Ecommerce Optimisation – 1 thing every online store should be doing

Ecommerce Optimisation

If there’s one thing you should be doing as an ecommerce business its running an Google Product Listing ads campaign.

What are Product Listing Ads?

Product Listing Ads or PLA’s are triggered when Google detects a search term with buying intent and there is someone running PLAs with relevant products.

In the screenshot below you can see a search for “buy didgeridoo stands” with three product listing ads at the top of the search results.

Google Product Listing ads screenshot

Getting Started and More Information

The video explains the steps to get started if you want to DIY. We also provide a setup and management service:

Setup and 1 month management
Here we setup your Google Shopping feed, configure your Product Listing ads and manage the campaign for one month. With this service we support upto 250 products. If you have more than 250 products then simply purchase multiple quantities of the service.

The cost of this service is $395+GST, click here to purchase this service.

We can also manage your PLAs/Google Shopping on an ongoing basis at $395+GST/month, Click here to purchase.

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