Unprecedented online marketing opportunity

Imagine if 25% of all the world’s internet users went to one website. Imagine if it was dirt cheap to advertise and you could advertise on that site for only a few hundred dollars a month? Well, that website does exist and it is dirt cheap to advertise on it and what’s even better is that its ridiculously under utilised by business owners right now.

Facebook has just (officially) tipped over the 500 million user mark – social media has come along way in the last few years and this is a massive milestone for businesses, the internet and the marketing world in general.

Estimates on how many active internet users there are worldwide varies enormously from with some estimates at 1.8 billion people and others at 2.5 billion.

25% of the active internet on one single website

Regardless of which number you use, if Facebook has half a billion user accounts (or users), that’s one quarter of the entire internet on a site. That’s massive potential marketplace for you to tap into and a massive opportunity for anyone in business today.

How are you going to leverage that opportunity?

So, what are you going to do with that opportunity? Act like a lot of business people we speak to and decide that Facebook is just for kids?
Or get yourself a Facebook Business Page and start leveraging that opportunity to create a deeper relationship with your customer base and build some more loyalty?

Facebook Business Pages are not the only opportunity

Business Pages are not the only way you can leverage Facebook. Their online advertising platform – worlds apart from Google Adwords, the Facebook ad platform enables you to get your message in front of your perfect customer demographic and is cheap as chips and hardly anyone is using it right now. Google Adwords is a fantastic tool and enables you to instantly start harnessing online demand *that already exists* but is useless at generating any demand. Facebook ads, on the other hand, are perfect for generating awareness in your market place and actually create demand. How else are you able to do that in your business right now? Radio ads? Newspaper ads? How much is that costing you and what is the return?

Opportunity is passing you by right now – is someone else getting in front of your customer? Are you missing out?

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