Achieve More Online: Are you using your website effectively?

Website & Internet Marketing Workshops & Training for Small Businesses

Achieve More Online

All smart business owners know that the internet provides a huge opportunity to reach new markets, attract more customers and ultimately increase sales. However, the problem is many business owners have spent thousands on a website, yet still fail to attract more customers and business online.

Attracting more customers and being successful online is more than just your website presence.

The Achieve More Online project is a 1-day online marketing workshop that equips small businesses with the tools, techniques and know-how to be successful online. Success online means more enquiries, more sales, more customers and ultimately a more profitable business.

“When I read the ad in the paper it was everything I needed to know. You’ve delivered! Information overload! Very happy, thank you guys.”
-Tanya Parker
Molly and Me

Register for online marketing & website workshop..only $49

Presented by 7 small business and online marketing specialists, you’ll learn:

  • how to build an ongoing stream of visitors to your site using search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • how to effectively use Google Adwords
  • how to find the right website developer who doesn’t need to cost you the earth
  • how to use design & photography to build a high impact presence online
  • how to effectively use Facebook & Twitter in a business environment 
& ideas on successful social media strategy
  • and a refresher on the often forgotten business principles behind online success

Watch the video below to hear feedback directly from other small business owners who’ve attended



Register for online marketing & website workshop..only $49

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