Google Adwords Basics & Essentials – are you on top of these?

Google Adwords Basics

I get asked questions about Adwords all the time and there are a lot of common misconceptions about using Adwords and paid traffic in general.

Every small business should have at least trialled an Adwords campaign that was setup and run by an Adwords professional. A lot of small business owners try and DIY their own Adwords campaign and see little or no result and this leaves a bad taste in their mouth – to me, this doesn’t count.

Its not surprising to hear these DIY campaigns have failed though. You probably don’t fly the plane when you go on holidays so why would you assume you can DIY something like Adwords which has as many settings and switches as a 747 and expect a good result?

I recently jumped on the phone with Ed and we recorded a Business Marketing Show episode all about Google Adwords.

To listen, click the play button above or alternatively, click here for the MP3 or you can subscribe in iTunes.

Full show notes are available at

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