GeneratePress Free vs. Premium, What’s The Difference?

generatepress free vs premium
generatepress free vs premium

GeneratePress is one of the more popular WordPress themes that are currently available. The theme can provide both high-performance speeds and a variety of customization options that would be perfect for just about any sort of business site or personal blog.

While the sheer number of satisfied customers can speak to the quality of the theme itself, a lot of free users have a few doubts as to whether or not they’re missing out on some very useful features, and a lot of premium users are wondering if they’re paying for nothing.

If you’re a paying user, a free user, or simply interested in the theme and would like to know which version you’d prefer, then we might be able to help. We’ll go over and outline the most important key points in the GeneratePress free vs. premium debate, and let you decide which suits your needs better.

If you’re a paying user, a free user, or simply interested in the theme and would like to know which version you’d prefer, then we might be able to help. We’ll go over and outline the most important key points in the GeneratePress free vs. premium debate, and let you decide which suits your needs better.


Obviously, the most important factor in the GeneratePress free vs. premium argument is going to be the price of the premium features and whether or not they’re worth it. Before we get to the features themselves, we should mention a few things about the pricing system itself.

The first thing that you’ll notice if you open the pricing page on the GeneratePress website is that they only have two available plans. This stands as a sharp contrast to similar themes like Astra or OceanWp, both of which have several available plans for both their annual and their lifetime payment options.

While the initial reaction of many people that have seen this payment plan may have been to condemn it as limiting, the truth is that it’s anything but that.

Even though their competitors may have a lot more plans at their disposal, unlike them, GeneratePress provides you with all of the tools straight out of the gate. This makes the cheaper plans that the other themes provide a bit meaningless because most of the more useful features are hidden behind paywalls. Meaning that you’ll need to get the more costly plans just to gain access to the tools that you’d have liked to have had access to from the start.

You have a choice between the yearly and the lifelong plan. Both of these will provide you with all of the same premium tools, but while one will provide you with free updates, support options for a whole year, the other will give you both of those features for good, for a single payment of $249.

GeneratePress Free

The free version of GeneratePress is a great basis for any WordPress site. Pretty much anyone can use the tools that the free version provides them in order to create a fast and responsive site.

Unfortunately, the major part of the customization options is in the premium version of the theme. You’ll still be able to create a site that can give your visitors a good first impression of your private business or your company, but you’ll need a bit more skill to achieve this.

The Code

The theme itself is very lightweight and has some impressive code at its foundation. As long as you have at least a rudimentary understanding of CSS and have some degree of coding experience, you can easily design a page layout that you’d be happy with.

If you aren’t good at site design, you are provided with a reset button that simply returns the layout to its default settings and undoes any mistakes that you’ve made. Additionally, even if you can’t make any significant modifications to the layout of your pages, you’ll still be able to use the theme to boost your loading speeds. 

As we mentioned before, the theme is very compact and has very little excess code. Because of this, simply installing the theme on your site has been proven to decrease render intervals, increase request response times, and minimize the amount of disc space you use.

Google Ranking

A major point of interest for any company is going to be how well your site does in rankings since that will significantly affect the number of visitors you get each day. Because of this, you’re likely interested in finding out which of the GeneratePress free or premium theme options have more to provide you in this field.

Anticlimactically, the answer is that you’ll get all of the result boosting features even in the free version. This means that you’ll get all of the same advantages as any other site without having to pay a single cent.

The theme is optimized to run Schema, which is an algorithm that helps the search engines go through your content a bit more quickly and isolate points of interest. Both the free and premium versions of Generatepress are also designed to work well on any mobile device.

Other Features

The free version of GeneratePress isn’t as barren of customization options as we might have made you believe. It’s undeniable that the premium version has a lot more features at its disposal, however, the Greneratepress free version is still impressive in its own right.

This version comes with a selection of over 14 pro modules that you can use on your site, as well as more than 100 different types and styles of font that you can use for your site articles or product details.

It should also be said that while it is limited the free version also allows you a certain level of control over the layout of each page, as well as access to any and all upcoming updates for the theme itself.

GeneratePress Premium

The Premium version of GeneratePress will cost you an annual amount of $49.95. The plan comes with access to all of the GeneratePress premium modules, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a 40% discount if you choose to renew.

The premium version also comes with full support options, as well as the option to use the theme on an unlimited number of websites. After the year is up and you choose not to renew your contract, you can still keep your site, however, you won’t receive the support options anymore and you won’t be able to access the full site library and the various customization options.

It Makes Things a Lot Easier

Probably the biggest reason why a lot of people fall squarely on the paid side of the GeneratePress free vs. premium discussion is because of how flexible the customization options are.

Even if you’re a complete novice when it comes to site design, you can still use the intuitive GeneratePress premium page builder in order to create something that has a good flow in the layout and can provide many useful features for your customers.

The premium version comes with over 60 color options, a number of backgrounds that can really give your site an eye-catching look, and access to a site library that has over 33 pre-designed demo sites.

Additionally, you’ll also be able to design your headers and footers, modify the spacing of the letters and text, and even control the layout of the page to the most minute detail.


If you’re running a product-focused site, or are aiming to run one at least, then you’re going to need a good eCommerce plugin to help you out. WooCommerce is widely considered to be one of the better eCommerce plugins that are available on the market, so it’s advised that you have a site that’s well-optimized for it.

The WooCommerce options that GeneratePress premium provides can help you integrate the plugin seamlessly into your site layout. This helps improve the shopping experience for your customers as it simplifies the process and allows them to more easily find and purchase their products without any difficulties.

You’ll also get a selection of different customization options for the plugin which include menu settings, header fonts, color selection, and so on. Additionally, you’ll also be able to customize certain payment methods, regional information for delivery options, and even provide more detailed item information by way of sticky product bars.

More Intuitive Design

The multitude of different customization options may seem overwhelming at first, and while it is true that forcefully cramming as many different assets as you can into a single page will result in a cluttered mess, there are better alternatives available.

The premium version of GeneratePress comes with the option to disable any unnecessary background apps, widgets, or features in order to reduce disc space and bandwidth usage. You also get a mega menu and secondary navigation, both of which will make going through your site a lot more intuitive. And finally, you also have the 1-click import and export theme settings feature.

If used correctly, the premium page builder can be used to create a site that flows naturally from menu to menu. This will ensure that the people that open and browse your site will immediately be hooked, and you’ll stand a better chance of getting some more return visitors.


The free version of GeneratePress can provide any small business owner with everything that they might need in order to compete with the bigger sites at absolutely no cost. It’s also a great economical option for a lot of medium and even large businesses, as long as they have the know-how to switch a few lines of code around and give their site a bit more of a professional feel.

The premium version of GeneratePress comes with a page builder that makes the design process of your page creation an absolute breeze. The single $49.94 yearly payment is a comically low price for the number of tools that you get at your disposal. This version is a great option for any company or individual that’s looking to create a wholly unique site layout that can really draw potential customers in and leave a good first impression of your business.

We’d like to end this GeneratePress free vs. premium discussion by saying that everyone has their preferences, and one version will work better than the other for you. However, we firmly believe that you won’t regret getting either version of this theme.

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