Bluehost vs CloudWays – Who’s The Best Choice & Why

Bluehost vs Cloudways
Bluehost vs Cloudways

Bluehost and Clowdways – these two hosting providers are some of the most popular and innovative ones on the market today, as they offer great value without breaking your bank. 

No matter which of the two you choose, you’ll get excellent functionality, easy management, and exceptional customer support. 

But which one is better for your personal needs? 

In this article, you will find the information you need to make an informed decision regarding Bluehost vs Cloudways – which is the best choice and why. 

Let’s get right into it and compare Cloudways vs Bluehost side by side.

Cloudways Overview

Cloudway's landing page

Cloudways is one of the most popular and influential hosting services that can be found nowadays. Because of their reliability, excellent uptime, and valuable features, this hosting provider generates high client rates and is preferred among many users. This is an SSD web hosting, crafted for startups, bloggers, developers, and online businesses.

Besides their excellent hosting capabilities, Cloudways stands out from the competition due to their expert customer support that’s fast and helpful. Their proficient and friendly team is among the highest-rated support squads online, available 24/7. How about that for a good host?

Cloudways has excellent features, and its innovative platform is built to empower teams and help businesses in their quest for expansion. The products and solutions they offer are fast, secure, and able to scale your business to the next level.

Bluehost Overview

Bluehost's landing page

Bluehost is a US-based company that’s part of a massive corporation and is one of the best and oldest web hosting providers out there. Bluehost is capable of hosting high-traffic websites and is best known for its shared hosting. 

With their “Basic’’ plan, this hosting provider offers one of the cheapest hosting services on the market; however, if you want to enjoy their premium features, we recommend using their “Choice Plus” or their “Pro” plan. 

To keep it short, Bluehost offers 24/7 live chat customer support, a free domain name for the 1st year, free SSL certification, and a 1-click WordPress installation package. This web hosting gives you access to many marketing services, tools, and paid ad credits to boost your website’s global reach. If you don’t like what Bluehost offers, you can get a quick and easy refund within 3 days of signing up.  

Cloudways Features

  •  Expert support.

Cloudways has excellent customer support with their 24/7 live chat, online ticketing for more complex queries, and a phone line.    

  • Performance.

Cloudways is an SSD based hosting that offers excellent loading speeds.  

  • Security.

The security provided by Cloudways keeps all your servers safe from security breaches. This hosting provider offers dedicated firewalls, encrypted SSL, IP whitelisting, bot protection, regular security patches, and two-factor authentication.   

  • Choice.

Cloudways gives you a lot of choices and freedom to take your business to the next level. It provides you with renowned IaaS, several WordPress and Magento sites on a single server, multiple PHP versions, and global availability of your data with access to more than 60+ centers all over the world.  

  • Integrations and add-ons. 

Cloudways gives you the option for multiple integrations and add-ons; it provides you with a Cloudways bot, API, third-party add-ons, Rackspace email, and a premium DNS service. 

Bluehost Features

  • WordPress hosting.

Bluehost offers fast, easy, and secure WordPress hosting. With Bluehost, you can build your website in minutes with an automatic WordPress installation; you can choose from the hundreds of themes and get verified on Google My Business. 

  • Shared Web Hosting.

Bluehost’s shared hosting is built to provide reliable hosting intended for blogs and small business websites. 

  • Domains.

Once you find a suitable web address and use their domain name lookup, you can dive into the services and manage all its aspects with the easy-to-use control panel. When you settle on a domain, Bluehost will allow you to lock it down and prevent unauthorized transfers. 

  • Services.

Bluehost provides you with services that will help you with your design and marketing needs. With their help, you will be able to focus on what really matters, building strategies for your business. The services they offer range form design and marketing to SEO suggestions, pay-per-click to target customers, and a smooth website migration. Bluehost also offers an expert live chat, email, and phone guidance for building and growing your business.

  • Email.

Bluehost offers a custom email for your domain, with a Microsoft 365 application. The email is included in all plans, and it comes with Microsoft Outlook web access, automatic updates, security and disaster recovery, and expert support. 

Setting up Cloudways

First, we have to mention that Cloudways offers a free migration service. They offer to transfer your website from any web host for free, so you don’t have to worry about the complexities and time needed to finish this procedure. 

There are two steps in setting up your website on Cloudways. The first step requires logging into your Cloudways Platform, selecting your target server, and writing down the IP address of the server where your web application is installed. After this procedure, you appoint your primary domain or add additional domains. That way, Cloudways will know which website name it should respond to.  

The second step entails setting up your DNS register. You need to access your DNS provider panel and create an A Record. On the Cloudways website, you can find more detailed instructions on how to do this. Once you have added DNS records, it will take a maximum of 24 hours for your website to go live on Cloudways.   

Setting up Bluehost

Bluehost doesn’t offer a free migration service, so you will have to manually migrate your website. Nonetheless, it’s easy to set up a WordPress site on Bluehost. There are several steps you need to take. 

First, you need to sign up for your web hosting, choose a hosting plan, and choose a domain name for your site. After you are finished and have completed your hosting registration, you need to install WordPress, log into your account, and start writing and organizing your site. 

Cloudways Performance

Cloudways is an SSD based hosting, with auto-healing managed cloud servers that resolve issues with auto-healing restarts. You’ll get a free WordPress cache plugin and a free Magento full page cache. 

Cloudways is a top performer when it comes to speed tests. When using this hosting service, you’ll notice that even tutorials with over 50 images and hundreds of comments that take more than 2 MB page size load very fast.   

Bluehost Performance

Bluehost uses CPU protection and ensures that every user on a shared server gets fast access to their resources. They ensure that all their clients have equal access, and if they detect that some of the users are abusing the servers, there are several disciplinary measures they can take. Bluehost might not be the fastest hosting service, but it surely is one of the cheapest with a variety of functional features. 

Cloudways Customer Support

Cloudways has excellent customer support with their 24/7 live chat, online ticketing for more complex queries, and enhanced SLAs for a faster response. With their premium support add-on, you can also get a phone line for direct calls to their senior support team, or open a private Slack channel and pose all your questions there.    

Bluehost Customer Support

Customer support is where Bluehost really shines. Besides the rich knowledge-based archive full of articles, guides, instructions, and FAQs, you can also use the chat or call them 24/7 on their “contact us” phone numbers.   

Cloudways Pricing Plans

Pricing for Cloudways depends on the RAM, processor, storage, and bandwidth. You can check the pricing on the picture below. All plans come with the same features.  

Cloudways pricing plans

Bluehost Pricing Plans

You can choose between the “Shared”, “VPS”, and “Dedicated” plans, based on your specific needs.

Bluehost pricing plans

Cloudways Wrap Up

We really like the features that Clouways provides. Although the pricing might be confusing, we love what the less expensive versions offer, and we especially like the free trial. 

When it comes to support, we appreciate the option to reach out to their expert team 24/7; however, getting to the right person to resolve your issue might get some time. So there is a bit of a lag there. But besides that, we believe that Cloudways is an excellent and modern cloud hosting platform.   

Bluehost Wrap Up

Bluehost delivers excellent performance and a great value for the price. It’s ranked as one of the best hosting platforms because it offers robust security, plenty of user-friendly apps and tools, and great features; all of which comes with some of the lowest pay rates in the industry. The customer support is also something worth mentioning. 

Contrary to Cloudways, Bluehost also offers phone support.  

The only disappointing thing about Bluehost is that there’s no free option for site migration. Also, the renewal rates for the hosting increase after the introductory price ends. But the positives far overweigh the negatives.    

Bluehost vs Cloudways – Who’s the Best Choice?

Both Bluehost and Cloudways are excellent and offer outstanding services for the price. 

However, Cloudways gives you a free trial option with two additional coupons that you can use for a discount. So if you are a beginner, it’s much more comfortable and convenient to start with Cloudways. But then again, if you have experience and want something more reliable, user-friendly, with excellent support, and great features, then we believe Bluehost offers a bit more. 

For instance, when it comes to cloud hosting plans, Bluehost offers more space with their starter package than Cloudways. Bluehost also provides unlimited bandwidth, while Cloudways limits your bandwidth to 1 TB. Another competitive advantage of Bluehost is that it can enable users to share web hosting.

But when it comes to storing data, Bluehost only has server locations in North America, while Cloudways has them all over the world. So, if you prefer your data to be closer to you, then Cloudways is the way to go.   

In the end, you are the one who has to decide which is better according to your specific needs. We only hope this comparison guide equipped you with the knowledge you need to make the right decision. 

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