New Workshops kicking off in February 2014

Our next round of workshops start in just under two weeks. The current funding for these workshops end in the middle of the year so if you haven’t taken advantage of this yet, you should, as the funding may not be extended.

If you’re on the fence about coming, do yourself a favour and click play on the video above.

These workshops are all 2-3 hours long, they’re all being held at the Fremantle Chamber of commerce, they’re free (because they’re government funded) and by coming to the workshop you’ll be eligible for a free (paid for by the government) consult with any of the Achieve More Online team.

The dates for the upcoming workshops are below. To book, email [email protected], for more info head to

If you can only go to one workshop I strongly suggest you go to the first one with Lisa on the 11th.

Why? Because in Lisa’s workshop she’ll teach you the core business fundamentals, that you probably don’t know, that drive all of the rest of your marketing strategy and a whole bunch of other key elements in your business too.

Without at least a basic understanding of these key concepts you’re going to be asking the wrong questions. On top of that you may just end up spinning your wheels and wasting a whole bunch of time and money on your website. A poor understanding of these business fundamentals is usually why you hear stories about businesses paying tens of thousands of dollars for a website that ends up doing nothing for the business.

Workshop Dates & Topics

Here are the first 3 workshop dates – for more info visit

  • Tuesday 11 February
    Business plan, target marketing & website purpose – a look at the fundamentals behind making your website work with Lisa from Business Balance. If you only go to one of the workshops this would be it. Everything else you do with your website is based on these core fundamentals.
  • Wednesday 12 February
    Design and user friendly layouts – having a “pretty” website doesn’t necessarily mean the website will perform well. Get the lowdown on what works from a design perspective from our design guru Kim from
  • Tuesday 23 February
    There are very few “magic bullets”  left when it comes to marketing online and high quality photography is definitely one of them. Hosted by Matt from Photography Project, you’ll learn how to leverage photography and imagery to get the lead on your competition.


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