The BEST PPC & Google Ads Management Software & Tools in 2022

The Best Ppc &Amp; Google Ads Management Software &Amp; Tools

If you’re trying to promote your business online, you probably know that you can’t avoid using pay-per-click advertising. But managing PPC campaigns is not an easy task, as it requires a lot of time and hard work. This is where PPC and Google ads management software and tools come into play.

The Best Ppc &Amp; Google Ads Management Software &Amp; Tools

These tools will take out the burden of manual management and give you a helping hand in setting up, managing, and tracking the performance of your PPC campaigns.

To help you out, we went through the best PPC tools and Google ads management software so you can choose the one that works best for you. But before we go into the reviews, let’s briefly list the most important features that make a PPC tool worthy of being on this list.

Key Features the Best PPC tools & Google Ads Management Software Should Have

The following are the most essential features you should look for in the best PPC management software:

  • Protection against fraudulent clicks of bots, click farms, and competitors;
  • Options for customization and control over the software;
  • Great research and report features;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Ability to manage several accounts at the same time; 
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • Value for price.

The quality of the services the PPC tool of your choice offers will determine the quality of your business and the amount of revenue that goes into your account. We’ve ensured that the ones on this list include the above-mentioned features, so let’s go over the reviews.

The Best PPC & Google Ads Management Tools


Clickcease Ppc Tool

ClickCease tracks each and every click your ads get and collects valuable information to gain insight into how your audience interacts with them. Their state of the art algorithm detects and separates real potential customers from bots and fraudsters. Hence every time ClickCease detects a fraudulent click, your ad will hide and ClickCease will either block or quarantine the most fraudulent and dangerous IP addresses. This process can either be automated, or you can do it manually by reviewing the notifications yourself.

ClickCease does an excellent job in analyzing your traffic. Each click receives a score on a dozen parameters after which their click algorithm takes over, which also sends reports to Google asking for a refund for invalid activity. You can get ClickCease for $15 per month for the “Basic plan”, $50/mo for their “Standard Plan”, and $75/mo for the “Pro Plan”.


  • 24/7 automated protection against fraudulent clicks;
  • Options to automate the blocking process or do it manually;
  • Insightful analytics;
  • Excellent customer support (phone, chat, and email).


  • You have to manually block IP addresses on Bing since this process isn’t automated when it comes to this search engine.



With the protection of ClickGuard, you can maximize your Google Ads ROI and focus on the quality and growth of your business. ClickGuard identifies and blocks all types of useless, abusive, disruptive, and fraudulent clicks on your Google ads, automatically eliminating harmful clicks. It fixes the leaks in your Google Ads campaigns and enables your business to reach full revenue potential. 

ClickGuard monitors all clickstream information and with its forensic insight analyzes who, where, why, and what is behind every click on your ads. With its amazing reporting feature, you’ll be able to auction reports that allow full audit and accountability for every click on your account. Additionally, you can optimize your campaigns based on visitors’ behavior and eliminate low-quality traffic sources. The basec “ActiveGUARD” plan starts at $59 per month, the “Premium GUARD” plan is $79 per month, and the most advanced “EliteGUARD” plan is $99 per month.


  • Excellent protection against fraudulent clicks;
  • Great options for customization and control;
  • Beginner-friendly;
  • Real-time monitoring.


  • It might be a bit difficult to set up this tool If you are using PPC tools as a beginner.

PPC Protect

Ppc Protect

PPC Protect is a next-generation click fraud protection tool which stops click frauds at the source and protects your Google Ads campaigns from bots, click farms, competitors, and any other click fraud sources. With its advanced fraud analytics features, you can see your traffic’s insights in detail, check its quality, and analyze all fraudulent activity. This tool protects your ads across the entire Google Ads suite with native support for all campaign types and integrations.

In addition, PPC Protect has AI learning and neural network features, so the more data you process, the smarter the protection system becomes. To ensure your security, PPC Protect includes a secure API Access that’s approved by Google to use their Google Ads API connection. There are two plans you can choose from. The “Pro” plan is $70 per month. The “Unlimited” plan, that allows for an unlimited ad spend, doesn’t have a fixed price.


  • Automated machine learning algorithm;
  • Easy to install and set up;
  • Option to add a tracking template;
  • Auto IP blocking, multiple detection rules, and many other functionality features. 


  • Lack of Bing support.

Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics is an all-in-one reporting platform for agencies and one of the best PPC reporting tools that can be found nowadays. You can send automated marketing reports directly to your clients’ inbox by scheduling daily, weekly, or monthly reports. Keeping your clients up to date has never been easier, and you can even personalize the reports with comments to explain to your clients the significance of various KPIs and offer your personal insights.

Besides clicks, impressions, CTR, and other essential KPIs, this tool also focuses on important ROI metrics. Moreover, with the help of Agency Analytics, you’ll be able to gather your clients’ data across multiple PPC platforms including Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook ads, Adroll. You can create automated PPC report templates where you can include your own colors, logo, and other elements that best fit your brand. The “Freelancer” plan costs $49/mo, the “Agency” plan is $149/mo, while the “Enterprise” plan will cost you $399/mo.


  • Excellent reporting features;
  • Custom dashboard;  
  • 40+ integrations;
  • SEO tools;
  • Unlimited staff and clients.


  • The monthly email reports are not customizable;
  • No SEMRush integration. 


Supermetrics Ppc Tool

Supermetrics has the ability to collect all your marketing data across your PPC platforms, including Google AdWords, Bing, and Facebook ads, among others, and bring it to your favorite reporting, analytics, or storage platform. After having the data in one place, you can start organizing and filtering by dividing the data into the optimized numbers and information. Moreover, with Supermetrics’ automated feature, you can eliminate hours of manual work by scheduling data transfer and automating your marketing reporting. 

The Supermetrics dashboard allows you to visualize data, crunch your numbers, or move your marketing data into a data warehouse. All you have to do is choose your destination: Google Sheets, Data Studio, Excel, API, BigQuery, or Uploader. You can create cross-channel PPC reports, budget tracking reports for your PPC campaigns, conduct trend analysis, create insightful dashboards for your clients, as well as analyze your Facebook ads campaigns to improve their performance. Supermetrics has 6 different pricing plans, the cheapest one being $39/mo.


  • Metrics importation;
  • Report scheduling and automation;
  • Data analysis;
  • Clients can see realtime progress;  
  • Intuitive interface; 
  • Data customization and visualization.


  • The initial set-up can be a bit difficult.



Semrush offers several outstanding features that’ll help you get an analytical insight into your competitors’ strategies in display advertising, organic and paid search, and link building. You can analyze their ad budget and keywords, monitor ad copy and landing pages, and discover new competitors. Besides researching the competition, you can also spot new publishers, view display ads from different devices, and target the right audiences.   

With the traffic analytics feature you can monitor your competitors’ marketing activities and strategies, discover new marketing niches, but also detect certain customer behavior, media consumption, qualified leads, prospects, partners, and opportunities for future investments. You can also cross analyze domains, visualize the data, and create charts. You can have the “Pro” plan for $99/mo, the “Guru” plan for $199/mo, and the “Business” plan for $399/mo.


  • Competitive organic research; 
  • Organic keyword research;
  • Link analysis to measure fraudulent levels;
  • Excellent tracking feature;
  • PPC planning;
  • Simple and easy to use. 


  • Might need some time to get used to navigating the UI.


Opteo Ppc Tool

Opteo is a smart Google Ads management tool that helps you manage your AdWords accounts in the easiest manner possible. It functions by continuously monitoring your AdWords account and detecting statistically significant patterns, based on which you get suggestions for improvements. It also helps you manage your accounts, monitor performance, browse segments, track budgets, and get alerts when some important changes happen. 

The monitoring feature gives you all key performance metrics in one location, from where you can manage your accounts, view your ad groups, keywords, and other components. Additionally, the automated AdWords tasks Opteo provides are highly optimized to save you time and money. You can integrate this tool with your favorite Slack channel where your team can share information and improve your campaigns. 

The “Basic” plan will cost you $97/mo, the “Professional” plan $197/mo, the “Agency” plan $397/mo, and the “Unlimited” plan is 797/mo.


  • Data-driven improvement suggestions;
  • +40 optimizations;
  • Excellent graphics and data visualization;
  • Intuitive user interface;
  • Ability to process changes in bulk.


  • Campaigns and ad groups lists do not show in alphabetical order. 



This Google shopping feed management tool is a fast and easy way to drive more sales and increase the visibility of your online store, by distributing your products to over 100 comparison shopping platforms like Amazon, Shopzilla, and Google Shopping, among others!

GoDataFeed is a very useful tool to have, considering that 35% of all shopping-related searches begin on Google. Google Shopping is the gateway to the entire Google Retail ecosystem. GoDataFeed will help you navigate the complicated requirements and build PLAs that perform well in the online competitive environment. Consequently, you’ll be able to multichannel your marketing through the various features, intuitive design, and support. With its built-in Google Shopping templates, GoDataFeed will guide you through the process of building each feed for full compliance. It also optimizes thousands of feed attributes in seconds while maintaining informational accuracy with the automated product updates. 

GoDataFeed offers 4 pricing plans: the “Lite” plan is $39/mo, the “Plus” plan is $99/mo, the “Pro” plan is $199/mo, while the “Ultimate” plan is $399/mo.


  • Intuitive interface;
  • Smart mapping strategies;
  • Optimized feeds;
  • Built-in templates;
  • Ability to sync marketplace orders.


  • Lack of a good blog/guide.


Callrail Ppc Tool

This PPC tool brings visibility to marketers who work with inbound leads to boost their company success. CallRail focuses on data generated by calls, forms, and chat, which is data often overlooked by its competitors. It prioritizes your customers’ needs and gives you a smart insight into your quality calls and other inbound leads.  

The bid management this PPC tool uses is optimized to track offline call conversations so you can optimize search, social, mobile, and display advertising in a single interface. You can also connect to Google Data Studio and display data points from CallRail to create custom reports, as well as bring your calls into Business Ad Manager on Instagram, and view call data and click data side by side. Moreover, the marketing automation CallRails offers can discover which campaigns are driving phone calls and text messages, and see how those leads convert into sales. 

The “Call Tracking” plan goes for $45/mo, the “Conversation Analytics” plan $95/mo, the “Marketing Analytics” plan is also $95/mo, and the “Analytics Suite” plan is $145/mo.


  • Call tracking;
  • Form tracking;
  • Conversation intelligence;
  • Real-time reporting;
  • Excellent marketing functionalities;
  • Integration with third-party software. 


  • Stores old calls that might not be relevant for campaigns. 



This easy to use online advertising tool is built for small and mid-sized businesses to help them drive big results from online advertising. WordStream claims that compared to their competitors, they turn 60% more leads to customers while spending 10% less, and customers seem to agree. 

With WordStream, you will be able to manage AdWords, Bing and Facebook, manage bids, improve quality score, identify negative keywords, build out campaigns, research new keywords, track calls, and conversations, and much more. You’ll also get valuable features like time saving alerts and workflow tools, cross-platform reporting dashboard, and easy to use solutions for ad creation. The free Google ads performance feature will give you a final grade on your overall Google ads performance based on detailed reviews of wasted spend, quality score, click-through rates, account activity, text ads, long-tail keywords, impression shares, mobile advertising, and PPC best practices, neatly packaged in a comprehensive report. 

WordStream offers 3 pricing plans: the first one offers the basic tools and costs $49/mo, the second plan includes one-on-one customer support and goes for $299/mo, while the third plan includes even more support when it comes to specific tasks and costs $649/mo.


  • One-click optimizations;
  • Easy to comprehend performance dashboard;
  • Mobile-friendly templates;
  • Conversion and call tracking.
  • Suggestions for improvements;
  • Keyword recommendations.


  • The system sometimes runs slowly. 


Unbounce Ppc Tool

With Unbounce, you can create beautiful landing pages optimized to prompt your visitors with one focused goal instead of leaving them to wander a site full of distractions. With the easy to use drag and drop builder, you can choose from over 100+ landing page templates and create specific campaigns for your customers. The templates are customizable with optional JavaScript and CSS to increase functionality for both desktop and mobile devices. 

Unbounce is all about growing your ROI, which is why their Smart Traffic feature is so powerful. It’ll match your visitors with the page where they have the highest chances to convert, which will get you up to 20% more conversions than before. There’s also the ability to run A/B tests, launch custom pop-ups, and see how your pages are performing in real time. You can also choose how often visitors see pop-ups, schedule offers, target by URL, target by location, target by cookies, and more.

The “Launch” plan goes for $80/mo, the “Optimize” plan is $80/mo, the “Accelerate” plan is $200/mo, and the “Scale” plan is $300/mo.


  • Over 100 landing page templates;
  • Built-in AI conversion feature;
  • Ability to publish to WordPress with 1 click;
  • A/B testing;
  • Suitable for beginners;
  • Integrates with Facebook, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Zapier, Hubspot, and other platforms.


  • No dynamic text replacement.


Instapage Ppc Software

Instapage is one of the most advanced landing page platforms currently on the market. Unlike other single product solutions, Instapages includes six tools and plenty of features built specifically for helping you increase your advertising conversion rates. 

With Instapage, you need no developer skills to create relevant, on-brand, and mobile-responsive post-click landing pages. You can optimize these pages to receive even more visitors, and receive detailed heatmaps, run A/B tests, and have access to robust analytics. With the AMP and Thor Render Engine features, you can improve the loading speed of your landing pages and catch every visitor’s attention immediately. 

There are two plans you can choose from – the “Business” plan is $199/mo, while their “Enterprise” plan’s cost depends on your unique needs. 


  • Mobile-friendly templates with nice colors and appealing design;
  • Fast loading landing pages;
  • A/B testing;
  • Ad to page personalization;
  • Easy integration with your CRN system;
  • Real-time visual on-page collaboration.


  • Limited images in their library.

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a part of the Google Analytics 360 Suite, and unlocks the power of your data with interactive dashboards and reports that enable you to make smart business decisions. With Google Data Studio, you can access your data from 500+ data sets from over 240 connectors. You’ll get data visualization software and web-based reporting tools to quickly build interactive reports and dashboards, which you can share with your team at any time.

One of the best things about using Google Data Studio is that you can import any data that you collect in Google Sheets, like an unlimited number of tables and pages. You can also share reports directly with your team, and edit the reports in Google Docs. Everybody that has access to this document can share comments or directly edit the document, which results in easy and effective team collaboration. 

Google Data Studio offers a free version of its reporting and data visualization software, but you can also get the paid version if you want to create more than five multi-page reports.


  • Access your data from 500+ data sets;
  • Customized reports to match your brandl;
  • Ability to import unlimited data as long as you use Google services;
  • Great collaboration features;
  • Very accessible and convenient to use ;
  • Embedded dashboards


  • Reports can be read-only online;
  • There is no report delivery automation.

Google Ads Editor

Google Ads Editor

Google Ads Editor is a free, downloadable application that lets you work offline and make bulk changes quickly and easy. This tool will let you download your campaigns and work on them even when you are offline. You can search and replace text, move items around, and undo or redo changes across multiple campaigns. 

Google Ads Editor will also give you the option to review the changes you have made before you post them. Your colleagues can see the drafts before you export your files. You’ll have access to the most important metrics when it comes to your campaigns like click-through rate, cost, position, and conversion information. Google Ads Editor is a great way to control your advertising costs and get excellent results. 


  • Use bulk editing tools to make multiple changes quickly;
  • Export and import files to share with colleagues;
  • View statistics for all campaigns;
  • Manage, edit, and view multiple accounts at the same time;
  • Search and replace text across ad groups or campaigns;
  • Work even when you are offline.  


  • Sometimes there are software errors and the editor might receive an unexpected response from API.

Over and Out

Promoting and marketing your business online can rarely be done successfully without using PPC and Google ads tools. And we know that you need only the best ones, which is why we included only the very best PPC management software that can be found today. You won’t make a mistake no matter what tools you end up choosing from this list. If you’re interested in reading more informative articles, check out our blog.

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