The Best SEO & Website Audit Tools & Software in 2024

Auditing your website is just one of those crucial elements for a successful online business, but reviewing a website is not an easy task. To accomplish such a complicated procedure, you need to have experience, a keen eye for detail, or ideally both. What’s more, auditing is very time-consuming since you need to go through hundreds of pages to accomplish your goal. That’s why competent SEO auditors turn to some of the best SEO and website audit tools to attain their online entrepreneurial goals. 

Given the sheer volume of available software, choosing the best SEO auditing tools can be rather tricky. But, we did the leg work for you by conducting all the necessary research to help you find a solution that’s most suitable for your needs. Should you opt to include some of the software on this list, hiring an SEO consultant would be no more than an afterthought. The expert teams that created these audit tools will provide all the help you’d ever need.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the list.


Semrush's landing page

Semrush is one of the best SEO audit tools because it’s capable of accumulating and processing large volumes of data to provide the user with products that are essential for a successful online marketing specialist. As one of the leading companies in the business, over 6 million users all over the world use this software. This all-in-one marketing platform is capable of auditing your site using all the relevant information and making your content recognizable and unique. 

Semrush is capable of providing backlink ideas, research keywords used by competitors, daily position tracking, PLA copies, along with the keywords that trigger them, and much more. Semrush also enables you to take care of your brand reputation by monitoring and responding to customer suggestions which will improve your site in no time. This software will make your business more accessible and will provide you with a variety of features that are essential for every successful online business story. 


  • Analytical Reports

With Semrush, you’ll be able to get insights into your competitors’ strategies, discover their best keywords, detect new organic competitors, and observe position changes of domains. With this feature, you’ll be able to gain a competitive edge by adopting marketing strategies you might not have thought of.

  • Advertising Research

Semrush provides research that enables you to uncover competitors’ search ads, dive into your competitor’s search strategies, and based on that information, create your PPC campaign. The research also provides you with information on the competitor’s ad budget, best keywords, your competitor’s ad copy, and landing pages, etc.

  • Organic Research

This feature will allow you to find out which keyword drives the most traffic for your rivals and find the most relevant keyword in your industry. With organic research, you can also analyze websites ranking Google’s top 100 and get your webpage to a search engine results page.  

  • Backlink Analytics

The backlink analytics tool is useful for collecting and analyzing any website backlinks. This activity can be time-consuming; however, Semrush provides you with a feature that checks the backlink in a few clicks, thus providing you with options to stay up to date with every inbound link. 

  • Keywords Research

Semrush is one of the best audit tools because it provides you with PLA research that explores the competitive landscape by analyzing your rivals’ e-commerce strategies in detail. With this feature, you can see whose ads are pushing you out of online sales, see how many PLA keywords your competitors have in common with you, discover the words that trigger ads, and define Google shopping rivals.   

  • Traffic Analytics

Traffic analytics in Semrush is a powerful tool that will reveal your competitors’ prospects and uncover your potential partners by analyzing website performance, setting benchmarks, and providing you with smart insights. This feature will also provide you with detailed traffic metrics on variables like website performance, traffic volume, leaders and upcoming players, trends, desktop vs. mobile traffic rations, etc.  


Raven's landing page

Raven also ranks as one of the best SEO audit tools. This software is an all-in-one platform that connects all of your SEO, marketing, and advertising data in fantastic marketing reports. By combining all of the data in your marketing reports, you’ll be getting your paid social and organic data all in one place.

With Raven, you can grow your business by boosting your SEO results and improving your client reporting. What’s more, the features that this platform offers will satisfy the needs of every agency, freelance entrepreneur, and in-house marketer. Because of its high functionality, thousands of small, middle-sized, and large companies trust and use Raven. 


  • Website Audits

This feature quickly analyzes your website in order to find and fix all issues that affect your website’s traffic. By fixing these issues, you’ll be able to improve your ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 

  • Backlink Tools

Backlink Explorer allows you to enter a domain or URL and get an advanced overview of the backlinks. By having this option, you’ll be able to take a look at your competitors’ functioning and better understand their strategy. When you identify the backlinks, you’ll also be able to add those links to the Management tools and inspect their quality. 

  • Rank Tracking

This feature will provide you with daily, weekly, or monthly rank tracking on each SERP, be it Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, or Baidu. The variables that you can track include device type, zip code, language, single keyword, keyword lists, etc. You can also access historical ranking data and export the data in nicely visualized reports.

  • Marketing Reports

With Raven, you can build reports in seconds by using the straightforward drag-and-drop reporting wizard. While creating reports, you’ll have access to 30+ data modules and summary pages. The reports in Raven can be scheduled or created on-demand, and every account includes unlimited reports.

  • Competitor Research

These features combine domain and keyword research in a single research resource, saving you plenty of time. With competitor research, you can easily access and analyze an URL’s page authority, domain authority, backlinks, social signals, etc.  

  • Link Building Manager

The link building Manager will allow you to store, organize, and find thousands of link opportunities as well as monitor link activity. With this feature, you can also categorize the links, integrate link manager with the CRM, store relevant information for a connection such as URL destination, link type, link status, anchor text, and much more. 

  • Keyword Rank Checker

The keyword rank checker gives you the ability to research competitors and get instant access to a domain’s keyword ranking. With this insight, you’ll be able to better understand your rival’s website and give a massive boost to your website by implementing keywords that your competitors don’t have.     

Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics' landing page

Agency Analytics also ranks as one of the best SEO audit tools. With this software, you’ll save precious hours of work thanks to the easy-to-use drag-and-drop dashboard. With Agency Analytics, you have options such as powerful reporting features, beautiful PDFs, and web-based reports that will be automatically sent to your clients.

As one of the best SEO audit tools, this software also offers rank tracking, website audits, backlink monitoring, and much more. Agency Analytics supports integration with more than 45 third-party apps. It allows you to connect to the most popular marketing channels like Google Analytics Adwords, Facebook Ads, Search Console, social media, and much more.


  • Automated Marketing Reports

The automated marketing report feature will enable you to schedule daily, weekly, and monthly reports and keep your clients up to date with all of the relevant developments. When you send the news to your clients, you can also send them comments and suggestions, explaining the significance of key performance indicators regarding their marketing campaigns.

  • 40+ Marketing Integrations

With Agency Analytics, you’re able to review insights from your clients’ marketing channels using only one app. You can streamline the marketing campaigns and monitor them in a single interface, saving you hours better spent elsewhere.

  • Custom Marketing Dashboard

Agency Analytics offers drag-and-drop custom widgets on a mobile-friendly dashboard. There’s a variety of widgets that you can choose from, such as bar charts, statistics, pie charts, line graphs, etc. By using this feature, you can also give your clients access to a customizable dashboard that you control.

  • Fully Branded for your Agency

Agency Analytics allows you to add your branding across the interface, reports, and mobile apps. Branding is an easy process and all you need to do is upload your logo, choose your color scheme, and access it from your domain. 

  • SEO Tools

SEO Tools give you the ability to accurately track keyword ranking for any language and any location. You can also optimize or boost the client’s ranking by identifying and fixing all of the SEO issues on the spot. 

  • Manage Your Entire Agency

Agency Analytics allows you to create staff accounts and assign staff members to each client so they can easily monitor progress. 


Woorank is a simple and easy-to-use website analysis tool that can track and connect your marketing data with an instant SEO checker and an SEO audit tool. The features that this SEO audit tool provides will give you relevant insight and help you optimize your marketing strategies quickly and efficiently.

Woorank can also help businesses gain more usability by increasing your website’s online visibility and give you a better understanding of the criteria you need to improve to get better SEO results. Woorank, as one of the best SEO audit tools, will keep track of your websites without the need for an expert. Because of its intuitive interface, small and big companies alike prefer Woorank. 


  • Simple Digital Marketing

With Woorank, you can streamline your marketing efforts, increase your visibility, and track & analyze your website’s data. The functionalities of this feature will improve the usability of your website’s data for SEO and social media.

  • Report

Woorank provides you with well-designed reports that can be fully customizable with your brand. With the detailed descriptions that Woorank delivers, you’ll be able to keep your existing customers up to date and build strategies to entice new prospects. 

  • Keywords research

Woorank offers a powerful tool for keyword analysis. Using this feature, you will dominate the search results, by revealing and outranking your competitors’ keywords. Based on this analysis, you’ll be able to build strategies so you can stay ahead. 

  • Marketing Tips and Tricks

Woorank offers plenty in the way of actionable marketing tips to improve your website’s performance and reach your online customers. 

  • Keyword Tool

This feature enables you to find new keywords, track ranking, positions, competitors, competitors’ keywords and strategies, and much more. 

  • Site Crawl

With this feature, you can understand your site’s overall technical and SEO health by analyzing the data and detecting hidden errors that affect your traffic.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog's landing page

Screaming Frog is one of the best SEO auditing tools that you can currently find. By being a website crawler, it helps to improve onsite SEO by extracting data and auditing for all SEO issues. Screaming Frog is easy to download and free to activate for up to 500 URLs. You can also buy the license which removes the limitations of the free version and enjoy all of the premium features.

Screaming Frog, as one of the best SEO audit tools, offers a powerful and flexible site crawler that can be effective for both small and big websites, and also includes analytical tools that are capable of analyzing all data in real-time. With Screaming Frog, you will always make informed decisions and watch your business grow. 


  • Search Engine Marketing

This feature encompasses a wide range of activities, all revolving around making your website more visible for people using a search engine. With search engine marketing, Screaming Frog will give you a better understanding of the unique business challenges and objectives, leading you to a better strategy for growth. 

  • Search Engine Optimization

By using this feature, you’re sure to get a return for your investment because you’d only be paying for qualified traffic. Due to the PPC strategy that this software provides, you’ll get tailored PPC campaigns that are right for you and your business. 

  • Social Media Marketing

Screaming Frog will help you develop a social media marketing strategy built by an in-house marketing team. They will help you find the right tone, voice, and style that will suit your brand.

  • Content Marketing

Screaming Frog offers an experienced team that can produce creative content or create content strategies to boost the SEO of your website.

  • Link Building

With Screaming Frog, you’ll be able to define your link building objectives and identify key audiences or influencers from the industries you consider to be relevant for the growth of your business. 

  • Conversation Rates Optimizer

With this feature, you can improve your site’s conversion processes and increase traffic. You’ll also enhance the user’s onsite experience and identify any potential barriers within your funnels.

  • Analytics Consultancy

You can also improve your digital offerings and enhance the experience of your customers because you would be able to analyze and understand their behavior. The analytics will help you determine your ultimate business objectives and measure them with relevant and carefully harvested data.


Ahrefs' landing page

Ahrefs is one of the best SEO audit tools and competitive research tools that will boost your traffic and rank your website higher in no time. Ahrefs has one of the most prominent backlink indexes and allows you to look at your competitors’ strategies, keywords, backlinks, etc. This is an all-in-one SEO toolkit that offers free learning materials and tutorials that can be used by junior marketers and SEO experts alike. Both bloggers and multinational brands use Ahrefs due to the excellent tools it provides for the growth of your search traffic.

It’s no wonder that Ahrefs is the first software option for many experienced marketers all over the world. By using Ahrefs, you get excellent community support and you can participate in the private Facebook community where you can pose questions or bounce ideas. They also offer excellent customer support via chat and Twitter – 24 hours a day throughout the workweek. 


  • Site Explorer

The site explorer combines three powerful SEO tools in one interface, allowing you to do organic traffic research and see what keywords your competitors are ranking for. Backlink checker gives you an overview of which websites link to your competitor’s sites, along with paid traffic research that lets you know whether your competitors are doing paid search advertising. 

  • Keyword Explorer

With this feature, you’ll be able to discover thousands of great keyword ideas, analyze their ranking difficulties, and calculate a keyword’s potential of bringing you traffic. The keyword explorer supports data for 171 countries and supports ten different search engines.

  • Site Audit

With the site audit, you can check under the hood of your website and find what’s holding you back, allowing you to create a strategy to overcome the challenges. The website analysis you get is visualized with key data charts on different parameters.

  • Rank Tracker

By using the rank tracker, you’ll be able to monitor ranking over time and measure your performance against your competitors. This feature will enable you to track your Google rankings across 170 countries. 

  • Content Explorer

The content explorer will provide you with the most popular articles on any topic. You’ll be able to discover and analyze the best performing content in your industry, estimate monthly traffic from search engines, test the popularity of backlinks, check the number of unique websites linking to a page, and much more.


Deepcrawl's landing page

Deepcrawl is a software that automates the SEO QA process and minimizes risk, disruption to site performance, and loss of revenue. Deepcrawl is a cloud-based web crawling solution that can fix your technical and performance issues and accelerate the growth and profitability of your online business. Due to its immense crawling abilities, Deepcrawl can audit a site no matter its size. Its ability to scale effectively is particularly preferred by large enterprises.

The Deepcrawl Automator is their most recognizable product. This product helps you avoid traffic and revenue loss by mitigating the risk of introducing harmful code changes with new releases. With this in mind, they always try to improve their solutions so the customer can have an amicable user experience.


  • Multi-domain Monitoring

This feature will allow you to monitor site health of domains, automatically push relevant data, fix issues, and alert stakeholders. The monitoring of sites is also available for international websites because Deepcrawl enables you to effectively manage large networks of websites that resonate with regional audiences.

  • Custom Dashboard

Due to their enhanced API, customizing your dashboard is relatively easy. They also offer a variety of dashboard providers, including Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Klipfolio, and Data Studio. 

  • Professional Service 

The professional service team accessible for Deepcrawl users provides the benefit of having an expert working to utilize your success by creating effective strategies. 

  • Mitigate Risk

In the event of a new code release, you will get a notification for any potential SEO problems. With these notifications, you will be able to avoid a drop in search engine visibility and mitigate the risk of loss of revenue. 

  • Protect Revenue

Deepcrawl will enable you to bring SEOs and developers together to minimize risk, avoid disruption to site performance, and leave the revenue stream uninterrupted.

  • Save Time With Automation

Instead of focusing on tactical and labor-intensive manual tasks, Deepcrawl will allow you to increase your efficiency by concentrating on strategic revenue opportunities.

  • Segmentation

This feature allows you to conduct analysis on different page types and identify your next opportunities or occurring issues. 


Sitespeed's landing page

Sitespeedbot is a tool that tests the speed of your website, gives you detailed analytical insight, and informs you on issues that slow your site down, giving you solutions to speed it up. This website gives you all this information in no less than 60 seconds. All you have to do is enter your URL, location, and press the button to test your site’s speed. This website is handy if you intend to do fundamental analysis on your site’s SEO aspects and if you want to improve your site performance. Furthermore, the website provides guides on how to improve your online business.


  • Guide for WooCommerce speed up and optimization of your slow WooCommerce site
  • The best hosting for WooCommerce
  • How to fix slow WordPress hosting on GoDaddy
  • Four reasons why your WordPress admin panel is slow and how to fix it
  • How to fix your WordPress hosting on Bluehost
  • Shopify speed optimization and fixing slow Shopify sites
  • How to serve images in next-gen formats in WordPress
  • How to fix WordPress hosting on HostGator
  • Fastest WooCommerce and Shopify themes
  • WP Speed Fix – WordPress speed optimization service


MySiteAuditor is one of the best SEO audit tools, further evidenced by being a lead generation and sales tool for SEO service providers all over the world. With the embedded SEO audit tool on your website, you can get up to 10x more leads and sales. Using its enormous capacity with over million leads, MySiteAuditor has helped countless SEO firms, digital marketers, and marketing agencies to improve their business.


  • Audit Forms

You can personalize and embed all audit forms through your agency website. MySiteAuditor offers three types of forms. You can use the Large Form on your landing pages and increase the conversion rates on your website. You also have the option to use the members’ favorite responsive and gorgeous Slim Form, or just add the Small Form that’s perfect for sidebars or other smaller areas on your site.

  • Audit Reports

Using the dashboard on MySiteAuditor, you can generate unlimited reports. It takes only several seconds to make these reports, and they always provide you with a detailed review of the SEO alerts and how to optimize your site’s performance.

  • API

MySiteAuditor offers access to its auditor via an API. All API packages are purchased on a month-to-month basis.

  • Languages.

MySiteAuditor is available in 19 languages, and it’s used all over the world.

Pick Your Best SEO Audit Tools

Our list of best SEO audit tools isn’t based on objective ranking variables, but rather on our personal experience and the feedback from our clients. But, no worries – all of the auditing tools we’ve reviewed bring extra functionality to your website and will certainly help your business grow.

No matter which tools you choose from the list, they all intend to enable you to be a step ahead of your competitors. However, none of these tools are do-it-all. That’s why we believe that combining these audit tools with other software, such as advanced analytics for marketing, will yield the best results. Making these software combos will surely make your website a winner.

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