Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (Free and Paid)

Contact Form Plugins For Wordpress
Contact Form Plugins For Wordpress

Creating a WordPress site requires a certain amount of meticulousness –  you need to implement a variety of elements for your site to work properly and seamlessly. 

Caching plugins, security plugins, drag, and drop page builder plugins, live chat plugins, image optimization plugins, eCommerce plugins, you name it! There’s plenty of them to think of and sometimes it’s also pretty easy to forget some of them. 

Well, the contact form plugin might just be one of those – a plugin that allows your customers to reach your customer service through email. 

You might think that this type of plugin is not a priority in contemporary WordPress sites, but you could be mistaken. Let’s see why it’s actually a good idea to have one on your site.  

Why Install a Contact Form Plugin? 

Not all people want to use chatbots when they’re trying to utilize your customer service or call the line reserved for customers. Some of them, in fact, would rather use the good old email and send their complaints or questions right to your site’s email inbox. 

And this is precisely where contact form plugins can come in handy. These kinds of plugins allow customers to quickly send emails where they can elaborate on their issues, while also allowing the company to answer their complaints or questions in a reasonable amount of time. 

Contact form plugins can also help to prevent spam and help create more space for interaction with your customers which is always a plus, for any type of business. 

But not all contact form plugins are the same. Some are more nuanced with features, some are more simple, some are cheaper, some are free, and some are more expensive and premium. It all depends on the needs of your site and your business, and, of course, on your budget. 

What to Look for in Contact Form Plugins? 

More basic contact form plugins for WordPress have the essential features for your customers to communicate with you via email. They implement only the necessary fields and just the very basics when it comes to design tools. 

Contact form plugins that are more expensive and more advanced are, of course, richer in features and fields; they include a larger selection of design tools, use stuff like conditional logic, and also have more options for file submission. 

Contact form plugins can have much more than the features included here, so let’s take a look at the essentials you should be looking for in this type of plugin: 

  • Spam protection – custom forms are a good way to ensure protection from spam. 
  • Conditional logic – ability to hide or show elements like certain fields, buttons, and form sections. This will be based on what the user/customer themselves selects on the contact form, and is a useful feature for directing customers to the right department. 
  • Custom forms – branding and design tools, different options, multiple fields.
  • Visual builders (can also be drag and drop editors, but it’s not completely necessary)
  • Mobile responsive – you definitely want a contact form that will look great on all mobile devices. 
  • File submission – let your customers upload different types of documents (textual or visual ones – such as a screenshot, for example, which can be very helpful when there’s a problem). 

Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins (Free and Paid) 

Now that we covered the basics when it comes to contact form plugins, let’s get down to business! We present to you the best free and paid contact form plugins for 2024.  

Gravity Forms – Premium

Gravity Forms is the perfect combination when it comes to a customer form plugin that’s bound to satisfy all tastes. It has user-friendly tools, but it’s not only oriented towards beginners – it also features advanced tools for the customer support section in different types of sites. 

It also has a very clean interface, includes frontend file uploads, as well as multi-page forms and conditional logic. 

Key Features

  • Lots of documentation – you get a starting guide, add-ons info, documents about developers, as well as some popular features.
  • Supports a variety of add-ons and external integrations, such as Dropbox, GetResponse, Freshbooks, AWeber, Stripe, MailChimp, and PayPal Pro.
  • Great price-per-value ratio. 
  • Access to 30 and more form fields.
  • Built-in conditional logic.
  • Supports file uploads and email notifications.
  • ‘Save and continue’ option.
  • Ability to perform advanced calculations which are based on the submissions of users. This is a very useful option if you’re an owner of a real estate or a finance-related site.
  • Option for limiting the number of form submissions and option for scheduling of forms. 
  • Option for frontend submissions of user content. 


The standard, basic package of Gravity Forms, for $59 a year, includes a license for 1 Site, as well as unlimited forms and entries, the aforementioned conditional logic and multi-page forms, file uploads and automatic updates, standard support, and basic add-ons of the likes of ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, Postmark, MailChimp, HubSpot, and others. 

The priority support is only available if you go with the most expensive plan ($259 per year,) so that would send you to the front of the line.

There’s no live chat or phone support, but as you’ll see with most contact form plugins, those aren’t really necessary.

The Jetpack Contact Form – Free

Jetpack is a well-known plugin among WordPress users, particularly because it’s created from the fellows that made WordPress. 

This is truly an all encompassing plugin – from caching and anti spam support to social media tools and of course, the contact form. 

Some of you may already have this plugin on your WordPress site, and since you’re in need of a contact form on your site, it’s definitely worth trying out Jetpack’s version of it. 

Jetpack allows you to position the Add Contact Form button at the top of every post and page in your WordPress dashboard. All of this makes it easier for you to insert a contact form wherever you want on your site. 

Key Features:

  • As a WordPress user you may already have the Jetpack plugin installed on your site. It doesn’t interfere with other plugins or affect the performance of your site, and doesn’t slow it down like other plugins can. 
  • One-click ‘form insert’ button that makes it all the more easy to implement contact forms on your site’s pages. 
  • You’re able to receive email notifications to an address of your preference.
  • You can adjust all the form settings straight through your page editor. You can adjust things like form fields,  the subject field, email address, and others.
  • This is a plugin that’s superbly integrated with Akismet so you can be rest assured that every form submission is going to be free from spam.
  • Jetpack has a great contact form option that’s perfect for blogs and small(er) businesses. It’s more basic but it has everything you need and it won’t cause any conflicts with the other elements on your site.


Jetpack is a free plugin that you can download at any time from the WordPress depository. 

Ninja Forms – Free and Premium 

Ninja Forms is a contact form plugin that offers both a free and a premium option for its users, depending on their needs. 

This plugin is known for its neat interface allowing you to easily and quickly build contact forms of your own liking, without any limitations when it comes to fields, forms, and emails received. Another great thing about building your own forms is that you can save them for later use. 

Key Features

  • More than 40 add-ons! Among them are multi-part forms, conditional logic, front-end posting, option for different layouts and styles, and option for file uploads.
  • With Ninja Forms you’ll easily be able to integrate your forms with platforms like MailChimp, AWeber, and Campaign Monitor.
  • Through your forms, you can directly collect your payments. You can use PayPal Express or any of the other numerous payment options to do this. 
  • You can connect with Zapier and remove the majority of limitations when it comes to different types of integrations and automation.
  • You can also connect to a favorite CRM, such as SalesForce.
  • Very good price for the stuff that it offers. 


Ninja Forms offers a basic contact form kit on the WordPress depository page. Granted, the features are kinda basic, but unless you have a big business or multiple sites that need more complex contact form options, you’re perfectly fit to use this version. 

Ninja Forms also offers premium versions of its plugin: 

  • Agency – $499 per year – this is the most expensive option and is intended towards big companies. It offers an unlimited number of sites, all CRM integrations (Salesforce, Zoho, Insightly and much more), SMS and slack notifications, advanced analytics, more options and platforms for email marketing such as ActiveCampaign, CleverReach, and lots more options. 
  • Professional – $199 per year – this includes use for 20 sites, more payment options, more integrations, and more options for clients and users. 
  • Personal – $99 per year and it has all the essentials you need (form building options, single site use, priority support, email marketing, and PayPal Express)
  • À la carte – $29 – $129 per year – this is an option that allows you to have a custom-made set of features, and pay only for the ones you truly need for your site. 

HappyForms – Free and Premium

This one’s more recent on the contact form plugins market – a plugin that’s entirely built in the WordPress Customizer. What does this signify? Well, it means that you don’t have to get used to a new interface. Instead, you can work through your site’s WordPress dashboard. 

It’s worth mentioning that the designers behind this plugin are the fellows from The Theme Foundry, long-time successful creators of quality WordPress themes. 

HappyForms is a plugin that just won’t let you down. It’s very lightweight which means it won’t meddle with your site’s performance and won’t slow it down in any way. 

Key features:

  • Drag and drop form builder from the WordPress Customizer. 
  • You can receive messages and notifications through email. They’re also being copied into your WordPress admin dashboard.
  • It includes one-click honeypot and Google ReCaptcha spam prevention.
  • Shortcodes that allow you to easily put forms on your pages and posts. You can also have widget areas with the help of shortcodes. 
  • Great price for the paid version. 

Just one slight note: there’s a kind of watermark, saying “powered by HappyForms” located at the bottom of the form. If you don’t want to have this on your contact forms then you might want to consider looking at another plugin. 


HappyForms offers a free version of its plugin that you can find on the WordPress depository.

It also has three premium one time purchase plans: 

  • Starter – old price was $69, currently it’s $20 off, making it $49. This is viable for one site only. With it you get 1 year of updates, conditional logic, dashboard analytics, ability to send PDF attachments, multi-page forms, ability to save abandoned responses, limit the number of responses, log IP addresses, import and export tools, reCaptcha integration, and more.
  • Business – old price was $129, currently it’s $30 off, making it $99. It’s viable for 5 sites. You will receive 1 year of updates, all the features from the starter pack along with reCaptcha, Mailchimp, Stripe, and PayPal integrations. 
  • Professional – old price was $289, currently it’s $40 off, making it $249. It’s viable for an unlimited number of sites. This plan gives you 1 year of updates, and all the features from the previous two plans. 

HubSpot – CRM, Email Marketing, Live Chat, Forms & Analytics – Free

You’ve probably already heard about HubSpot, the software that offers you a comprehensive list of tools for digital marketing, sales, and service software. Well, now they also have a free plugin that among other things, enables you to build contact forms as well. 

The HubSpot WordPress plugin includes a versatile lead generation dashboard. You’ll be able to find tools like slide-ins, pop-ups, and different types of forms – contact forms, exit intent forms, as well as a contact database and insights on leads for the first week of your site’s activity. HubSpot gives you all of these lead capture tools for free, working out of the box without any problems, easy to use by everyone. 

Key features: 

  • Super-intuitive drag-and-drop interface.
  • Designed to be compatible with other contact plugins such as Gravity Forms and Ninja Forms. 
  • Analytics built into the plugin immensely useful to analyze your site’s most popular pages.
  • Unlimited number of submissions and fields.
  • You can manage your contact database easily with the seamless CRM integration. 
  • Live chat and bots. 


HubSpot’s plugin is free of charge and you can find it at the WordPress depository. 

QuForm – Premium 

The QuForm plugin is a bit different than the other plugins on our list. It’s actually a plugin that was designed to construct different types of forms, from highly simple ones to more complex and advanced forms with lots of fields and features (and it’s especially good at these ones). 

QuForm has a very solid, intuitive drag and drop editor that’s certainly worth the money. Combine that with plenty of other options (think about nineteen element types!). What’s more, QuForm offers mobile-responsive webforms, so your contact forms can look perfect on all devices, besides desktop ones. 

Key features:

  • This is a performance-optimized plugin, which means it won’t interfere with other plugins or slow down your site in any way. 
  • The QuForm plugin includes six filters and nine validators.
  • You pay one time fee for the plugin which can save you lots of cash in the future. 
  • This plugin also includes an enhanced file upload tool, which is immensely helpful when it comes to customer support and engaging/working with clients in general.
  • You’ll be able to use conditions and see certain elements automatically whenever a specific reply has been made through your contact form.
  • The inclusion of reCAPTCHA will protect your contact forms from spam.
  • Inside this plugin you can find 19 element types.
  • This plugin also includes several form themes.


QuForm doesn’t have a free version of its plugin. It has two premium versions intended for one-time purchase. 

  • Regular Licence for one time fee – $29. You can use this plugin on one site only. With it you get an unlimited number of forms, 6 months support from ThemeCatcher, future updates, Mailchimp, and Zapier add-on. 
  • Extended Licence for one time fee – $145. This licence is required if the end user must pay to use the end product. It includes an unlimited number of forms, 6 months support from ThemeCatcher, future updates, Mailchimp and Zapier add-on – basically all the features that the regular licence includes. 

WPForms – Free and Premium

WPForms plugin is considered a very beginner friendly plugin, actually one of the best such plugins on the market right now. A lot of this has to do with the superbly designed drag and drop editor that makes it super-easy for you to create contact form plugins. 

Another great thing about this plugin is the comparatively low price for a wealth of features, and of course, the free version which is just perfect for small(er) websites. 

Key features: 

  • You’re able to easily integrate your contact forms with platforms such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, AWeber, and GetResponse.
  • WPForms also integrates with Zapier.
  • WPForms allows you to split the long forms into more pages.
  • You can embed your forms anywhere you want.
  • You’ll be able to hunt down more leads through the partial entry form tool.
  • You can use the geolocation data to gain more info about your users.
  • Very reasonably priced premium version.
  • Mobile responsive contact forms.
  • Forms that are made to use conditional logic based on user-response.
  • You can view all submissions in one area through the entry management.
  • You can enable your users to submit files from the frontend. 
  • WPForms includes form templates if you don’t want to be bothered to create custom-made contact forms.


WPForms gives you both free and premium versions of their product. 

You can download the free version of this contact form plugin on the WordPress depository

The premium plans are: 

  • Elite – 599$ per year – this is a good solution for business owners. With this option you’ll get an unlimited number of sites, premium support, ActiveCampaign integration, WordPress multisite support, client management, and a lot more other features. 
  • Pro – 399$ per year – this plan is oriented towards more professional site owners. You can use it for up to 5 sites, and it gives you plenty of integrations (Zapier, Stripe), option for PayPal, form landing pages, conversational forms, surveys and polls, geolocation, user registration, post submissions, priority support, etc. 
  • Plus – 199$ per year – this is an upgrade of the basic plan; you can use it for 3 sites and it includes features like MailChimp and AWeber, GetResponse, CampaignMonitor and Drip integration, newsletter forms. 
  • Basic – 79$ per year – provides you with all the essential tools to build your online contact form. It’s viable for one site only, and it includes updates, downloads, support, conditional logic, spam protection, file uploads, multi-page forms, form templates, advanced fields, as well as unlimited forms and entries. 

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there’s a variety of contact form plugins on the market right now. This is only a small selection of them, but nevertheless a very thoughtfully and carefully made one. 

Choosing a contact form plugin doesn’t have to be an activity that takes you a lot of time if you follow our guide. Whether you’re a blogger, freelancer, own a small company, or own a larger business, here you can find the right plugin for your line of work and your budget. 

Contact form plugins are a good idea to have on your site – it adds a flair of professionality to whatever it is that you’re doing online. It also means that you’re willing to engage with visitors and customers/clients and listen to what they have to say or suggest. 

That’s why you shouldn’t waste a second more – go over this list once more and choose your favorite contact form plugin! 

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