We’re Hiring – 2x Marketing Roles

We’re hiring again and have two new positions available.

Background: we’re an online marketing agency that provides hosting, SEO, Adwords, website support and a range of other online marketing services to small businesses and online retailers. About 70% of our clients are Australian with the rest scattered throughout the world.

We currently manage the online assets for roughly 200 businesses with about 70% of them located in Australia.

For both roles you need to be a native english speaker with solid writing skills – a large part of this job is communicating in writing (email, Slack and Zendesk) so you must be able to communicate effectively.

1. Online Marketing Manager – Internal

We’re looking for an online marketing manager for our internal projects. You’ll be responsible for a variety of marketing activities at The Search Engine Shop and some of the other businesses and brands we’re involved with or have a vested interest in.

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2. Client Manager – Online Marketing

We’re looking for a client manager to work on and manage clients and ongoing client marketing projects. The role is comprised of a variety of online marketing activities, account management and client support.

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