Success Story: Online Didgeridoo Store

Learn about how we’ve helped Didgeridoo Breath build their online presence – ranks number 1 in Google for “Didgeridoo Perth” plus hundreds of other search terms

Didgeridoo Breath is a Fremantle based Didgeridoo store that has both a retail store and an online store that ships didgeridoos and other related musical instruments worldwide. As you can see in the screenshot below, the Didgeridoo Breath website is now showing in positions 1 & 2 in Google and shows a full Google Places Map listing for the search term “didgeridoo perth”.

The site is now also listed in positions 1-3 worldwide for hundreds of other search terms related to other products & services it sells such as “didgeridoo stand” and “hemp didgeridoo”. The business is now enjoying several thousand dollars per month of additional revenue through its high Google rankings.

Search “didgeridoo perth”, “hemp didgeridoos” and “didgeridoo stand” in Google and see the results for yourself!


“What we found with Brendan & his team and I’m yet to find elsewhere, is his strong understanding of business. He knows the key areas needed that are essential to build a stronger, more profitable business. Rather than focussing on hits and fancy stats that don’t add $’s to the bank account, his strategies are geared towards extra sales and extra net profit.”
–Matt Reed,
Co-Owner at, one of the largest Didgeridoo online Didgeridoo stores in the world

Over 5000 Facebook Fans in under 6 months

Below: A well executed online strategy can help build a massive online following at very little cost in a short period of time. With over 5000 Facebook followers, Didgeridoo Breath has the ability to promote new products, services, discounts & promotions to over 5000 people with no out of pocket costs. This following was built in under 6 months with a relatively little amount of time. Visit their page at and see for yourself the fantastic level of engagement, positive feedback and interaction they get from their fan base.


Didgeridoo Breath pays a monthly retainer for SEO & website management services. Scroll down to see some of the specific services we’ve provided Didgeridoo Breath. If you’d like to know more about how we can help you get more hits, get more enquiries and make more money using your website please head to the Contact Us page and drop us a line.

Online Marketing Services we’ve provided to Didgeridoo Breath:

  • Google Maps de-duplication & optimisation (from not showing at all to showing in position 1)
  • On-page SEO optimisation
  • Analytics integration services
  • Advanced keyword research
  • Youtube video optimisation
  • Social media coaching & consulting helping to build the Didgeridoo Breath Facebook business page from 0 fans to over 5000 fans in less than 6 months
  • Conversion rate optimisation services
  • WordPress Blog administration & management services
  • Mobile site implementation (for blog website)

Contact Us today to find out how we can help you and your business Get More Hits & Make More Sales using the internet.

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