Perth Small Business Workshops – September & October 2012

Dates for our next round of business workshops have been announced. These workshops are being held in conjunction with Fremantle Chamber of commerce at 16 Phillimore Street in Fremantle.

The list of September and October workshops is below. There’s no cost to attend this series of workshops (and no its not a pitch-fest). For full details and to book your spot visit the Melville Digital Enterprise website

  • Session 1 – Get Online (11 Sep/7.30am-9.30am)
  • Session 2 – Website Look (12 Sep/7.30am-9.30am)
  • Session 3 – Website Content – Photo & Video (12 Sep/10.30am-12.30pm)
  • Session 4 – Website Content – Clever Content Building & Copywriting (25 Sep/7.30am-9.30am)
  • Session 5 – Business Promotion – Blogs & Email Marketing (25 Sep/10.30am-12.30pm)
  • Session 6 – Web Development – Domain Name, Hosting, CMS, Shopping Carts (26 Sep/7.30am-9.30am)
  • Session 7 – Web Traffic Measurement – Google Analytics & other analytical tools (26 Sep/10.30am-12.30pm)
  • Session 8 – Web Traffic Generation – Search Engine Optimisation (9 Oct/7.30am-9.30am)
  • Session 9 – Web Traffic Generation – Paid Search Engine Marketing (9 Oct/10.30am-12.30pm)
  • Session10 – Business Promotion – Facebook, Twitter, Linked IN, Pininterest (10 Oct/7.30am-9.30am)
  • Session11 – Cloud Computing & Business Productivity Tools (10 Oct/10.30am-12.30pm)

Not sure whether its worth the time away from the office?

Here’s feedback from business owners who some of our previous workshops:

Jefrina from Wicked Pantry: “Today’s session showed the processes included in planning a website. It made me think about what goes into a website – business focus (what you want to achieve), processes, tolls, marketing strategy, technology. It takes more than 15 minutes!”

Dave from Acid Plant Management Services: “Now understand the importance of having a website that works and improves rather than having a great design that does nothing. Good explanation of why business focus and objectives are a priority for websites and then how to maximise the website return.”

Adrian from Red Ochre Consulting: “Understand how the website + email marketing + analtics + blog + the cloud fit together. And the interrelationship between them all. Illuminating. Great.”

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