How to get Google Places reviews

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Generally speaking, having 5 or more reviews on your Google Places listing will help you rank higher in the search results. Before you ask, yes you will absolutely get penalised if you try and do your own reviews so don’t do it!

Instead, here’s the strategy we have our SEO clients implement that has worked many times.

  1. do the work!
  2. followup with the client 1-4 weeks after the work or project is complete and get their feedback
  3. once you’ve confirmed the client is glowing/ecstatic/jumping out of their skin ask them nicely to do a review on your Google Places page

Here’s some example blurbs or request templates that we have had clients use with success – feel free to use/tweak etc in your business:


Would you mind writing a testimonial for me? It really helps for other businesses to be able to read real feedback from people I have worked with. It also helps me see the different aspects of my work and service that are important to you. It can be short and sweet, anything in your own honest words would be perfect!


Hey Chris – I’ve closed off your project in our system.

Also wanted to get your OK on adding the project to our online portfolio and would really love if you could write a testimonial or some feedback for me?

As you’re well aware, having real tangible feedback from businesses we have worked with helps us immensely – would really really love if you could spend a few minutes and publish it to our Google Places page too, here’s a link to it:

It can be short and sweet, anything in your own honest words would be perfect!

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