Myth:It costs too much to hire an SEO or Adwords professional

I recently spoke with a small business owner who told me they didn’t want to pay someone to do SEO & Adwords for them as they didn’t know what they’d get and they thought it was too expensive anyway. I can understand that, both SEO and Adwords can be very difficult concepts to grasp. When looking to hire a professional, don’t just focus on the cost, focus on the potential benefit.

Here’s a quick and easy way to gauge the potential benefit organic search (SEO) or paid search (Adwords) can bring and you can do this in about 4 minutes:

Step 1 Load up the Google Keyword tool

Click here to load up the tool

Step 2 Set the region to Australia

Under Advanced options, select Australia or if you’re not in Australia, select your country

Step 3 Bring up the results relevant to your website

Try some different searches, type in the search term you think is most relevant for your business/product/service and click the search button. You can also put your URL in the website box (this will only return relevant results if your site is well optimised already)

Step 4 Review the results in the local monthly searches column

The “local monthly searches” column gives you a good indication of how many people in Australia are using that search term or a very similar term each month.

What would it be worth to your business if even 5% of those people searching each month became customers? What if it was just 1%?

Still think SEO is too expensive for your business?

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