Google Australia deleting Google Maps listings?

Both Google & Bing have been making a lot of changes to their Maps systems recently (see this link for more info)

You should read this post if you’re:

1) An Australian based business

2) Your business has a physical location and relies on your Google Maps or Places listing to attract customers or customers are regularly looking for you on Google Maps

….if you’re not either of these you can probably ignore this email.

I received a whole bunch of these emails over the weekend from Google, you may have received on too:

Google email about Google Places

It looks like Google is doing a mass cleanup of their Google Maps business listings. Ignoring this means your business will likely disappear from Google Maps and that also means your ranking in the search results will likely drop off too. At this stage it appears as though this is for Australian based businesses only.

What to do:

If you’re on one of our monthly SEO plans we will take care of this for you, nothing to worry about.

If you’re not on a monthly plan then you need to action this immediately – once again, if you lose your Google Places listing you’re likely to see a big drop off in traffic to your website.

If you’re not a monthly SEO plan and want us to handle this, we can action this and do an update of your Places listing and give it an SEO once-over for $150+GST, click this link to purchase this service.

If you want to DIY this task, you can log into Google Places at, open your listing(s) and click the update/save button. You’ll need your Google Places logon – if you don’t have this logon and we setup your Places account submit a support request at our helpdesk and one of the team will send you your Google Places logon.

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