The Best Email Marketing Apps & Tools for Shopify in 2024

The best email marketing apps and tools
The best email marketing apps and tools

If you want to take your Shopify store to the next level, having an excellent email marketing solution is a must! After all, email marketing is one of the best ways to convert website visitors into customers, which is why in this article, we’ll review the best email marketing apps and tools for Shopify that are currently on the market.

But Why Is Email Such a Powerful Marketing Method for Converting?

First of all, email is the perfect marketing tactic for targeting inactive customers. Sending reactivation emails to those who haven’t opened your newsletter or purchased a product in the past 6 months might remind them why they liked your brand in the first place. This is a great way to bring back past customers but also remove inactive customers from your list.

Secondly, email marketing allows for segmentation. As we already mentioned, emails are a great method for converting website visitors into customers. By segmenting your audience, you can boost engagement and personalize your emails whenever a customer or a potential customer has a birthday, abandons their shopping cart, purchases a product, etc.

Then we have automation, which is perfect for promoting your products, various announcements, birthday emails, setting up reminder emails about abandoned shopping carts, but also thanking your customers after they’ve completed a purchase. 

And lastly, email marketing is one of the best ways to stay in touch with your customers. You can send them tracking numbers for their purchases, ask them if they’re satisfied with the product/service, and of course, ask them for product reviews and feedback.

The Best Email Marketing Apps and Tools for Shopify in 2024

Now, let’s dive straight into the reviews.  


Klaviyo's landing page

As one of the best email marketing solutions specifically designed for ecommerce, Klaviyo’s popularity started rising after Mailchimp put an end to their Shopify integration. It offers integration with WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, and, of course, Klaviyo works seamlessly with Shopify.  

Klaviyo’s popularity is not only because of its flexibility when it comes to integration with ecommerce platforms, but due to the various valuable features it offers as well. 

As an advanced marketing automation solution, Klaviyo is all about increasing your ROI and helping you make more sales, so let’s go over some of those features.


  • Segmentation.

Segment your audience based on their behavior on your site, geographical location, engagement with previous campaigns, and other factors, to make your emails more personalized and more effective.

  • Targeting.

It’s very easy to start a targeted campaign with Klaviyo because this email marketing app allows you to track what your customers are doing on your website, so you can get in touch with people who are frequent visitors, those who have abandoned their carts, etc.

  • Personalization.

You can pull dynamic blocks for order details, cart contents, custom web feeds, and product recommendations, as well as hide dynamic data blocks based on recipient characteristics or use template tags to personalize specific elements. 

  • Automations.

This email marketing app allows you limitless options for email automation. You can combine what your customers do with the already collected data and customize automated email flows to your heart’s content. 

  • Reporting.

With the analytical features Klaviyo offers, you don’t have to settle only on clicks, opens, and sales, but you can also rely on how much revenue you’ve generated from specific marketing promotions. You can also add, edit, and remove metrics to customize your dashboard to your liking. 

  • A/B testing.

With this feature, you can test your email campaigns and your triggered flows to measure results and grow your business faster.  


Klaviyo is the best email marketing tool if you want to create more complex email marketing campaigns and use its ample functionalities to achieve your business goals. 

We recommend Klaviyo to ambitious entrepreneurs who have email marketing experience and are ready for the next step in their business adventure.  


ActiveCampaign's landing page

Shopify online store owners can take advantage of ActiveCampaign due to its excellent deep data integration with this ecommerce platform. With this email marketing and sales automation tool, you can offer your customers a great shopping experience and put the right emails in front of the right people to boost your sales.  

ActiveCampaign is one of the best email marketing apps for Shopify because it provides a series of useful features that are best suited for marketers who have previous experience with email marketing. 


  • Powerful Marketing Automation.

With this powerful feature, you can set email welcoming messages, segment your contacts based on various parameters, and use simple workflows to automate your marketing campaigns. 

  • Smart CRM.

By making it possible to keep all your customer data organized in one place, you can manage pipelines, update deals, and always be ready for the next big moment in sales. 

  • Email Segmentation.

How about a powerful email segmentation feature that can make it possible for you to send the right emails to the right people? With this feature, you will have the opportunity to segment your audience based on various factors and provide them with tailored information for a more personalized experience.  

  • Website Messaging. 

Keep meaningful connections with your customers and message them when it matters the most. What’s more, you can engage them by recommending products, offer sale deals, ask for feedback, or ask them questions about their experience with your products and store. 

  • Advanced Reports.

Analytical capabilities are some of the most crucial functionalities that an email marketing app can have. With ActiveCampaign’s advanced analytical tool, you will be able to better understand the behavior of your customers and create strategies to gain leverage on the market. 

  • Integrated Forms.

The moment your customers give you their contact info, you can start engaging them by triggering actions as follow-up campaigns. Besides capturing the contact information, the sign-up forms will enable you to tag people based on their interest and start automation campaigns that will boost your sales fast. 

  • Gmail Chrome Extension for CRM

ActiveCampaign gives you the option to manage all your sales communication without leaving your Gmail account. You will be able to see exactly when your contacts have opened your email, track their behavior, and collect valuable information for your next marketing campaign.        


ActiveCampaign is considered one of the best email marketing tools currently on the market, and now you know why. Similarly to its competitor Klaviyo, this is also a tool that’s recommended for those who are already familiar with how email marketing works. 

If you are an online entrepreneur that wants to shake things up and introduce an extra flair to their online business, then ActiveCampaign is the best email marketing tool for you.


Sendy's landing page

If you have a growing base of subscribers but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on email marketing apps, Sendy is the right choice for you. Also considered one of the best email marketing tools for Shopify, Sendy uses Amazon’s Simple Email Service to send trackable emails that will help you engage with your customers and boost sales. 

With its newsletter application functionalities, Sendy will provide you with the possibility to send authenticated bulk emails for a low price and superb deliverability. Sendy also offers integration with third-party apps and bumps functionality and value to this cheap email marketing solution.   


  • Amazon Simple Email Service (SES).

Sendy uses Amazon’s high-scale cloud email service due to it being cost-effective and flexible and providing users with excellent inbound and outbound email service. With SES’s flexible IP deployment, you will be able to deliver carefully analyzed emails at high rates, personalize messages, and protect your email sender reputation. 

  • Analytical Features.

With Sendy, you can create beautiful reports and visualize the opens, clicks, bounces, and complaints in nicely designed charts and data. Based on the results, you can segment customers and target them in various campaigns. 

  • White Label Client Accounts.

If you are managing multiple products and services, this feature will allow you to organize them into groups called “brands”. This option will give clients access to their own brand and let them send their own newsletter for a price set by you. It’s not only the price that you can adjust, but you can also put monthly sending limits and adjust their privileges to this service. 

  • Autoresponders.

The autoresponders feature will provide you with the option to automate your marketing campaigns and send tailored emails at specific date and time intervals set by you.

  • List Segmentation and Subscriber Management.

You can segment your audience and create different lists based on the parameters you choose. Managing the lists is easy because you will have the options to import/delete, subscribe/unsubscribe contacts, tailor thank you/goodbye messages, etc.

  • Blacklist.

With this feature, you can block email addresses from certain domains, or put emails into the suppression list to ensure you never accidentally re-send another email campaign to the same person again. 

  • Third-party Integration & Zapier.

Sendy offers simple integration with third-party apps. Zapier, an app that’s also on the list, will provide you with 1000+ apps from Zapier’s directory that can further boost the functionalities of your automated email service. 


Sendy gives you excellent deliverability of emails for a very low price. As one of the best email marketing tools, Sendy offers integration with third-party apps and offers features that will boost your business in no time. If you are new to email marketing or what to change your email marketing solution because you find it expensive, Sendy is definitely for you! 


Bento's landing page

Another great email marketing tool for Shopify is Bento. This all-in-one marketing platform with email, chat, SMS, ad analytics, and data visualization is capable of providing enterprises with effective features for less than the price of its competitors. With Bento, you will be able to synchronize your data effortlessly and create prices and productive messaging strategies that will make a big difference in your sales. 

Because it’s an all-in-one marketing platform, Bento saves you time on installing unnecessary apps and gives you fast page loading times, leaving your visitors satisfied with their shopping experience. Let’s go over some of Bento’s best features.


  • Customer Support.

User-friendly chat, phone and email support, and video tutorials, Bento offers all this support for a fair price. 

  • Plug-in Installation.

Bento can be installed by copy-pasting the script on your preferred platform, and if that platform is Shopify, you’ll have a 1-click option on the menu. 

  • Email Deliverability.

Bento gives you access to every channel on the platform (chat, email, SMS) and provides improved deliverability and accuracy leaving no space for mistakes. 

  • Lossless Tracking.

With Bento, you can track your customers’ behavior from the moment they click on your site. This email marketing tool tracks and stores all behavioral data your customers create and will give you detailed reports on which you can base your future marketing campaigns. 

  • Automation.

You will be able to automate your SMS, chat, and email messaging, because Bento automatically assigns additional information to all your contacts.

  • A/B Testing.

Bento also provides you with an A/B testing feature,  giving you the option to see which content works better with your specific audience.   

  • All-in-one-App.

As you can see, Bento is an all-in-one solution that offers tracking, live chat, analytics, automation, segmentation, welcome banners, surveys, etc. With Bento, there is no need for installing several additional apps.


Bento is one of the best email marketing tools for Shopify simply because it’s an all-in-one marketing solution. You also get a state of the art CRM, which might be essential if you want to boost sales and improve your business strategy. We recommend Bento for more experienced email marketers who want to go a step further. 


Sendinblue's landing page

How about a smart email marketing tool for Shopify that can keep your audience engaged by delivering tailored messages to the right people at the right time? Sendinblue is excellent for building unique connections with your customers and can serve as the driving force behind the growth of your business.

With the help of Sendinblue, besides growing your business, you can also start your entrepreneurial adventure and look for new opportunities to invest in and expand, which is why this tool is used by big and small companies alike. The intuitive design and highly functional features make Sendinblue great for both newbies and more experienced marketers.


  • Drag-and-drop Editor.

When you create a message, Sendinblue will give you the options to choose a starting template, build a new design, add blocks and styles, and adjust the template to match your brand, all this in their intuitive drag-and-drop editor

  • SMS Marketing.

Sendinblue also offers marketing via SMS. With SMS communication you can reach your customers directly and create urgency on time-sensitive offers. This feature is excellent for spreading the word about your offers and creating a competitive edge on your competitors.

  • Chat.

With the chat feature, you will be able to set a chatbox and start a conversation with visitors on your website to answer all their questions right from the start. The chat will allow you to assign team members to different conversations and organize your team so you can have a more productive workflow.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

With Sendinblue, the moment you upload your contacts you immediately have access to this feature. The CRM will give you control over your contacts from one centralized place where all the data from previous calls, meetings, and relevant documents can be reached with a few clicks.

  • Automation.

With this software solution, you will have access to marketing automation that will enable you to automate marketing tasks and improve the workflow of your organization. You have full control over the automation feature, and will have the power to set rules and conditions to trigger different actions. 

  • Segmentation.

The segmentation feature will enable you to target smaller groups with messages that are tailored just for them. There are several segmentation options to choose from like declared interests, previous engagement or purchase history, socio-economic or geographical characteristics, etc. 

  • Landing Pages and Signup Forms.

With Sendinblue, you get pristine pre-built landing pages all easily reachable in just a few clicks. You also have a beautifully designed signup form, which will enable you to collect and store information from your customers. 

  • Statistics.

Gain detailed insight into the behavior of your customers and optimize your marketing campaigns to boost sales and conversation rates.

  • A/B Testing.

The A/B testing is an essential feature to optimize your email campaigns by testing and choosing the right version that you believe best represents your business.        


Sendinblue might be the last email marketing tool on this list, but that doesn’t make it the least good. On the contrary, Sendinblue offers all essential features for your business and does that for a cheaper price. That is why, if you want to lead an email campaign that does not take too much of your resources then Sendinblue is the one for you. 

Final Words

Choosing the best email marketing apps and tools for Shopify depends on your needs and your priorities. If you need an email marketing tool that is capable of complex automated campaigns then we would recommend Klaviyo and Activecampaigne. 

If you don’t want to purchase yearly licenses and want a solution for occasional purposes then we recommend Sendy, furthermore, if you are on the market for a cheaper software solution capable of robust campaigns then we recommend that you go with Sendinblue. 

There is also Bento, the all-in-one solution, capable of doing various operations and substituting a whole bunch of other apps and tools.

All these email marketing solutions are the best in the business and for that reason alone, they are on the list for Best Email Marketing Apps & Tools for Shopify in 2024.     

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