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how-to-get-a-cheap-online-ecommerce-storeI’m regularly asked the question of the best way to get an online store up and running without a big budget….or more accurately a tiny tiny budget (a few hundred dollars!). This strategy is excellent for people who have an online store concept they want to test but don’t want to invest $5000+ on a custom ecommerce website.

By using this strategy you can invest money in your online marketing instead of your site build which has a much higher ROI particularly for brand new websites.

In Episode 6 of our podcast, The Business Marketing Show we talked getting started in ecommerce. It’s a great episode to listen to if you’re just getting started. Click play below to listen to the full episode.

NOTE: while in the episode we talk a lot about Bigcommerce, for a number of different reasons and problems Bigcommerce has had with stability in the last 12 months, Shopify is now our preferred platform, more details below.

Here’s the link for full show notes on the episode:


Build the site on is an all inclusive ecommerce website platform. You pay a monthly fee and get an ecommerce engine and various professional looking website templates to choose from. Its very simple to use and definitely the way to go for a DIY-er.

Here’s a handful of examples of a simple but good looking Shopify sites built off their basic template:


Get a Logo designed on is a great low cost way to get a professional-ish looking logo designed. I wouldn’t use 99Designs where strong branding is important or for premium brands or products but certainly for a low cost option its hard to beat.

Getting traffic to your store – 1 thing you absolutely MUST be doing!

If there’s one thing you absolutely must be doing with your store its running Google Shopping or Product Listing ads.

Click play to watch the video and learn more or get more details at the article below: /ecommerce-optimisation-1-thing

More Ecommerce Marketing Strategies…

I recently spoke to Sean from Visible HQ about ecommerce SEO and marketing strategies, click play below to listen or head over to the Visible HQ website to download the MP3.

If you’d like a more detailed online marketing strategy for your ecommerce business, check out

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