The Best Heatmap Software & Tools in 2024

The best heatmap software and tools
The best heatmap software and tools

If you want to increase your conversion rates and engage with visitors based on an in-depth analysis of their actual behavior, then having a heatmap software is a must. 

Heatmap software is different from your typical analytics software (Google Analytics, for example) because it shows you how consumers behave on your site in a visual way

It collects data on clicks, keypress, scrolls, and looks, and allows you to visualize this activity by showing you the areas of your pages with more activity as hotter as opposed to the areas where there’s not much user activity. 

Given that choosing the right heatmap software and tools can be a time-consuming task, we jumped right into this challenge and created a list of the seven best heatmap software and tools.  

They all share standard functionalities; however, some are equipped with extra features and are more suitable for your business than others. To better understand which heatmap software is the most suitable for you, go through the list, compare features, and choose your winner. 

Let’s get right into the reviews!    


LuckyOrange's landing page

Lucky Orange is one of the best heatmap software solutions that can be found nowadays, which is why it’s the first choice on this list. 

This software can help you make sense of your traffic, analyze the behavior of each visitor, and, based on those indicators, increase your leads, conversion, and sales. 

Lucky Orange gives you tools to instantly notice where and why your visitors become unsatisfied, confused, and leave your site. You’ll be able to see how many people are on your website right now, how they found your site, and find out the purpose behind their visit. 

With Lucky Orange, you can detect for yourself why people stay, or leave and don’t convert. Installing and setting up Lucky Orange takes less than five minutes, and it won’t slow down your site either. Let’s go over the most important features.    


  • Real-time dashboard 

With the easy to use Dashboard, you can see exactly how many people are currently on your site and how they found you. The dashboard will also enable you to compare historical data and statistics on keywords, referrers, locations, tweets, driving traffic, and other user behavior on your site. 

  • Recordings.

Lucky Orange records every visitor on your website, and it provides you with a segmented recording that can be easily filtered into analytical data to answer the question of why visitors don’t convert. This software records dynamic and members-only pages, as well as other advanced sites and single-page apps. 

  • Dynamic heatmaps.

Lucky Orange will showcase all your visitor’s actions in bright and beautiful heatmaps. It will show you how people read and interact with your site while segmenting that data by location, browser, dates, mobile users, and more. 

  • Chat.

The Lucky Orange chat, which integrates with your website, is rich with features that will enable you to send auto invites for chat, assign multiple operators, give canned responses, etc. The chat feature is fully responsive for desktops and mobile devices.   

  • Conversion funnels.

The conversion funnel feature will enable you to quickly identify the drop-offs in your conversion process. When you click on this option, you will instantly get filtered recordings with data about the abandonment of the visitors in particular steps. 

  • Form analytics.

When using this feature, you will be able to discover which fields of your forms are causing abandonment. The software will provide you with five distinct and valuable reports that will give you a detailed insight into the problems you have with your forms. 

  • Polls.

The polls feature will enable you to ask your visitors about their preferences. Polls are highly customizable and can be made in multiple questions, redirection to URLs, and can be triggered at the best moment for your visitor. 


Hotjar's landing page

With Hotjar, you can understand how users are experiencing your site, and you can do that without the typical abundance of data and numbers that don’t tell you much about users’ experience, or make it hard to understand. 

Hotjar works with most of the popular ecommerce platforms, and it’s easy to set up and even more comfortable to use. This tool is one of the best heatmap software programs because it keeps end-user privacy at the center of what it does. 

This software is used by over 500.000 organizations, in more than 184 countries. Hotjar intends to satisfy the needs of marketers, product managers, and UX designers. Marketers track customer satisfaction, product managers eliminate guesswork by recording sessions to detect how people use their products, and UX designers look at users’ behaviors and ask the right questions. 


  • Heatmaps.

If you want a visualized behavior map on every click, tap, and scroll behavior, then Hotjar has you covered. This feature eliminates guesswork by recording and analyzing all your visitors’ behavior, so you can have a better understanding of what’s at play and build better strategies. 

  • Conversion funnels.

With this feature, you can find the most significant opportunities for improvement, because you can identify the page or step where your visitors drop off.

  • Form analysis.

With Hotjar, you can improve your online forms completion rates by merely detecting at what point your visitors decide to leave or continue filling out the form on your website.  

  • Incoming feedback.

With the easy-to-use feedback feature, you can see what people prefer and don’t like; you can identify issues and create strategies for future growth. 

  • Feedback pools.

If you want to understand the reasons behind your website visitors’ behavior, you can use this feature to target questions to specific visitors and get helpful answers that will help you improve. 

  • Surveys.

With this feature, you can create surveys for your website visitors and customers and place them on any page of your website.


Heatmap's landing page

Heatmap gives you instant access to data and immediately informs you of the issues you need to fix in order to take action. This software enables you to discover how users interact with your pages and provide you with real-time analytics for your website visitors and customers’ behavior. Understanding your customers is key to the further development of your business, and that’s exactly the purpose behind Heatmap.


  • Heatmaps.

This software allows you to access real-time analytics and check what’s happening on your website right now. The heatmaps are updated continuously and appear on your screen in seconds. Based on the information from your heatmaps, you can change your content, change pictures, and change every other element that impacts behavior on your website.  

  • Interactive interface.

With the interactive interface, you can browse your pages even when the heatmap overlay is displayed—this allows you to investigate further or replay the navigation of your visitors.

  • Easy to install, small footprint.

All you need to do to install Heatmap is to add a JavaScript tag. The tag is very small, and it won’t slow down your pages. The tag works with all browsers; it’s configurable and handles rendering differences.

  • Privacy for users.

Heatmap collects only the data that’s necessary to produce the heatmaps, so there is no additional key-logging, cookie sniffing, and even the IP addresses are not logged. Heatmap does not collect, nor does it sell your data to third-party apps. 

Visual Website Optimizer (VWO)

vwo's landing page

This is a software that can produce visualized heatmaps with complex data that will help you understand the behavior of your customers much better. This software can also run marketing and product experiments by conducting A/B tests. The VWO tool takes you a step further when compared to conventional tools because it helps you gain a complete and personalized picture of your users’ behavior. 

The DIY interface of the VWO editor makes it easy for you to navigate, create marketing experiments, and experience the growth of your business. You don’t need coding experience to use this tool, because a team of experienced developers is continuously working on the HTML/CSS/JS.


  • A/B Testing.  

It’s easy to create and run tests with VWO. This software is capable of combating cart abandonment, building an excellent digital experience, and increasing your revenue. You can create A/B tests and different versions of your site so you can choose the best-performing version. 

  • Multiple tests.

VWO allows you to run multiple tests on your page at the same time while ensuring that the tests don’t interfere with each other. 

  • Laser target your tests

You can run tests based on visitors’ on-site behavior, click, time spent, page scroll, etc.

  • Funnels.

With VWO, you can map out your visitors’ actual behavior and check what progress they’ve made during different stages of their digital experience.

  • Record and playback visitors’ sessions.

You can use session recordings to follow your visitor’s behavior and how they interact with your website.

  • Heatmaps.

With the help of the VWO heatmaps, you will be able to see your visitors’ browsing history while on your website. You can detect what catches their attention, where they spend most of their time, or where they drop off. 

  • One-Page surveys.

The one-page surveys will help you discover the insights of your visitors’ behavior by giving them simple surveys they can answer on the spot.

  • Form analytics.

You can also analyze the form reports and detect how visitors interact with the form on your website. 

Mouse Flow

Mouseflow's landing page

Mouse Flow is one of the best heatmap software solutions on the market right now – it records the behavior of frustrated users, detects JavaScript errors, finds friction on your website, and much more. 

It’s built to increase conversion rates by recording track clicks, mouse movements, scrolls, form, etc. This software also filters sessions and finds the ones that the users don’t enjoy, and enables you to eliminate guesswork so you can take proactive measures sooner rather than later.

Mouse Flow is secure and mobile-friendly and packed with features that support dynamic content, checkout, member-only page, etc.  


  • Heatmaps.

This feature provides the user with indicators to detect essential behavior in an easy to read format. The software gives you a summary of where people click, move the mouse, pay attention, and are located on your website. With the data provided by this feature, it will be easier to uncover what works and what has to go.  

  • Funnels.

Mouseflow tracks activity from every page analyzes the key journeys of visitors, and builds reports on where people drop out.

  • Forms.

With the forms provided by Mouseflow, you can identify what hurts your conversions, and improve your user experience accordingly. The forms will help you identify issues and enhance the visibility of your website.

  • Feedback.

This feature will enable you to understand your visitors much better, because you can create custom surveys and deliver them to a specific audience to get valuable feedback. 

  • Third-party integration.

Mouseflow works seamlessly with third-party apps such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Shopify, Squarespace, and many others.   


Inspectlet's landing page

Because of its ability to understand user behavior, Inspectlet is one of the best heatmap software solutions on the market. The heatmaps that this software produces can visualize and help you understand data in a glance. 

With Inspectlet, you can stop guessing what your visitors want, and playback and detect everything they want from your site. Setting up this tool is very easy. All you need to do is write a couple of lines of javascript into your website and see how data gets to your dashboard in a matter of seconds. 

Inspectlet can be integrated with Google Analytics, and while this analytics tool will tell you what kind of behavior is happening on your site, Inspectlet will tell you why


  • Session recording.

Inspectlet can record videos of your visitors as they use your website. It offers you the possibility to see every mouse movement, clicks, keypress, and scrolls. By recording all these actions, you can learn priceless information, and based on that data, you can improve your user experience significantly. 

  • Powerful filtering.

With this option, you can detect exactly what your visitors are interested in watching, or you can discover when they abandon the checkout process.

  • Conversion funnels.

With the funneling option, you can detect where you lose potential leads. The software enables you to define a series of pages that lead toward a goal, and then watch the recordings of the visitors to better understand what went wrong. 

  • Tag your session and users.

With this feature, you can identify individual users and mark exciting events. The javascript tagging API lets you send any metadata to associate with the user or a session so that you can filter against it. 

  • AJAX, HTTPS, Single-page apps.

This well-developed software plays very well with all the latest technologies like single page web apps, AJXm dynamic DOM manipulation, Cookies, and login authentication and HTTPS/SSL.

  • Heatmap visualization.

With Inspectlet, you get an eye-tracking option, and you can see what your customers are reading. You can combine this data with the data of mouse movement to find correlations. This feature also provides you with data from clicks and scrolls.

  • A/B testing.

With the A/B testing, you can test two versions of a page to see which is the best performing version based on data about their effectiveness. 

  • Form analytics.

The form analytics provides varieties of metrics and with critical information on the performance of your site. 

  • Error logging.

With Inspectlet, you can track and monitor all javascript errors, view network requests during a page view, and see how exactly an error occurred. 


Ptengine's landing page

Due to it being a complete marketing and analytics platform, PTEngine is one of the best heatmap software solutions you can find nowadays, one that uses smart marketing and archives excellent results. PTEngine helps you deliver the right information to the right customer by implementing the high-performance UX. This software allows you to focus on the end-to-end user experience and optimize every level of the performance of your site. 

This tool also will enable you to see where your customers come from, how they interact with your content, and where they drop off. The data you collect with PTEngine can be merged with your other data, and based on this information, you can create custom experiences for each visitor. 


  • A/B testing.       

This easy-to-use and highly functional feature is the best way to test the performance of your web pages. After several clicks, the user data for optimization of your platform will be right in front of you. You can also segment your audiences and make tailored reports for targeting. 

  • Heatmaps.

PTEngine enables you to create heatmaps like clicks maps, attention maps, and analysis maps. With these maps, you will be able to detect which is the top-performing content on your site, how in-depth do your users consume your content, whether there any unexpected misleading things for users, and much more. 

  • Digital experience platform.

The DXP is a feature that collects all your data from your customers’ touchpoints. 

  • Faster, smarter conversions.

With PTEngine, you can reduce CAC with data-driven optimization, foster loyalty with customers by unifying the view of the individual visitor, and empower your team to analyze the data quickly so it can run tests and improve the functionality of your website.  


We hope this article helped you identify the best heatmap software for your needs. There is no clear conclusion which one is the best because they all have excellent features that will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding entrepreneur, so we encourage you to test your favorites from this list.

Having a heatmap software that will measure your performance will increase your market competitiveness; however, if you want your business to grow even faster, we recommend combining this heatmap software with other digital marketing tools. That is the best way to improve your conversion, engagement, and the growth of your customer base, and with that, the growth of your revenue. 

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