How to get more customers – 2 new ideas for 2024

2 new ideas to get more customers

I’ve been talking to quite a few businesses lately about what they can do differently this year or what other things they should be doing to help them get more customers.

In the the video below I’ve shared 2 new ideas that most people haven’t heard of that can be a great way to get more new customers using the internet and get a bit of a first mover advantage on these new marketing tools. Its only a few minutes long, click play to watch.

1. Google Streetview 3D Tours of the INSIDE of your business

If you have a business that has customers coming to your premises, for example a retail store, medical practice, hotel or cafe, or where your business is about the experience then its definitely worth investigating getting a Google Streetview 3D Tour done for your business.

With a streetview tour embedded on your website customers can look around and get a feel for what you offer right there on your website. Here are some fantastic examples of this at work, you can navigate through them directly on the images below by clicking, holding and dragging.

Retail store Didgeridoo Breath…

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…the store has many international customers that purchase through the website and the shop itself is a destination for tourists and travellers. The tour gives website visitors the opportunity to tour the shop without actually being there – its also a great way for the business to stand out amongst competitors and showcase the huge range of product they have.

Rotorvation Helicopters in Perth

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…this is super cool, using the 3D tour you actually get to sit inside the helicopter and have a look around, a fantastic immersive experience.

What sort of businesses should be using this?

Any business that has people visiting them should be looking at taking advantage of this, here are some top of mind examples:

  • hotels and accommodation businesses -> tours of your rooms and facilities can give website visitors a feel for what to expect before they book so their expectation aligns better with what you offer with the end result being a happier customer
  • cafes and restaurants -> a tour of the restaurant or cafe can give website visitors a feel for the standard of your cafe or restaurant before they visit
  • any business that rents space to host events -> this is a particularly good one where website visitors are looking for a place to host an event can get a good feel for the size, shape and style of your room or facilities before they pick up the phone or send an email enquiry
  • retail shops -> especially if you’re a speciality shop where customers need to go outside their normal routine to visit you
  • medical practices and other businesses that need a strong trust relationship with their customers
  • tourism businesses or experience businesses
  • businesses where specialised equipment is used or you’re demonstrating specialist technical capability

More info on taking advantage of Streetview Tours

These photos need to be done by a Google Certified Photographer. Our photography partner, Photography Project can provide this service for you, check out this link:

You can also find Google Certified Photographers over on the Google website here:

2. Google Adwords Display Network

The Adwords Display Network is completely different to the ads you see in the search engines. These are ads for your business that display on various websites around the web.

The Display Network is effectively the online equivalent of newspaper, magazine or print ads and we use it where we have customers who need to generate awareness or create demand for new products, services or upcoming events.

There are a whole bunch of different ways you can leverage the Display Network. If you click the link below you can learn more about how it works and also see some example campaigns that we’re already running for clients which may give you some ideas for how you can use it in your business.


What sort of businesses should be using the Adwords Display Network

Any business where the product or service provided isn’t purely a problem/solution would benefit from the Display Network.

Often businesses owners are so focussed on ranking highly in the search results that they don’t realise that if there is only a small number of searches in Google for whatever they’re selling, then as a marketing strategy, ranking highly in Google or running Google Search ads is probably not going to generate a high return.

Some of the common scenarios where we recommend the Display Network

  • businesses where the customer does a lot of research before purchasing and may be browsing blogs or other news sites that display advertisements
  • where there is not much existing demand in the search engines and you need to create demand for a product
  • where you need to create awareness of a product or service in a short space of time – the Display Network is a fantastic way to promote events.


  • Simon Pilkington

    Reply Reply February 26, 2014

    Brendan, great tips as always! I wasn’t aware of the Streetview 3D tours – I’ll be asking clients to tidy up their premises in preparation. Good job on the video too mate.

    • Brendan Tully

      Reply Reply February 27, 2014

      Thanks mate, pretty cool tool, its not for everyone but is perfect especially for tourist and accommodation businesses where photography really is going to set you apart from competitors

  • Caroline DuBois

    Reply Reply February 1, 2015

    Brendan, thanks for this. The 3D tours are an incredible marketing angle for sure.

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