How to Fix the WordPress 500 Internal Server Error

500 Internal Server Error is a really common error message and can mean a number of things. It’s a type of information that belongs to the category of the ‘HTTP status codes’, which basically provide you with information about the success of an online request. If the online request is successful, everything flows smoothly, but…

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7 Best Funnel Software and Tools

Funnel software, or an automated marketing funnel, is vital for any business looking to make sales. A marketing funnel is exactly what it sounds like: a system that “funnels” people through your sales process until they ultimately convert, typically into paying customers. Why Do You Need Funnel Software?  Funnel software can help all kinds of…

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Best Landing Page Builders

A study from WordStream found that “the top 10% of landing pages are converting at a rate 3 to 5 times higher than the average.” This means that by having a couple of landing page versions, you could reach a higher conversion rate and generate much more revenue than usual.  New times come with new…

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The BEST Website Speed Test Tools

Speed is one of the most important components when it comes to the optimization of your website. Fast websites, with a superb, modern front-end website design, will greatly contribute to the success of online business or an online enterprise.  Nowadays, the fast-paced environment of the internet demands that apps and tools function at ever-faster speeds,…

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Best VPN Services for Australia

If you happen to be coming from Australia, you certainly appreciate a good VPN! Australians regularly rely on VPN networks for various reasons: from access to streaming services (some of which aren’t originally available in Australia) like Netflix or Hulu, to concerns for privacy and security, for which VPNs provide some degree of relief –…

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The FASTEST Shopify Themes in 2020

Time and money usually go together – it’s a rule in business, as it is a rule in life. And it’s a rule in eCommerce as well.  Wonder how much revenue you lose for every additional loading second of your site? According to a bunch of different studies online you can lose 7%+ on your…

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The Fastest (and BEST!) WordPress Themes in 2020

The Fastest WordPress Website Themes

Last Updated: 5 JanuaryThrough our agency work we’ve optimized 3000+ sites since 2016 (we now have a totally separate brand that does site speed work, more further below) and get daily questions about WP themes, which is the fastest, what makes a theme fast and which is the best one to use if speed is…

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The Fastest & BEST WooCommerce Themes in 2020 (FREE & Paid)

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