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Here’s a great article about leveraging Social Media & Facebook in Business from Flyingsolo.com.au

It gives you a simple blueprint to make Social Media work for your business.

Social Media is not for every business

It’s important to remember when looking at these things that having a business presence on a social media platform may not be appropriate for your business so make sure that you’re target market or ideal customer has a sizeable presence on that platform before launching head first into it. In other words, pick your tool before you begin.

Make sure social media is appropriate for your business

During the Achieve More Online workshops, we mentioned a business that could really take advantage of social media, in particular Facebook. The business, TheHorseResort.com.au has an ideal customer or target market that includes 15-18 year old teenage girls – now which social media platform do you think that age demographic spends a LOT of time on, yeah, Facebook.

On the other hand, if you were running a GP or a specialist medical practice, your business may not do so well on any social media platforms – nobody wants to broadcast the fact they have XYZ illness or need to see a particular specialist.

Number 1 rule to remember when leveraging social media

My number 1 rule when using social media is the more value you give, the more benefit you get. Don’t blatantly sell, give your audience value. Remember the value transaction – you’re trading your value for the time & attention of your visitor/audience.

Anyway, great article and simple to follow –  check it out

Setting up your own business page on Facebook

If you are keen on setting up a Facebook business page, you can do this from your personal account. Log in and you’ll see somewhere on the left hand side “Ads & Pages”. Click on this and it will guide you through the setup and don’t worry, your business page is completely and totally separate from your personal account. Your clients won’t see the updates about that one too many beers on a Saturday night

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