The most important search term you should be ranking for

Here’s a quick tip that will serve you well along with an update with what’s been happening the last couple of weeks.

The most important search term to rank for

Business owners are often so focussed on ranking for a certain search term or obsessively looking at competitor websites, that they’re blind to the important stuff that actually makes a difference.

One of the first things we do when we take on a client is Google their business name, which also happens to be something most business owners rarely do.

This is definitely something worth doing on a regular basis, and here are a few things to look for when you do it:

  • Do you actually rank in the top spot?
  • Are competitors advertising against your business name?
  • Do you show up in Google Maps and in the right place?
  • What do the other search results look like? Quite often we’ll find a single poor customer service review taints the search results and is doing harm to the business…while we’re talking about reviews, do you have a review getting strategy in place?

For many businesses, especially those selling at the retail level or B2C (business to consumer), it’s important you run Google Ads against your own business name to block out competitors.

If you’re struggling to get your website to work for you or want to get proactive about ranking better in the search engines get in touch, we’ll be happy to help!

Online Marketing Blueprint for Hotels, Hospitality & Tourism Businesses

Hotel Hospitality and Tourism Online Marketing Strategy

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This episode outlines the broad strokes guide for businesses in this field, and is effectively a summarised version of what we’d walk you through in a one day workshop, here’s the link:

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