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Counting the Money — Finance and Accounting Tools

The world of small business accounting has come a long way from the days where Myob and Quickbooks were the main players in small business software market.

Today there are a ton of finance and accounting tools that make it easier to get paid and keep your accounts up to date. In this recent episode of The Business Marketing Show we are share the software and tools we use to run the financial side of our business..

If you spend a lot of time managing your books and want a better solution, then this episode is definitely for you.

To listen, click play on the video below or grab the full show notes and MP3 download at the BMS website.

Are You Running Adwords?

“I never click on the ads” is a common statement we hear from workshop attendees but the data we see in the Adwords campaigns we manage says otherwise. According to a new study, 55% of web users cannot tell the difference between the free organic Google listings and Google Adwords, the paid search results.

It’s pretty clear that if you’re not running Google Adwords you’re missing out on customers. More and more Google is refining their ad platform as after all, their business is built on selling ads – take a look at the graphic below to see how non-ad like the ads have become over the year.

Check out all of the results of the study at the link below:

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