Backing up your business – have you looked at your backups lately?

Business Backup Strategy

We’ve just recorded another episode of the Business Marketing Show Podcast and in this new episode we talk about Backups – not sexy or glamorous but probably an area of your business that deserves a lot more attention compared to what you’re currently giving it.

This is an area most business owners generally don’t have on their radar and this is a problem.
As your business begins to rely more heavily on technology and the internet, and as your business is growing, if you’re not actively doing something to protect yourself against technology risks (i.e. having strong, robust, reliable backups) then sooner of later disaster is going to strike and you’ll be in all sorts of trouble.
The episode is only 25 minutes long but has some easy to implement, DIY action steps take you can implement very quickly and cheaply which will significantly reduce the chance of things going wrong or will significantly reduce the impact should something go wrong so its definitely worth a listen.

Please don’t discount the importance of backups. In my former life I owned and ran an IT company for 8 years and it was heart breaking to see businesses collapse overnight because of IT failures and a poor backup strategy.

Instead of thinking of backups as a hassle, instead think of it as you would your insurance policy. Its not fun to review your insurance coverage or pay your insurance bill but occasionally things to go wrong and you’re relieved that you have the insurance policy there to back you up.
Click play on the Youtube video above to listen or alternatively on one of the links below:

If you have any questions about Backups, feel free to post a question in the comments section below the episode or just hit reply on this email.

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