can find your most suitable match.

ThemeFree VersionActive InstallationsPrice Starts From
Ocean WPYes700,000+$39/year

What are Themes and Why Do You Need One?

A WordPress site can’t work without a theme. The relationship between a website and a theme is similar to the relationship between an operating system and a PC – one is useless without the other.

A theme allows you to set the base for your site by either importing pre-built site designs from a dedicated site library, or using the interactive page creation tools in order to set up the framework and organize your page and site layout, one menu at a time.

In the simplest possible terms, a theme allows you to design your website in such a way that it fits both the image of your brand as well as the products or services that you’re promoting. This customization can range from the arrangement of the widgets and drop-downs, to the exact font type, size, and color.

Moreover, the easy to use drag-and-drop functionality that most themes come with can really help you streamline the site building process and make up for the shortcomings of the page builders.

Using a theme to lay the groundwork and then coming in and making any needed small alterations or adjustments to the site settings is without a doubt the easier and quicker way of doing things, as opposed to creating one from scratch.

Our Choices for the Best Themes for Elementor

While the most important factor on this list is naturally going to be the compatibility with the page builder itself, in this case Elementor, the themes we’ve selected are also considered to be some of the best WordPress and WooCommerce themes currently available.

This means that all of them have a few distinct features and qualities that really help them stand out and mark them as the best themes for Elementor, as well as some of the best themes out there period.


Astra theme -best themes for Elementor

Astra is one of the most widely recognized WordPress and WooCommerce themes out there. It’s flexible and perfectly optimized for speed and performance due to its lightweight foundation upon which you can create any type of website.

And that’s exactly what Astra is most notable for – its remarkably small size on disc (just under 50 KB), as well as its independence from jQuery. Both of these factors allow the code of the theme itself to be incredibly lightweight and capable of fast page loading times as a result.

Key Features:

  • Site Library. Astra comes with a large selection of demo sites that you can look through and use as the basis for your own site;
  • Customization options. On top of the multiple site layouts that the theme provides, you also get a remarkable level of customization options for everything from the spacing between the menus, to the typography, text placement, and colors;
  • Hooks and Filters. This feature allows you to easily make changes to your site code, allowing for better synergy between the theme and the page builder.
  • Page Builder integrations. Aside from Elementor, the theme is compatible with other page builders, such as Divi and BeaverBuilder;


Astra comes with 3 pricing plans – the “Astra Pro” at $59, the “Mini Agency Bundle” at $135, and the “Agency Bundle” at $249. All of these plans come with more than a hundred free starter templates, unlimited website usage, extensive training, and one-on-one support.

The more expensive plans come with a few additional features as well. For example, the Mini Agency Bundle plan includes the WP Portfolio plugin and unlimited add-ons for Elementor, whereas the Agency Bundle plan comes with Scheme Pro and Convert pro plugins.


GeneratePress theme -best themes for Elementor

GeneratePress is another pretty well-established name when it comes to WordPress and WooCommerce themes. It’s associated with lightning-fast loading times and some pretty impressive SEO optimization tools and features.

The reason why GeneratePress is considered one of the best themes for Elementor is the “per page layout controls” feature. This one feature, in particular, allows for easier code modification to single pages on the site, significantly reducing the time it would take to make any alterations to the layout.

Key Features:

  • Easy Customization. You can change any parameters that you might want with two clicks of a button.
  • Hooks and Filters. This feature allows you to make any sort of needed alterations to the code, without having to worry about causing issues on the site.
  • Disable Elements. There are going to be specific features or plugins that don’t work particularly well together. This simple function allows you to turn off any unnecessary elements on your site that might be doing more harm than good.
  • Secondary Nav. This feature, along with the primary navigation, can really help your visitors make their way through your site much more easily. This is especially useful for eCommerce sites with a lot of products and product categories.
  • Site Library. You are provided with a large number of pre-made demo sites that you can import and modify at your leisure.


The theme technically only comes with a single pricing plan. We say “technically” because there is an annual and a lifelong price, but they are both for the same plan and features. If you’d like to secure the GeneratePress theme for a whole year, you’re going to need to pay $59, whereas the lifetime plan will set you back $249.

Both of the plans come with all of the premium modules and features, full access to the site library, the option to use the theme on as many as 500 websites, and even a 30-day money-back guarantee. The difference between the plans is that the annual plan will grant you a year of updates and premium support, while the lifetime plan will grant you both for an unlimited time.


Neve theme -best themes for Elementor

Neve provides you with an assortment of different minification and caching plugins, thereby ensuring that it’s as lightweight as it can possibly be. Additionally, the lack of jQuery dependency improves the loading times and ensures that Neve can keep up with the rest of the themes on our list.

Neve also comes with a few WooCommerce and blog boosters, thereby making it a great choice for both product-oriented sites and personal sites alike. On top of that, it also has header boosters, which allow you to use multiple HTML header components, as well as sticky and transparent menus.

Key Features:

  • Demo Sites. The theme comes with almost a dozen great importable sites that you can choose from.
  • Translation Ready. Making your site accessible in other languages can really go a long way in increasing the number of potential visitors that you receive each month.
  • 1-Click Rollback. Your site might not be very compatible with the newest version of a theme, or you might personally prefer the older version for a number of reasons. Regardless of the reason, the option to rollback to your preferred version is always a welcome addition.
  • Elementor Boosters – This booster enables you to use seven new premium widgets, allows for content protection, animations, and more.
  • Page Builder Compatibility. The compatibility with Elementor is a given, but Neve is also flexible enough to be compatible with page builders like Divi and BeaverBuilder as well.


The theme comes with 3 plans – the “Personal” plan, which costs $59, the “Business” plan, which costs $99, and the “Agency” plan, which costs $159.

The “Personal” plan comes with the header and blog booster we mentioned earlier, an Elementor booster, custom layouts, as well as support and update options for the duration of your contract.

The ”Business” plan comes with all of the items from the “Personal” plan, as well as premium starter sites, priority support for the duration of your contract, and the WooCommerce booster.

The “Agency” plan comes with all of the features from the previous plans, as well as template cloud access, live chat support, and white label functionality.


OceanWP theme -best themes for Elementor

OceanWP is compatible with most of the more popular page builders, but it works particularly well when paired up with Elementor. The pairing works well when it comes to the loading times thanks to the good synchronicity between the page builder and theme’s features.

This compatibility can also be used to great effect when creating both WordPress and WooCommerce sites. The theme is actually so versatile that it can pretty much be suitable for any type of website.

Key Features:

  • Easy Customization. The theme allows you to alter the layout of your pages to an extraordinary level.
  • Premium Demo Sites. The site library provides access to a selection of pre-built sites that can be used for a number of different businesses.
  • SEO Optimized. The theme has a built-in SEO base that can really help improve your rankings.
  • Add to Cart Button. This floating menu ensures that the cart option is always visible so that the site visitors have an easier time selecting their desired products.
  • Quick View. A pop-up that allows the visitors to view the product details without having to open a new page and slog through unnecessary loading times as a result.


The prices for the OceanWP theme start off at $39 for the “Personal” plan, go up to $79 for the “Business” plan, and top off at $129 for the “Agency” plan. All of these plans come with updates and support for the duration of your contract, 8 free extensions, 12 premium extensions, 13 free demos, and 60 pro demos.

While all of the plans have the same features, the difference is the number of sites they can be used on. The “Personal” plan can be used on 1 site, “Business” on 3, and “Agency” on 25. This is actually a great thing because you get access to all the features regardless of the plan you choose, and pay extra only if you’ll use the theme on multiple sites.


Shoptimizer theme -best themes for Elementor

While the Shoptimizer theme doesn’t come with a free package, it does provide you with a demo theme. This will allow you to get a sense of the exact sort of product that you’ll be provided with upon purchase.

Shoptimizer is considered to be one of the best WooCommerce oriented themes on the market. Additionally, the theme also sports some pretty impressive loading times and bandwidth, which are both welcome features of any theme, especially for larger websites.

Key Features:

  • Optimized for Conversions. The fact that this theme is optimized for conversions can be really helpful for just about any e Commerce-focused site.
  • Page Builder Support. The single page customization feature can be really useful when used in tandem with your page builder in order to make any necessary modifications to the site.
  • Minified CSS. Selecting the automatic minification option for certain files in the settings can help drastically reduce your site loading times.
  • Better Product Menus. Shoptimizer comes with both a “sticky product details” menu and an “additional product information” option.
  • Product Category SEO. The theme comes with inbuilt SEO enhancements for individual products. This results in the product receiving better rankings, which can increase the rankings of the entire site.


Shoptimizer has one plan that’s priced at $99. While initially, this may seem quite limiting, the biggest benefit that comes from this singular pricing strategy is the benefit of receiving all of the tools that the theme has to offer right from the get-go. 

While other themes have cheaper starting plans, a lot of them will hide their more important features behind the paywall of their more expensive plans, meaning that the customer will be forced to pay more for services that they should have received upfront.


All of the entries on our list are considered the best themes for Elementor, so no matter which one you end up choosing, you’ll be making the right decision.

If we have to highlight 2 themes, those would be Astra and GeneratePress, due to their speed, valuable features, and fair price. And, of course, their compatibility with Elementor.

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